Close-up of the beauty of the heritage underground - Polish salt palace

Referring to the beautiful country of Poland, you will have a treasure trove of interesting destinations to explore. In particular, the most outstanding and impressive is the Polish salt palace with a long age.
The salt palace, also known as the Wieliczka salt mine, is considered to be one of the most extraordinary art treasures of the Polish people. In 1978, the Polish salt palace was recognized by Unesco as a cultural heritage. Therefore, to this day it is always one of the Polish tourist destinations that have a great attraction to visitors.

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1. A brief introduction to the Polish salt palace

The Polish salt palace is located in the town of Wieliczka, in the urban area of ​​Krakow, in the south of Poland. When it comes to this work, people immediately remember the salt mine has the longest continuous operation time in the world. And increasingly, this attractive Polish destination is becoming more and more attractive with the amount of people visiting and exploring millions of people.
When visiting the salt mine, you will feel the uniqueness and impression of nature. Not only that to become as beautiful as the present, the work has also been cleverly transformed under the ingenious, talented hands of people to produce the current masterpiece.
The salt mine of Wieliczka  is like a sumptuous and magnificent wonder. The location is located underground so it adds to the attractiveness and attraction of this place.
Anyone who comes to the salt mines will always be excited with what they admire is extremely beautiful and magnificent.
This salt mine is one of the famous Polish National Heritage sites. Therefore, tourists coming to Krakow tourist destinations will not be able to miss an ideal destination like Wieliczka.

2. What is special about Polish Wieliczka salt mine?

What makes visitors feel impressed when visiting here is the image of dozens of statues carved with salt extremely delicate and beautiful. Under the talented hands of miners, the Polish salt palace was completed and became a tourist highlight for this country.
This is also one of the ideal Krakow tourist destinations that tourists often visit when having the opportunity to visit the beautiful city of Wieliczka. If the salt mine was 20 million years ago, it was deep in the sea floor, but today, after a long process of land mobilization, it has helped form and accumulate salt in the crevices or caves.  After that, the architectural works appeared to create a unique Polish salt palace . The Wieliczka salt mines are also likened to a miniature city deep underground. The beauty exudes magic from the gift that nature has bestowed on this land. 
From the temples to the rooms and other small objects in the palace are meticulously and carefully designed. Over the past 700 years, this is considered the great work that the Creator and the Polish people have made. Today, to increase the outstanding beauty of this salt mine, some artists have created statues to add to the impressive beauty of this salt mine. 
The mine has 3 small churches and a large church made of salt. Therefore, among the Polish churches , the church made of salt deep in the earth becomes extremely special and attractive.
According to initial surveys and assessments, the salt mine has a depth of up to 327m and a length of 287km. In particular, rock salt here is gray, not white like other places. This is also a difference that creates a unique beauty for this Polish salt palace .
Many people who witness the beauty of this palace made of salt are admired. Its extravagant beauty is no different from the pyramids of ancient Egypt. The next impressive thing that visitors can explore is that this place will bring you a lot of interesting experiences. 
Must directly see these salt masterpieces, you can imagine and understand the talents of the Polish people when creating such a splendid and attractive architecture. It is not wrong to say that this is the most attractive Polish tourist destination here. By just mentioning Poland, people will immediately remember this crowded and sumptuous salt palace. 
At the hands of talented miners, unique structures made of salt were born. This has created a very unique beauty and not be confused with any other destination here.
This salt mine is associated with the legendary story of Princess Kinga, the son of King Bela of Hungary. When the princess was 15 years old, she became close to the prince of Krakow. The dowry gift she wanted when she got married was salt. Therefore, the name Wieliczka salt mine was born from there. 
In the past, this salt palace was the largest salt mine in the world. This place has brought huge profits to the industry in the medieval period. Then, around the middle of the 18th century, salt prices were low, so the area was closed and from there it became a destination of great interest to visitors.
Therefore, if you are planning to travel to Poland in the near future, do not forget to explore this beautiful Polish salt palace . This will definitely be an ideal destination that you cannot miss on this trip.

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