Admire the breathtaking beauty of the Bulgarian rock fortress Belogradchik

Traveling to Bulgaria, Belogradchik stone fortress is one of the attractive destinations that those who want to explore culture and history as well as admire the breathtaking scenery cannot be missed. 
As massive and famous architecture, the Belogradchik stone fort attracts visitors from all over the world to visit and admire. This work is one of Bulgaria's best preserved strongholds on the western flank of the Balkans, near the town of Belogradchik in the northwest of Bulgaria.
Thanks to the beauty of both spectacular and spectacular stories in history, the 200-year-old stone fortress Belogradchik has always been an attractive destination for tourists when traveling to Bulgaria. 

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Discover the magical beauty of the Belogradchik stone fortress in Bulgaria 

Rarely has any place where the natural beauty combined with the human hands created an interesting appearance like in Bulgaria's Belogradchik stone fortress . Thanks to the skillful hands of nature, sandstone blocks were turned into many unique and fancy shapes, the colors of these rocks are also very special with typical red and yellow colors. 
Belogradchik was built of large monolithic rocks in the Northwest and Southeast. In the remaining directions, thanks to the miraculous arrangement of the 70-meter-high stone pillars that people do not need to build more can create a fortified fortress. 
The area of ​​the entire Belogradchik stone fortress  area is over 50km, the walls are built with a thickness of about 2m and up to 12 meters high. In addition to architecture, this place also has impressive cliffs and rock columns. The shapes of the cliffs here are very special, they have been named after the shapes like Adam and Eva, Velko Rebel, Dervish, and Goddess Bendiada.
Belogradchik stone fortress is also where people have found evidence created hundreds of millions of years ago, it is thought that the imposing rocks in the area of ​​Belogradchik fortress were formed about 200 million years ago. Over the long process of weathering and erosion, Mother Nature has created amazing sculptures. 
Belogradchik Fort not only attracts visitors by its unique architecture, formed from spectacular natural rocks, but the landscape is also one of the things that many people love. Coming to Bulgaria's stone fortress Belogradchik , visitors will be able to freely walk along the trails and stone steps to the mountain.
In this fort, you will have the opportunity to capture the extremely splendid natural image of the famous Balkan mountains, the stone pillars erected both majestic and mesmerizing, enjoying the green of the jungle, the Extremely majestic canyon or the beauty of the town of Belogradchik from above. 
The beauty of Belogradchik stone fortress is a combination of man-made architecture, interspersed with unique works of nature, all of which create a natural picture that is both mysterious and magnificent. 

History and legends of the Belogradchik stone fortress 

Belogradchik fortress in Bulgaria is also known as Kaleto fort, it existed from ancient Roman times, during the 1st to 3rd centuries when the Roman empire of the period It wants to expand its system of fortresses to protect most of the Balkan Peninsula's territory. 
According to the recorded documents, this Belogradchik stone wall is referred to as an extremely famous place and associated with the powerful Ottoman empire in the past. The Belogradchik stone fort played an important role in controlling Ottoman rule in 1850 and was used in the Serbo-ri war in 1885.
Over the course of history, this stone fortress was used by many different forces and it became one of the most important strongholds in the region. 
At  the stone fortress Belogradchik there is a rock shaped like a person sitting and thinking and looking down. This ledge associated with an ancient legend tells of an exiled nun with a child from a monastery, shortly after a cataclysm engulfed the monastery and the nun and the child were turned away. 
There is another ledge named a female student associated with the story of a beautiful young girl who falls in love with the blacksmith boy, but her love story is jealous by a witch. During a festival he pursued to take the girl to be his wife, the girl ran away in panic on the forest, on the way she met a fierce bear, standing in front of the choice to marry the old witch or eat her chose death. However, as soon as the girl was eaten by the dark sky, when it was morning, all three were turned to stone. 
There are still many legends and myths associated with this magnificent Belogradchik stone fortress . Over time, with many fluctuations, the rock fortress still stands on the towering limestone mountain, a witness of time, history and tourist attraction in Bulgaria . 

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