Insect market in Cambodia - a super unique culinary paradise 'the land of the pagoda'

Cambodia Insect Market is an attractive destination for visitors to enjoy all the unique but super delicious specialties such as chili lemongrass snake, grilled centipede, fried spider ... and most visitors are not afraid but feel very excited interesting. 

Cambodian's unique insect-eating preference

If you love Thap temple land, you will wonder why Cambodians have such an interest in eating insects, right? Since ancient times, poor people in Cambodia often catch naturally available insects such as frogs, clones, snakes, centipedes, cockroaches, grasshoppers, scorpions, spiders, etc.
Since then, although people's lives have improved markedly, when traveling to Cambodia, tourists still come across the bustling insect market and become a favorite destination for tourists. Currently, the habit of eating insects of Cambodian people is becoming more and more popular from luxurious hotel restaurants to sidewalk restaurants. Specialties from insects have since become a unique feature in Cambodian cuisine that any tourist is curious to enjoy once. 

Kết quả hình ảnh cho hình du lich

Address of Cambodian insect market

Where is the Cambodian insect market ? Specialty dishes from insects are sold everywhere in Cambodia, of which the most famous and busiest is Skun Cambodia market. Cambodia Insect Market is about 70km from the center of Phnom Penh, in Kampong Cham Province. Not only is the place where shopping activities, enjoying typical Cambodian Skun cuisine are also famous tourist attractions. 
Skun Market is located on a convenient route when traveling to Siem Riep - Phnom Penh - Moc Bai so visitors can combine to visit these locations. To move to the Cambodian insect market , you first need to go from Saigon to Siem Reap and Phnom Penh by TheSinhTourist, Mekong Express, Mai Linh, Sapaco, Kumho buses to Battambang. For those in Hanoi area, you can take a plane directly to Cambodia to save travel time. When arriving in Phnom Penh, take a bus to Skun market for about 3 hours, if it is 5 hours from Siem Reap and the longest is from Battambang about 6-7 hours. 

Discover the Cambodian insect market

Cambodia Insect Market has an area of ​​about 500m2, arranged in simple stalls with partitions and a roof quite similar to the markets in Vietnam. As soon as you enter the market gate, you will easily see the area displaying all kinds of insects such as spiders, easy, fried, ... in the front, the two sides are the fruit display area. The entire Skun market consists of more than a dozen insect stalls that are always fragrant and eye-catching. 
Visiting this famous Cambodian bazaar, you will come across the bustling image of tourists, with the typical aroma of insects spreading throughout the market. You can enjoy all the delicious dishes here such as fried spiders, crickets, boiled duck eggs ... If you have the opportunity to travel to Cambodia, you should enjoy duck eggs here, which is famous for being delicious, greasy and with the yolk bigger than eggs in Vietnam.

The most popular dish at Cambodian insect market is stir-fried or fried spiders Spiders are black all-body, leafy legs are preliminarily processed, then put whole to fry with pepper, african garlic until crispy to enjoy. Stir-fried spider dish is preferred with greasy, delicious and familiar dishes in the drinking party. If you are not used to eating fried or fried spiders, you can buy spiders to soak alcohol for very cheap price only a few thousand Vietnam dong each, after soaking for about 2 months is usable, this wine is very good for health. . 
Besides, Ca cuong is also a favorite dish at the Cambodian insect market with a spicy and distinct aroma different from other insects. However, the price of Ca cuong is more expensive with each knife ranging from 10,000 to 11,000 VND. Although when you see insects in pots you feel scared to try, but when processed, they are beautifully decorated and have a delicious taste. 
Go to Skun Insect Market in Cambodia if you want to buy from home, you should choose carefully and should go deep down to choose the golden and dry. Should avoid the insects with dark colors, soft surfaces because they are selling dull goods from the previous day will not be fresh. The owner of the store is very enthusiastic and knows Vietnamese but not very clear, but if you notice you still understand, the price of food is not too expensive, only a few tens of thousands, you have enough insects to enjoy. 
If you have the opportunity to visit the land of Thap pagoda, you should go to the Cambodian insect market to enjoy all kinds of delicious specialties, typical pulp, buy as gifts and learn about the culinary culture of the people here. 

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