Travel to Bhutan in April - the most ideal time of the year

With the characteristics of lying between majestic mountains, separate from the outside world, Butane is known as the happiest country in the world, a country that is very peaceful and still retains ancient values. It has been passed down for generations. April Butan Tourism coincides with the spring is the best time to discover the unique things of this magical country.
Butane Tourism is famous for its impressive landscapes, peaceful monasteries, thrilling trekking roads and picturesque artillery. This small country is a wonderful destination with unique culture, religion and cuisine. For those who love outdoor activities and hiking, April is the most ideal travel time of the year.

1. Visit Butane in April with beautiful weather

April falls in spring is an ideal time to visit Butane. With the cold winter gone, the temperature started to rise, the natural scenery of Butane was exposed to its wonderful beauty.
Butane tourism in April has extremely pleasant weather, clear blue skies and gentle breeze. Lush greenery and flowers bloom all over the sky as if to welcome tourists from around the world to visit.
The temperature in spring varies from region to region, but usually stays between 7 and 16 degrees Celsius, the higher the temperature, the lower the temperature. The rain was not too much, the humidity was not too high, so it was extremely dry and quite pleasant.
April is the peak tourist season in Butan, so many tourists from all over the world flock to enjoy this wonderful beauty.

2. Great experiences when traveling Butane in April

Discover the unique architecture of Punakha fortress

Punakha is one of the most beautiful fortresses in Butane, one of the Butan tourist destinations that visitors should definitely not miss.
Punakha Fortress is 180 meters long, 72 meters wide, with 3 towers and 3 large courtyards. The middle tower has a height of up to 6 floors, with a round roof made of gold, another tower has a roof made of brass. To get inside the fortress, cross the wooden bridge and the heavy wooden gate. On the left is the arrangement of law enforcement agencies, on the right is the school of monks, and right in the middle of the yard there is a huge map. Spring festivals are also held at this fort.
In April, the spring time to visit, lilac flowers bloom in purple, beautiful passionate and romantic, adorn the white walls surrounding the fortress. Butan tourism in April , remember to pin right at Punakha fort as a destination.

Visit the peaceful town of Wangdue Phodrang

Wangdue Phodrang is one of the largest towns in Central Butan with an area of ​​3,404 square kilometers, an altitude of 800 to 5,800 meters. Thanks to its wide area and high altitude, the natural landscape and climate here is quite diverse, from subtropical forests in the south to temperate regions and even snow in the north.
This quiet and beautiful town is also known for its unique stone carvings and bamboo products. This is the April Butan tourist destination for those who love nature and peace of mind. The peaceful scenery with the clear blue sky will surely make visitors extremely fascinated.
In addition, Wangdue Phodrang also has a monastery of the same name which is also an interesting destination for tourists to visit and explore.

Conquer the road to Tiger's Nest monastery

Tiger's Nest or Paro Taktsang Monastery is known as one of the most sacred monasteries in Butan, associated with the life of practice and practice of Guru Padmasambhava and extremely interesting legends and myths. 
The monastery is perched on a towering cliff overlooking the Paro valley, this is an incredible structure.
It will take you about 2 hours to climb to the monastery, conquer the forest paths, high stone steps, but when you reach the top then it is really worth it, because of architecture and cultural and historical values.
Traveling to Butane in April , you will have the opportunity to enjoy the beautiful natural landscape while on the way to conquer the monastery.

Trekking super nice roads in Butane

As mentioned above, April Butane tourism has super nice weather and is suitable for trekking as well as outdoor activities.
Trekking in Butane is a great opportunity to explore the natural world with so many wonders. The meandering path through green meadows, grazing lands, snow-capped mountains, majestic valleys, flowers blooming all over the sky ... will make you extremely excited.

3. April Tourism Butan explore the unique festivals

Being immersed in special festivals is the best opportunity to discover local heritage and customs.
A number of Butane festivals take place in April which visitors can participate in:

Butane azalea festival

When azalea flowers bloom all over the sky is also the time for the azalea flower festival, the venue held at Lamperi Botanical Garden, Dochula, Thimphu.
During the festival, elaborately prepared flower exhibitions attract numerous visitors. Strolling between beautiful flower gardens and attending traditional games, enjoying the special dishes are very interesting experiences.
Traveling to Butane in April to visit azalea flower festival, you will have yourself the best photos.

Chorten Kora Festival

Chorten Kora is one of the oldest religious festivals in eastern Butane held on April 8-22, every year at Chorten Kora, Trashiyangtse, attracting a large number of devotees from across the country of Butane, India. 
Chorten Kora is actually the name of a Buddhist Stupa located next to the Kulong Chu River in the town of the same name. The stupa was built in the late 18th century, simulating the famous Boudhanath stupa in Nepal to subdue a demon that harms people. This legend is also made by the Butans to make a movie of the same name.
Butane tourism in April do not forget to explore this sacred stupa and immerse yourself in the Chorten Kora festival.

Gomphu Kora Festival

Gomphu Kora Festival is held in the beginning of April every year with the meaning of honoring the victory of good over evil. There is a story told by people over the generations, from the 8th century, a great master destroyed an evil spirit to hide in this place, and built a small temple here.
 Hundreds of people from all over flocked to attend, dressed in splendid costumes and immersed in the vibrant atmosphere of the festival.
Butane tourism in April you get to see the beautiful costumes of Butane through the attendees.

Talo Tsechu Festival

The Talo Tshechu Festival is held at Talo Monastery in Punakha to celebrate the birthday of Guru Rimpoche, a famous Buddhist leader known as the Second Buddha in Butan. Tsechu in Butan language means "tenth", the festival will take place in three days and end on the 10th of April.
This is a special event of the year for the locals who attend to pray for blessings from the gods. In addition, the festival also sees the occasion of family reunion, everyone temporarily away from work to return to their loved ones.
The festival takes place with lots of colorful costumes and is accompanied by games, fairs and performing arts. If you have the opportunity to travel to Butane in April, don't miss this unique festival.


Butane tourism in April is the most beautiful time of the year with many interesting destinations and the most special festivals. The weather is extremely favorable for trips, the beautiful natural scenery will surely bring you unforgettable experiences in life.

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