Tourist city Casablanca, the most romantic stop in Morocco

Coming to Morocco, tourists often travel the city of Casablanca first before setting out to explore other famous places of the country "One Thousand and One Nights".
As a vibrant port city with more than 3 million people, also the largest city in Morocco, Casablanca attracts visitors with many monumental constructions, romantic beauty and modern charm. The center is richly designed with a large avenue lined with lush greenery carved out of the arid landscapes of African countries in general.
Along with that, Casablanca is also the most famous city, second in North Africa because it has many high-end shops, display areas, buildings and bustling markets that always bustle with tourists. places tourists cannot miss when traveling to Morocco .

Hassan II Mosque

The most famous mosque in Morocco is built in 5 years with the participation of more than 6000 artisans who have created an architectural masterpiece with magnificent and majestic beauty.
Hassan II  is decorated with intricate and meticulous mosaics. Marble columns and floors are designed with exquisite patterns exuding the artistic spirit of the Moroccan. The wooden ceilings in the cathedral are carefully sculpted and sculpted, creating a work that is not only a religious symbol but also the face of Morocco's largest city.
With white as the main color, the church was so large that 100,000 worshipers could stand in it to celebrate the ceremony, and throughout the temple there are columns of carvings. Hassan II has a 3400 m2 movable dome that nowadays has modern machinery that can be opened and closed easily.
However, for non-Muslim visitors will not be allowed in some areas of Hassan II church, you should pay attention to the signs to avoid violations. However, just looking from the outside will have enough sense of the most beautiful and luxurious building in Morocco. If visiting Casablanca, do not forget to visit and check in this famous building.


Enjoy bars and cafes in Casablanca

As a vibrant port city is also Africa's leading entertainment destination , the restaurants, bars and cafes in Casablanca are countless. It is also a part of the culture of the people of the city, and becomes a "gathering place" of tourists when coming to Casablanca.
The most famous is Rock's Bar with the same design and decoration as in the famous Casablanca movie, and lovers of this movie often choose Rick's to hang out, feel the breath of that famous movie.


Medina old town

Different from the modern, luxurious neighborhoods along the large road, Medina ancient town appears with small alleys, lovely small stalls. Tourists can go to Medina to shop for a much lower price than the general premises.
The fairy color helps Medina attract tourists who want unique and beautiful shooting angles. International tourists often choose Medina as a destination not to be missed when traveling to Casablanca city.


The beautiful beaches

The climate in Casablanca is quite pleasant when the winters are warm and the summers are not too hot, along with a large investment, the beaches in this city are planned and renovated to enhance the inherent beauty. The sea is cool, blue, although not much sand but still creating very beautiful beaches.
The marine economy in Casablanca is also booming compared to many coastal countries in North Africa, which has created a bustling seaport, attractive playing and trading activities and economic development.


City square

The city's large square has a large fountain where many tourists and locals visit. Surrounded by beautiful French-style buildings. There are many fun activities, street music, watching pigeons ... Roadside cafes are also a reasonable choice for appointments.
The night view at Mohammend Square is the most beautiful with shimmering lights, the rays of light coming from houses, roadside constructions create an extremely romantic space. This is probably the most crowded place in Casablanca, especially tourists from the cross.
Traveling to Casablanca , you will immerse yourself in one of the big cities of Africa , enjoy the modern beauty, enjoy the delicious food and taste of coffee in the famous land with mysterious stories. .
However, as a city with a majority of Muslims, visitors need to be well-prepared and adapted to the local culture. Do not forget to enjoy the fascinating and famous dishes in Morocco, because they are all prepared in restaurants or sidewalk restaurants in the city of Casablanca.

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