• Tourist city of Fes, a heroic part of Morocco's history

    Coming to Morocco, tourists do not miss the city of Fes - where many works are stored and are a proud part of Moroccan people. Guests will travel to an experience-filled memory region in one of North Africa's vibrant culture countries.
    With more than 1300 years of history, the city of Fes still preserves many historical traces from the Arab era, and this place deserves to be an interesting place for tourists who love historical culture. 

    Medersa el-Attarine

    Fes city tourThe building is decorated with beautiful patterns

    In 1325 Medersa el-Attarine was built, this is a work with extremely meticulous and beautiful architecture, built from bricks and wood sculptures with top notch features, unique. It used to be a place for students to study and today Medersa el - Attarine has become one of the most popular places for tourists.
    The monumental architecture and unique architecture are what visitors are attracted to, this is a place not to be missed when traveling to the city of Fes.


    Mellah Old Town

    Formerly inhabited by Jews in the past, today the neighborhood has become a prominent tourist destination of the city of Fes. Strolling through the narrow, but also fun, long streets, you will be able to admire the ancient houses built in the early 20th century, the people will always welcome you and smile.
    In the old town, there are high walls that block small roads, so visitors can easily come across the street food stalls. Stop and enjoy some street food, drink traditional Moroccan tea, will be a very interesting experience.


    Qaraouiyine Mosque

    Having a long history, built by immigrants from Tunisia in the 857s, Qaraouiyine Mosque is also one of the most famous universities in the Middle Ages. It is also home to an extremely large prayer room that can accommodate 20,000 people. The library of the church is also one of the oldest libraries in the world with more than 30,000 books.
    In addition to these historical values, the beauty of Qaraouiyine is also highly appreciated by visitors with impressive architecture even though it was built for a very long time through the ups and downs of Moroccan history. To see the perfect beauty of the church, you can go to the nearby restaurants and admire the landscape of Qaraouiyine from above, this beauty you should not miss when traveling to the city of Fes.


    Borj Nord and Merenid's Tomb

    The most beautiful and beautiful city in Fes has to mention the hill in Borj Nord area, there is also a fortress built in the 16th century with many ancient weapons traces. Visitors can visit the weapons museum and then move straight up the hill where the famous Merenid tomb, but this work is showing signs of severe damage by time.
    From the top of the hill, visitors can observe the whole scenery of the city, all the roofs, the top of the church will appear as a colorful picture. The view is extremely beautiful and the hill is one of the famous sights visitors should visit when traveling to Fes.

    Tazzeka and Taza National Parks

    If you've enjoyed the ancient architecture, visitors can choose the next destination is Tazzeka National Park and Taza to change the atmosphere.
    Coming to Tazzeka Taza National Park is a fascinating nature exploration experience, it is the feeling of adventure in the vast forest with oak trees as tall cedar trees. Beautiful natural scenery with abundant vegetation makes visitors extremely excited, fresh air, relaxation will dispel the fatigue of city smoke, bringing people lost into the majestic nature.
    After a trip in the woods, visitors can come to Taza town to explore the life of the local people. Taza is an interesting destination in the city of Fes, where there is a famous and quite strange remains for many visitors. In addition, the cereals, antique markets also offer many Moroccan specialties that visitors can be assured of their quality. Not only in this market, but in many other places in the city are selling a lot of items such as souvenirs, antiques, leather of the land of a thousand and one nights in large and small markets, visitors. Can consider choosing to buy the best products.
    Once a capital of Morocco, Fes city has many special and outstanding places, visitors will have many choices when coming here to explore. The friendly locals and delicious food with many monumental constructions will surely make visitors happy about an ancient and hospitable city but still have good evaluated tourist services.

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