Enjoy a unique and unique Polish Chlodnik soup

Polish Chlodnik Soup is a popular cold soup that is loved by many people. This dish is not only delicious but it also attracts visitors by its extremely striking and eye-catching colors. This dish is considered one of the famous specialty dishes of Poland. Therefore, if you have the opportunity to travel in Poland, do not miss enjoying this unique Chlodnik soup!

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1. The uniqueness of Polish Chlodnik soup

Chlodnik soup is a very special soup, it is made from beetroot, egg and kefir milk mushrooms of Poland. In addition, when cooking people will add a little dill to make the soup more delicious and more attractive.
Unlike ordinary soups, which will be enjoyed when hot, the Polish Chlodnik soup is delicious when eaten cold. This is the difference to make up your very own attraction to food flavor culinary Poland this. 
This dish has a fruity aroma with an eye-catching pink color so just looking at it makes me excited. Especially when enjoyed with crispy toast, must know. Make sure to eat once you will remember never forget. Therefore, visitors to the beautiful country of Poland will not be able to miss a unique and unique dish like Chlodnik soup. This will be a dish to help you forget the heat of the hot summer day instead of feeling refreshed and soothing when enjoying a special cold soup called Chlodnik.

2. Enjoy Chlodnik cold soup specialties

If ice cream is your favorite dish in the summer, in Poland, people always consider the Polish Chlodnik soup as a great dish for hot summer days. Because this dish is always served to customers in a cool state, just eat it and you will forget the heat of summer day. This soup is impressed by its delicious taste and beautiful colors from beetroot.  
Chlodnik soup is considered the most popular soup in Poland and there are many people who love this unique Chlodnik soup. Therefore, this dish is not only famous in Poland but also famous in many parts of the world. Even though it is just one of the very simple dishes, it is the eye-catching simplicity that makes Chlodnik one of the most delicious dishes to try out today.
The most special feature of this dish is the eye-catching color of Polish Chlodnik soup . It's hard to describe its shimmering and fascinating beauty. Because it has an extremely pleasant pink color, this color is neither too dark nor too light. The reason for this color is due to the harmonious blend of fresh beetroot pink and soothing white milk. All have contributed to creating an extremely attractive dish that just by looking, diners also feel super satisfied by its incredible attractiveness.
Chlodnik soup is pink because it is made from beetroot ingredients. This type of bulb is widely used in Poland and in Vietnam it is also very popular. Some people here also use the stems and the leaves of beetroots to make soup. Because after using beetroot to color, the beetroot body will be kept to continue cooking soup. 
Surely when you first look at this cold soup, many people will not help wondering why Chlodnik soup has such a cool and beautiful pink color? While the color of beets is often very bright red. The answer lies in the type of kefir mushroom that the Polish added to the soup. This is considered the secret of cold Polish soup that you can learn when you want to try this fascinating dish.
People will use kefir mushrooms - one of the types of fermented milk is very popular in Poland. Then add a little lemon juice and mix with beet juice to create a beautiful color like the color of Chlodnik soup. 
Depending on the processing method of each person, some people will chop the beetroot or cut the beet into pomegranate seeds when trying to make a unique Chlodnik soup. Others use the method of pureing beetroot to color and get the soup cooked.
In addition to the above ingredients, Polish Chlodnik soup also uses a number of other ingredients such as garlic, sugar beets, cucumbers. In addition, there are more vegetables to add to the soup after the Chlodnik soup is completed.
This soup will add boiled eggs when eating. Poles will cut boiled eggs into 4 pieces or 8 pieces to decorate on the surface of the Chlodnik soup bowl. The yellow and white color of the boiled eggs makes the Chlodnik pink soup more prominent and attractive than ever.
This soup has a sweetness from vegetables with a slight sourness, so when you enjoy it, you will feel very delicious. In particular, thanks to the unique way of processing when combining the aroma of dill with the pungency of garlic, this soup always brings a strange feeling to you. Especially when eating, you will not feel bored like enjoying other soups.
Another special feature of Chlodnik soup is to enjoy it when cold. After finishing the soup, the Polish will proceed to let the soup cool and then put in the refrigerator. When you want to eat just scoop out the bowl and enjoy it.
Although not the only cold soup in the world, Polish Chlodnik soup is a soup that always brings new flavors to customers. Therefore, if you have the opportunity to visit Poland, take some time to enjoy this specialty Chlodnik soup! Certainly, this soup will make you feel extremely excited by the fun of it.

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