What's beautiful about visiting the Polish city of Gdansk?

Referring to the most livable city in Poland, people often mention the city of Gdansk. This is a very civilized and modern city. The growth rate of Gdansk is increasing sharply. In particular, this place is always listed as one of the happiest places in this country Poland. 
So why is this place the most livable city? There will certainly be many interesting and interesting things waiting for you ahead.

1. Overview of Gdansk Poland

Located on the beautiful Baltic coast, Gdansk is considered a beautiful and dynamic city. There are many cultural and entertainment centers here. Therefore, when choosing this Polish destination to go, you will discover a lot of interesting things waiting for you ahead. 
This place has a very beautiful beach. In particular, the weather is very pleasant and mild. In particular, the modern, youthful life of this city will make you feel more active. 

2. Some famous tourist destinations in Gdansk 

Referring to this famous Polish city, people often remember many attractive destinations right away. Therefore, you will not have to worry about where, where to go when visiting this Polish city of Gdansk . 
This is a beautiful port city with a very unique architectural beauty. This place is also known as the amber capital. Because there is a rich source of gems here. Therefore, many tourists come here often to buy souvenirs made of amber as gifts for relatives. When you come here, you will be fascinated by the image of colorful houses or dreamy bridges. 

Visit the old town of Old Polish dreaming

Considered a popular Polish tourist destination, the Old Town is always a destination that attracts many international visitors. After being leveled during World War II, this place has been restored and it carries on itself the ancient, poetic beauty like other famous Polish cities.
Gdansk Poland  will impress visitors by a very beautiful Old Town and leave a lasting impression. This place is one of the most popular ancient cities in Europe.
After being leveled and leaving only 37 buildings, the Poles were not discouraged but tried very hard to renovate and restore. Therefore, the current old houses in the city of Gdansk Poland in addition to owning a beautiful design, its certainty and sustainability are very high. Because the material to build and restore these old houses has been carefully calculated by the Poles.

Explore Dluga Street

This is the main road leading to the old town. This road impresses visitors because it is home to many commercial activities of the Polish city of Gdansk . Because of the increasing trade with other countries in the world, the architecture of this road from buildings to shops and shops is influenced by other countries. . It is this that has created a unique charm and attraction for this Dluga Street.

St. Peter's Church Mary's Church

The next tourist destination you should come when you have the opportunity to visit the city of Gdansk Poland is St. Mary's Church. This is an old church built long ago in the years of the 14th century. If you evaluate the largest church in the world, people will always mention the name St. Mary's Church. Because this church can accommodate up to 25 thousand people.
This is considered a fairly large number. However, in terms of massive, so big but the church St. Mary's Church is designed and decorated in a very simple way. This church will help you learn and discover the culture and beliefs of the Polish people. This church is designed with 31 chapels and has over 30 large windows.

Art court building

Referring to the symbol of the city of Gdansk Poland , people often mention the port area. However, outside this area, the Art court building is also considered a strong symbol for the attraction of this city.
This is the place to prove the magnanimity and heroism of this port city. The area outside Artus is designed and built based on the symbol of solidarity and solidarity of entrepreneurs. Because during the trading period, it was this solidarity that helped this place become more bustling and trade and trade to be more comprehensive. 
Previously, the symbol of the Polish city of Gdansk  was destroyed by the Nazis during World War II. After that, it was not until 1970 that this place was restored to the original. Today this Art court building is a place to welcome heads of state from countries around the world when they come to Poland to work. Therefore, tourists will not be allowed to visit. However, the beauty of this building just from the outside looking at you will see why the city of Gdansk always chose the Art court as the symbol of this port land.

Some other tourist destinations in Gdansk

Not only impressed by the above tourist destinations, Gdansk also impresses visitors by many other attractive destinations. Typically the museum Europejskie Centrum Solidarnosci. In addition, the Museum of the Second World War or the Westerplatte port area are also ideal destinations that you can visit when traveling to Gdansk . Because these Polish tourist destinations will help to better understand this beautiful port city. 
Hopefully, with the above useful sharing, you will feel the attraction and better understand why the city of Gdansk Poland  is really a city worth living in Poland. Wish you have the most interesting and rewarding trip for your trip to Poland . 

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