Discover the best Moroccan festivals

Morocco is a land with a long history and rich in cultural traditions, Moroccan festivals take place throughout the months of the year and contain many unique values ​​of culture, religion, beliefs as well as reflecting the fine life god of the people of this country.

Rose Festival - the most favorite Moroccan festival

Morocco's Dades Valley is also known as the Rose Valley because it possesses fragrant and vibrant rose fields.
In the middle of May (around the first or second weekend), roses are harvested by farmers, and this is also the time for the Rose Festival. The venue was in the oasis town of Kalaat Mgouna, home to one of the country's largest rose water distilleries. 
The Moroccan Rose Festival lasts for three days, starting on Friday, attracting about 20,000 participants. On the days of the festival, the whole town is filled with fragrant roses, making people ecstatic. This is one of the Moroccan festivals most loved by tourists!
The festival's activities include rose parades on the streets, stalls offering beautiful roses, and there are also products made from roses such as perfume and beauty. Recreational activities such as singing and dancing, traditional dance performances and famous beauty shows attract a large number of participants.
Maroc tourism should not be missed this unique traditional festival, you will be immersed in a huge sea of ​​roses, fascinated by the gentle beauty and inhaled fragrant fragrant flowers.

Lotus Flower of the world's sacred music Fez

The Fez Festival of World Sacred Music, also known as the Fez World Divine Music Festival, takes place in June every year, lasts nine days and there will be a series of outdoor music concerts taking place in many Locations all over the country.
The festival combines music, religion and the arts, with the beautiful meaning that music has the power to heal the world and break down barriers between people.
Attending the festival are crowded with professional musicians, artists and dancers as well as music lovers from all over the world. The venues for the concerts include the city of Fes , Bab Makina, the beautiful Jnan Sbil Gardens, the Bab al Makina palace.
Guests can enjoy delicious food and drinks at food stalls on the streets at this wonderful Moroccan festival !

Gnaoua world music flower joint

Another Moroccan festival takes place every June, which is the Gnaoua World Music Festival that attracts musicians from around the world to attend. Gnaoua is a unique musical genre incorporating dance, religious rituals of the Berbers, Africans, and Arabs. The music festival was first launched in 1997 and is maintained every year so far.
During the festival, outdoor concerts will be held at various venues of the town of Essaouira - one of Morocco's most beautiful coastal cities.

Timitar music festival

The Timitar Music Festival in the city of Agadir is one of the exciting summer Moroccan festivals that attracts more than 40 artists and 500,000 attendees.
Each year, the Timitar Music Festival honors artists from around the world including Africa, South America, Europe and the Middle East to bring Agadir audiences the best music from the music industry. Amazigh tradition, modern music from Maghreb, in addition to extremely attractive rap, jazz and hip hop
Along with the spectacular music repertoire, visitors also enjoy delicious Moroccan cuisine with special seafood dishes!

Marrakech art festival

Taking place in July every year in the beautiful city ​​of Marrakech is the art of Marrakech, this is one of the most famous Moroccan festivals and attracts many people to attend. The unique feature of the Marrakech art festival is the combination of modern entertainment with ancient folk works, traditional Berber music and the fascination of belly dancers.
This festival brings to attendees a wonderful sound, color, color and rhythm party, besides discovering the unique Moroccan culture .
Also you can enjoy the repertoire of the troupe with performances with snakes and fire.
The main events take place in Djemma el Fna and El Badi Palace. Don't miss the Fantasia parade with hundreds of cavalries wearing traditional, epic dresses!

Wedding festival in Imilchil

Imilchil is a village located on the desert territory of the Atlas Mountains in Morocco. Here, when children are young, people have been brought up with a strong sense of preservation and promotion of culture and traditions. In the autumn of September, around September, people from surrounding villages make the journey to Imilchil to celebrate the wedding anniversary in September in Morocco, also known as the romantic month.
Although Imilchil is a wedding festival, this is not a collective wedding venue and nobody will get married during this time. This is a Maroc festival to commemorate the love story of two lovers who were forbidden by their parents, they threw themselves into the deep lake to be together forever.
At the festival, young men and women are able to meet and choose their suitable partners. During the festival, there are also lots of dancing, singing and party activities.

The date of the dates in Erfoud

Dates are symbolic plants and are also Moroccan specialties that are popular with tourists. The Erfoud region is home to the most dates of Morocco, with more than a million trees.
When the date is finished, the tree is harvested and left to dry, which is also the date of the date. Held for three days in early October, the festival includes performances of traditional music, dance and colorful processions.
Come to this unique Moroccan festival to immerse yourself in the jubilant festival atmosphere, have the opportunity to learn about the culture and enjoy the unique local cuisine. Do not forget to buy yourself a specialty of dates to give to relatives and friends after a trip to Morocco!

Eid al-Adha Sacrifice Festival

For Moroccan people, the sacrificial festival is like a Vietnamese New Year, this is the time when the family reunites, reviews the old stories, and wishes each other good things.
The meaning of the Eid al-Adha Sacrifice festival is to honor the prophet Abraham - who is asked by Allah to sacrifice his only son. The festival usually takes place at the end of an annual pilgrimage to Mecca.
The ritual of this festival is that the Moroccan will slaughter an animal that can be a sheep or a goat and give it away to others, symbolizing the act of carrying something important to oneself sacrificing to others. , as a tribute to Abraham's noble act of sin.

Marathon Sahara race

Marathon des Sables in the Saharo desert in Mroc is known as the longest running race in the world, taking place in 6 days, with many races through the harsh terrain of the Sahara desert.
This is one of the special Moroccan events of the year and many athletes wait to challenge themselves. Each year, the competition attracts about 1,200 contestants from 30 countries. Each team must complete the 250 km long track. To participate in this competition, each person must prepare food and supplies, and will sleep in shared tents arranged by the organizers on the track.


Traveling to Morocco, visitors will have the opportunity to learn and discover the best festivals in this beautiful North African tourist land Each festival and event will reflect the culture and life of the people. And do not forget to buy yourself specialties and memorabilia to mark the great trip!

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