Explore Copacabana - one of the most beautiful beaches on the planet in Rio De Janeiro

If you are planning to travel to Copacabana Beach in Rio De Janeiro - one of the most beautiful beaches on the planet, do not forget to read the experience of going to Copacabana Brazil in the article below.
Not only considered a marine tourism paradise of Brazil , Copacabana was also voted as one of the most beautiful beaches in the world. Every year, it welcomes a huge number of visitors from everywhere. And if you are also planning to explore this beach, do not forget to read the Copacabana beach travel experience we share in the article below.

Brief introduction about Copacabana beach

Copacabana is a beautiful beach located in the southern part of the city of Rio De Janeiro. It has a length of about 2.2 miles, from Posto Dois to Posto Seis. Copacabana has been voted one of the 10 most beautiful beaches in the world. Running along this coast is a busy avenue with bars, restaurants operating throughout the day and night without stopping to serve the needs of entertainment and entertainment of visitors.
Copacabana is also chosen as the venue for many major events each year. The most typical is the Festa de Reveillon, which attracts more than 3 million visitors or the Mass organized by Pope Francis attracts nearly 4 million followers and becomes the most attended mass in the world.

Traveling to Copacabana Beach , you will not only be immersed in the romantic natural scenery, experience the fascinating entertainment activities, but also have the opportunity to visit many long-standing historical sites located around the beach. the sea and discover unique cuisine in the capital Rio De Janeiro.


Should travel to Copacabana at any time of the year?

The capital of Rio De Janeiro in general and Copacabana in particular are places that you can go and explore at any time of the year. However, according to Copacabana beach travel experience, you should come here at the beginning of the new year. Because this is the time of the Rio Fireworks Festival - one of the biggest festivals in the world, attracting huge numbers of tourists.

How to move to Copacabana beach

Copacabana Beach is located only about 20 kilometers from Rio De Janeiro's international airport. The main vehicle chosen by locals and tourists when they want  to move to Copacabana beach is the subway. There are more than 40 different subway lines running through this area for you to choose from.

Experiences should not be missed when traveling Copacabana beach

Immerse yourself in the beautiful natural scenery at Copacabana

Coming to Copacabana beach, you will surely get great experiences. The sea water here is very clean, light waves should be very suitable for bathing in hot days. You can also rent a bench to lie on the sand, sip a delicious cocktail and enjoy the extremely fresh and cool atmosphere here. If you are an adventurous person, do not miss the opportunity to experience fascinating water games such as surfing, paragliding, ...

Conquering the peak of Morro do Leme mountain

Located right next to the Copacabana coast is a majestic mountain with the Morro do Leme numbness. You can make a trekking trip to conquer this mountain to admire the beautiful scenery of Copacabana beach from above. In addition, you also have the opportunity to visit a military fortress located on a very famous mountain peak called Forte do Vigia.

Ride along the beach

One of the very interesting experiences you should not miss when traveling Copacabana Beach in Rio de Janeiro is cycling along the coast. You can easily rent a bike at the store for only 3 Euro / 1 day. Sitting on a bike, cycling leisurely through the beautiful sea lanes, you will have more time to enjoy the beauty like the fairyland of Copacabana beach.

Discover Arpoador

Arpoador is a large ledge jutting out of the Copacabana Sea. This can be said to be a great place for you to enjoy sightseeing, fishing and sitting to rest and relax. The setting of sunrise and sunset at Arpoador is also extremely poetic, romantic and charming.

Listen to music at Bip Bip

Bip Bip is the name of a famous bar in Copacabana . Coming here, you not only enjoy great drinks, but also have the opportunity to listen to traditional and funny samba music.

Party all night at Mariuzinn

If you are looking for a nightlife in Copacabana , please come to Mariuzinn. This is a famous club, including 2 bars and 2 dance floors. You will be immersed in the vibrant music tunes at Mariuzinn without getting bored.
Above are some Copacabana beach travel experiences that we want to share. Hopefully it will be of some help to your upcoming trip to Brazil .

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