Explore the ancient pyramid of Meroe, the most attractive tourist destination in Sudan

The Republic of Sudan may not seem like much fun, but if you have the opportunity to explore the ancient pyramid of Meroe, visitors will have a different view of the country located in Northeast Africa.
Located in the vast desert region of western Sudan, along the banks of the legendary Nile, the ancient complex of the ancient Meroe pyramid is not very well known.
Only 200km north of the capital, Khartoum , the old city of Meroe is really unnoticed, and visitors do not have much information about the location that has been visited by many tourists. For political reasons, the economic sanctions of European countries have caused Sudan's tourism industry to be unfortunately and "unfortunately" forgotten, including the Pyramid of Meroe.

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History of the Meroe pyramid complex


Located in the old city of the same name, the Meroe complex was built around 720-300 BC. In this pyramid complex is the tomb of kings and queens. The architecture of the pyramids is slightly influenced by Egypt and Greece.
According to history, for several centuries, Meroe was the capital of the Kingdom of Kush and the tombs here kept the remains of the kings and queens at that time.
Experiencing many events and ups and downs of history, the complex of Meroe relics remains in the middle of the vast sand desert, against the harshness of nature to survive. Unfortunately, not many tourists choose to explore the ancient pyramid of Meroe because the shadow of the Egyptian pyramids is too large. Moreover, Sudan is a country where agriculture accounts for 80%, so tourism has not been promoted.


The ancient beauty of the Meroe pyramid complex

The pyramids in Meroe have a height of 6-30m, most of their entrances are facing east for the purpose of catching the sun. The top of the pyramid has a pointed tip, the front has an entrance as well as a solid city gate. In the monument complex there are also small churches and temples.
From the remains, it has been found that the ancient Sudanese had a brilliant civilization and extremely skillful hands when creating a vast pyramid population with excellent construction and sculpture techniques. 
Most visitors to Meroe wonder and understand why people have been able to build amazing constructions from time immemorial without machines, especially with the pyramids built.  Not only that, the patterns, carvings and sculptures on the rocks are very sophisticated.
Not only the architecture but the scale of the pyramid population is also very scientific and monumental, demonstrating the level, creativity and understanding of the Africans who built the pyramid complex with large numbers in Meroe.
In 2003, the Meroe pyramid complex was recognized by UNESCO as a world heritage site. The hidden and valuable value of this project is extremely large, but The Atllanitic newspaper once announced that the number of tourists visiting Sudan is very low, only about 15,000 people / year.
Harsh weather conditions make the discovery of the ancient pyramid of Meroe difficult. Clean water is extremely scarce, temperatures are high, and the lack of food and difficulties in cultivation and economic development make visitors less salty.
The Meroe pyramid complex is not only a symbol but also a pride of Sudanese people, it demonstrates the long history and brilliant culture of the country is backward and in economic deprivation. It can be seen that although the conservation and preservation of relics are highly appreciated, Sudan's tourism policies are not really good. This also comes from the political and economic uncertainty of this North African nation.
Visitors to discover the ancient pyramid of Meroe can ride camels on the desert, visit the tombs, take pictures of the pyramid under the guidance of a tour guide. Alternatively you can camp back to the pyramid complex. The local tour guide will be the one to tell you about the history, events, ups and downs, the meaning of each place in the Meroe ruins, follow the guide to avoid getting lost.
To get here, from the city center you will have to travel by jeep and then walk or ride a camel through the sandy and sunny desert. Please reserve food is cake and water when visiting the pyramid, the restaurant is very far from the tourist area. Only about 10 tourists come to Meroe in a day so safety issues should be high, visitors should choose to buy a tour to receive more enthusiastic support.

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