Explore El Djem Amphitheater - the world's most impressive surviving Roman architecture

Tunisia is a place that attracts a lot of tourists because of its low cost, mild weather and many attractive places. In particular, can not fail to mention the great merits of El Djem Amphitheater.
The Roman Empire was a powerful and famous period with many achievements that made the whole world admire. And one of the impressive structures of this era fortunate to be left is the El Djem Amphitheater .

Where is the El Djem Amphitheater?

The El Djem Amphitheater is located in Thysdrus - the old town of the Roman Empire, one of the most important towns in North Africa , in the province of Proconsularis, today the center of Tunisia's Sahel, in the city of El Jem, Mahdia province of Tunisia country.

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History of El Djem Amphitheater

The El Djem Amphitheater was built around 238 AD to organize gladiatorial battles, grappling with wild animals, and horse racing. In the Byzantine era, it acted as a fortress and the people sought refuge here during the attacks of vandals in 430 and the Arabs in 647. In the Middle Ages, This giant building acts as a quarry, from which local residents take limestone blocks to build buildings in El Jem .
The walls of the majestic El Djem Amphitheater are an extremely well-preserved La La monument! This is a fascinating Tunisian tourist destination and one of the best examples of the remaining theater architecture in the world, reminding of the great period of Rome throughout North Africa. In 1979, the El Djem Amphitheater was recognized as a world heritage site.

Impressive architecture of El Djem Amphitheater

The El Djem Amphitheater is built of stone blocks on a flat land area with dimensions of 148 meters (486 ft) and 122 meters (400 ft) respectively, with a capacity of up to 35,000 people and is one of the largest Roman amphitheater in the world.
With its vast three-storey domed facade, though it has been crumbled, the El Djem Amphitheater  still represents a magnificent structure and leaves an indelible impression. This place is the exterior for the famous Gladiator (Gladiator) movie. 
Today, the El Djem Amphitheater has been partially restored and about 500 audience seats have been equipped. Like many other Roman amphitheater, it also hosts events. Since 1985, the El Jem International Symphony Music Festival has been held here every summer.

Exciting experiences at El Djem Amphitheater

Because of the ancient, special architecture that makes El Djem Amphitheater always attracts half a million visitors every year. Coming here, you will surely be overwhelmed by the splendor of the theater and admire the ingenuity of the ancient people. Because it is made entirely of ancient stone, the color of the theater is extremely special, completely unlike anywhere you've been.
You can walk in the corridors under the arena, just like the gladiators did or climb the top floors and sit and watch the arena, imagine the battles going on below, surely that would be unforgettable experiences for you.
If you have the opportunity to come here on the occasion of the El Jem International Symphony Music Festival, just enjoy the music to relax the soul and watch the brilliant beauty of the El Djem Amphitheater in the light lights, the trip to North Africa is nothing more wonderful than this. 
In particular, there is an activity that everyone must try and extremely enjoy it is riding a camel walking around the theater area. Make sure the feeling of sitting on the back of the camel to enjoy the panoramic view of El Djem Amphitheater will surely make you fascinated.

Good time to visit El Djem Amphitheater

The best time to visit El Djem Amphitheater and Tunisia is in the summer, as the temperature is now around 30 ° С and is stable throughout the season. The weather from November to April is relatively harsh due to rain and wind, so if you intend to visit Tunisia at this time, please keep updating the weather to have a safe trip. 
The beauty of the El Djem Amphitheater is something that no word or picture can ever describe. So, you still hesitate, do not invite your buddies "eat" to travel to Tunisia and admire the unique characteristics of this place.

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