Discover the mystery of the Polish Crooked crooked forest

Crooked Forest Poland is one of the tourist destinations in Poland that possesses many mysteries that still cannot be explained to this day. This place gives visitors a lot of new and surprising things. 
Anyone who comes here will feel excited to see the pine trees bent to 90 degrees to the North. This is exactly what makes tourists increasingly love this destination.

1. About Crooked Curved forest Poland

Perhaps in this world there are still many strange things that to this day still can not find a satisfactory answer and one of them is the mysterious forest called Crooked. This is a dense forest south of Szcezecin and it belongs to the village of Nowe Czarnow .
This unique forest has a very special name that is curved Crooked Poland . It can be said that this is the most strange forest in Central Europe. Because this forest has more than 400 trees, but it is strange that every tree does not have to grow naturally. They grow larger and are bent at an angle of nearly 90 degrees at the base. All make up a vast area of ​​dense forest alternating towards the top.
However, the strange thing that many people could not find is the reason that all the trees here are bent in the same direction to the North. Many people say this place has a supernatural power that attracts everything on this side.

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2. Discover things that have 1-0-2 in Crooked curved forest

Tourists arriving in this special forest will feel like they are lost in the world of fiction movies. Because the scene here surely you will only think in new movies and in real life will never be seen. A special feature of this Polish tourist destination is that while the trunk is so tall, the base is bent 90 degrees. That is why this forest is called curved forest. The next strange thing is that it is impossible to find a reason for this.  
A lot of scientists have come here to learn about the Crooked Curved Forest of Poland . However, no explanation has been given so thoroughly and thoroughly. This makes the forest even more mysterious and attractive. 
Some hypotheses may be due to human influences. Because before going here is a tree growing area to get shipbuilding timber. People have created curvature for trees since planting, so that they can produce wooden bars that are curved to make boats or interior designs. This is the most convincing explanation of the assumptions made about the strangeness of this crooked forest . 
A lot of stories have been woven up around this mysterious forest. That's why there are so many different interpretations that people here often tell each other. It was due to the war period, the army of tanks fell on the tree when the tree was young, from which the stump was twisted to the cause of the blizzard ... Whatever the reason, just look. If you see the Polish curved forest, you will find it very strange and fascinating. Everyone seems to be drawn to the rare mystery of this place. Therefore, Crooked is considered a famous Polish destination that is visited by many world tourists.
According to calculations made by scientists, this Crooked Polish forest has a long age of about 80 years. Plants begin to bend when they are about 7-8 years old. Many comments are made in the direction of genetic mutation. However, it is only a conjecture because it is currently in the research process. It is because of this question why more and more people are coming here to explore. Surely, you will feel excited when you discover and take photos at this unique forest. 
Many visitors when visiting Crooked forest often choose to add some other tourist destinations to visit such as Old Town or Zamkowe ... These are all famous destinations that attract a great deal of tourists. when you have the opportunity to visit the beautiful country of Poland. 
Many people come here will inevitably be surprised by the strange place. If you do not directly set foot here, you will hardly believe that there is a mysterious Polish Crooked forest . You can sit up and take pictures. Especially with the curved angle up to nearly 90 degrees Celsius, you will indulge in posing to create unique and new photos.  
If you have never heard of this mysterious forest, you will not believe that these are real photos. Because only photoshop or fiction movies have this strange scene.

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