Explore the stunning "blooming town" Zalipie Poland

Located not too far from Krakow only about 1h30p by car, Zalipie Polish 'flower town' is a very interesting destination that anyone wants to come here to explore and learn. Although located in a remote and remote location, the decoration here makes visitors feel excited.
With extremely unique home decorations, anyone who comes here to visit will admire. Coming here, you are lost in a flower garden only in fairy tales.

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1. About Zalipie 'blooming town'

Here from houses to fences, water wells are decorated with very cute, attractive motifs. Everywhere in this town is filled with colorful floral motifs with all bright colors. It is this that has created a particularly great beauty for this Polish 'Zalipie' town .  
When choosing Polish tourist destinations to go always choose this town Zalipie to come. This place will be a destination that brings you lots of new emotions. Especially, for those who love nature, like to explore the beauty of flowers and leaves will not be able to miss an ideal destination like this. This land of flowers and flowers will bring you a lot of special unforgettable memories.
This town is like a fairy garden that you will not see everywhere. The origin of this tradition of blooming flowers around the wall has a long origin. 
People where more than a century ago, the Polish blooming town Zalipie has blossomed. During the festive season, all the houses are refurbished. Especially when sweeping lime on the chimney or stove area. No matter what you do, it is not possible to cover the spot in these places. Therefore, an idea that has flashed is to paint flowers overlap. From there, floral motifs have been designed throughout the home, everywhere around.
It is these things that have created a unique beauty for the Polish blooming town Zalipie . Because of that, the town of Zalipie became more and more popular. Although it is far from the center, but with its unique beauty, this place has always been a strange Polish destination for domestic and foreign tourists. Anyone who has the opportunity to explore here has the same feeling that the space here is very different. Although it is just an unnatural decorative motif , all images and colors of this Polish Zalipie town are extremely lively and have a special attraction. 

2. Some typical beauty of Polish blooming town Zalipie

Among the famous houses here, Felicja Curylowa is the most beautiful house. This is also the house by the first person to make the trend of drawing floral motifs on the development of this village throughout the village. Thanks to that, this town has become extremely famous. Not only in the country but also famous all over the world.
Polish bloom town Zalipie is home to many unique beauty. After the death of Felicja Curylowa, this flower house became a destination for preserving the cultural values ​​of the town.
The unique thing about this flower village is that every flower picture is different. Any picture has its own unique character. The next special thing is that every painting is hand painted so every painting is very beautiful and well prepared. In addition, the paintings in the Polish blooming town Zalipie are very diverse, so when looking at everyone, they feel excited.
The next special thing is that every year the houses change new clothes. Therefore, coming here every time is different. Especially when the Malowana Chata competition takes place around May, June, this place attracts a large number of tourists to visit. This is probably the occasion when Polish Zalipie flower town is the most crowded of the year. 
This town has a very small population. Most of the people living here are women and the houses are often scattered and separated from each other. Therefore, to be able to visit all places also takes time. Especially when it is not near the bus station, visitors only have an option to rent a car to drive themselves. Because walking is also not feasible when you want to explore all the houses in this Polish town of Zalipie . 
When admiring, you will see the vitality and eye-catching beauty of the beautiful little houses here. Especially when these leafy houses are hand painted with meaning and beauty are very separate. 
All the gaps in the blooming town of Zalipie are filled with the image of colorful flowers. A trip to Zalipie is truly the ideal destination for those who want to have a fun, special trip. Here you will be spoiled for sightseeing, taking photos. 
Therefore, surely after this trip to Poland, you will get a lot of beautiful photos as a souvenir. Let the bright colors and vitality of this place help you have more love for the country and its people. 
Under ingenious hands, talented, flower paintings were erected with extremely attractive beauty. This is the Polish blooming town Zalipie that many people wish to visit once said.

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