Tourist experience Plovdiv Bulgaria - Cultural capital of Europe

Officially voted as the European cultural capital in 2019 and reaching the top 3 hottest European destinations, the city of Plovdiv Bulgaria is increasingly attracting tourist followers to visit and explore. 
It is often said that "Plovdiv has not been seen yet, as yet to Bulgaria" showing the important location of this ancient city on the tourist map of the country of roses. Plovdiv as a living museum opens up epic scenes of past civilizations. 
In Plovdiv from scenery, people, cuisine to scents can take you back to the past, the glorious splendor of the golden history. If you are looking to explore this beautiful city, the Plovdiv Bulgaria travel experience is a useful guide that you cannot miss. 

Where is Plovdiv? Information about Plovdiv 

Plovdiv city is located about 150km southeast of the capital Sofia Bulgaria, right next to the poetic Maritsa river. This is a city that gathers many ancient architectural works and ruins through different dynasties with a history of thousands of years.
Plovdiv was founded around the 12th century BC, this is the oldest city in Europe and has lived continuously since 6000 years ago. The city used to have different names in previous eras such as the "Nebettép village" in prehistoric times to the Trimontium or Eymolpia in ancient Greece. The name Plovdiv appeared from the 15th century to the present. 

What is the best season for traveling in Plovdiv?

According to the traveling experience of Plovdiv Bulgaria , you can come to this city at any time of the year, each season has its own beauty to enjoy and explore. However, the summer in Plovdiv is quite hot, so the best time to explore this place is spring or autumn. Especially, if you travel to Plovdiv in the fall, you will have the opportunity to participate in exciting festivals 


Ways to get there and move in 

According to Plovdiv's travel experience , the most convenient means to travel to Bulgaria is the plane. The main airport in Plovdiv is Plovdiv Krumovo Airport, located about 6km from the center of the city.
Currently there are very few direct flights to this city, so you still need to travel by plane to the capital city of Sofia and then to Plovdiv by road or take a plane of Ryanair. The airline operates four routes to the city of Plovdiv from London, Frankfurt, Milan and Brussels. If traveling by road, you can travel by car or bus in about 2 hours, by train if fast, about 2.5 hours, if long, the travel time is up to 4 hours.
In the city of Plovdiv, you can travel by various types of transport such as taxis or public buses. However, a Plovdiv Bulgaria travel experience that you can apply is to walk, because even if you are not in the center, you can still fly in many places, only remote destinations need it.

Where to go in Plovdiv? 

Plovdiv has many destinations for you to explore in a day, outstanding here is the ancient and mossy streets here with the longest walking path in Europe with a length of 5,740 feet. Because the downtown area is strictly forbidden for cars, only for pedestrians, you can freely explore many attractive destinations. 

Roman Theater

This theater is located on Tsar Ivaylo Street, this is the most intact Roman ruins in this city and is still used for impressive performances. The theater area is located between two hills, Djambaz and Taksim and the hillside is the natural stands. 


Ancient citadel of the Thracians

This site is located at the end of Stoyan Chomakov Street. Although what remains is only ruins, this place is still an attractive destination according to the Plovdiv Bulgaria tourism experience of many people.
This place is the place where the first traces of people appeared in this beautiful city. If you have time, you can sleep again to watch the sunset or sunrise from this Nebet Tepe map. 


The buildings have architecture from the Renaissance of Bulgaria

These mansions are an attractive attraction that you should definitely not miss because of their fascinating architectural faults and great historical values. These edifices were built on three hills: Nebet Tepe, Taksim Tepe and Djambaz Tepe. 
Walking and admiring the architecture and the views of the buildings is the best experience. Some famous buildings such as the Kuyumdzhioglu mansion are now an ethnographic museum, the Gueorguiadi mansion is now a museum of Bulgaria's Renaissance, Danov's mansion, Lamartine mansion or Hindlian mansion.
Plovdiv travel experience to remember is that before visiting these palaces, please refer to the opening hours and fares to take the initiative. 

Gate of Hisar Kapia

This gate is located on Tsanko Lavrenov street on a sloping stone path surrounded by colorful mansions. This is one of the symbols of the city of Plovdiv.
This city gate was built in the 11th century AD and is the only city gate left to this day. If you follow the small streets along this city wall, you will have the opportunity to admire the ancient ruins of the city.

Dzhumaya Mosque

This church was built in the 14th century and is one of Bulgaria's largest mosques. The church is open from 6am to 11pm every day, visitors will be visiting outside the prayer hours. According to Plovdiv Bulgaria travel experience you can visit more ruins of the ancient Roman arena located near this church. 

What to eat in Plovdiv?

The cuisine in the city of Plovdiv has a very distinctive Balkan region, blending a little more of the influence of Eastern cuisine so the flavor is very attractive. Many devotees share Plovdiv Bulgaria travel experience is to sample the fascinating dishes here before you leave.
The outstanding dish in Plovdiv you should eat is Sac, a dish made from vegetables, peppers, potatoes, mushrooms ... mixed with meat, cheese in Sac clay pot and baked for a few hours. The taste of this dish is extremely attractive and unique. 
The charcoal grilled dishes here are also attractive choices such as kebapchet is meatballs with onion and parsley, chichtchesta is grilled meat or parjola is rib. Don't forget to try a glass of wine, a glass of Kamenitza beer or a cool Zagorka beer.
In addition, you also enjoy the greasy banitsa cakes, Tarator yogurt soup, or attractive shopska salata salad. 
 With the travel experience in the city of Plovdiv Bulgaria , you will have a more convenient and complete journey of discovery. Come and explore the city of Plovdiv Bulgaria, to be guided with slow rhythms on thousands of years old paved roads, admire the vestiges of Roman times and discover the beauty of culture , the unique cultural faith of this wonderful city. 

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