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    "Pocket" the Rio de Janeiro Brazil travel experience for an upcoming trip to explore the famous Brazilian city with beautiful festivals and scenery. 

    The best time to visit Rio de Janeiro 

    Rio de Janeiro is located in a tropical savanna climate, usually with rain lasting from December to March next year. In inland areas, the temperature on summer days is often above 40 degrees Celsius although it rarely occurs in long periods, with days when the temperature is just over 27 degrees Celsius. Therefore, if you plan to travel to Rio de Janeiro, don't forget to bring sun protection gear.

    The best time to travel to Rio de Janeiro is during the Carnival season in February every year. This is the most attractive masquerade festival of the year, also known as the festival of love. When participating in Rio Carnival, people will dress up in splendid costumes, colorful. It will not be difficult for you to join the parade dancing across the street with fiery dancers in a colorful space.

    tourism Rio de Janeiro 
    Unique festival in Rio de Janeiro


    How to move to Rio de Janeiro

    Currently, to move to Rio de Janeiro you only have one form is to go by plane. However, at present, in Vietnam, there are not any airlines opening a direct flight to Rio de Janeiro. You must fly in transit at 1 or 2 locations. There are many airlines to choose from such as Qatar Airways, Hong Kong Airlines, Vietnam Airlines. But the best advice for you is to choose either Iberia or TAP when traveling to Rio de Janeiro .


    Vehicles in Rio de Janeiro

    Once at the airport, you can either take a taxi or take the subway to the city center. However, to save you should go by subway because taxi fees here are quite expensive. In Rio de Janeiro, the subway system is guaranteed to be safe and very clean. The train ticket price is only about 3.2 reais (about VND 31,000).
    If you want to visit the sights, you can go by bus, or rent a bicycle, motorbike taxi. A popular vehicle for tourists in Rio de Janeiro is bicycles and it is not difficult to rent.

    Hotels in Rio de Janeiro

    Where to travel in Rio de Janeiro ? Depending on your needs and finance, you can choose a suitable hotel. If the big moat you can refer to the 4, 5 star hotel such as Hotel Fasano Rio de Janeiro, Belmond Copacabana Palace. As for the budget is not much, you can find 2-star and 3-star hotels with the rent from 3-5 million VND / night. If you want to save more, Rio de Janeiro also has cheap hostels for you to choose. 


    Places to visit when traveling to Rio de Janeiro

    Rio de Janeiro is not only known for its captivating samba dances but also for attracting visitors by interesting and famous destinations.
    Centro: Rio de Janeiro's financial and economic center, focusing on many historical sites of the city such as the National Library, Tiradentes Mansion, City Theater….
    Norte and Northern Rio de Janeiro: This is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Rio de Janeiro that you cannot ignore if you love nature. When coming to this district, you will have many places to visit such as Quinta da Boa Vista Park, zoo, observatory, Maracana Stadium, ....
    Zona Sul and the southern region of Rio de Janeiro are the most crowded with tourists when coming to Rio de Janeiro in the summer, because there are many beautiful beaches gathered here such as Copacabana, Ipanema and Flamengo.
    Zona Oeste and Western Rio de Janeiro: Those who love the sea in Rio de Janeiro, this is also an ideal place to enjoy to relax in the sea and to own luxury and luxury resorts.
    In addition to the attractive destinations mentioned above, in Rio de Janeiro, you must go to Corcovado Mountain to see the famous statue of Christ the Savior, one of the 7 wonders of the world and is also considered a symbol of Brazil.
    Maracana Stadium is also an attractive destination that you should not miss. This is the mecca of the world "football" as well as for Brazil. The stadium is not only the largest in the world, but also a place to remember unforgettable memories for Brazilian football when the national team lost to Uruguay in the 1950 World Cup final.


    Delicacies and specialties Rio de Janeiro

    In addition to tourist attractions, great food in Rio de Janeiro is also something you should not miss. The cuisine here is a unique combination between the cuisine of many famous countries such as Japan, Chile, and Spain. You can even find Vietnamese dishes when traveling to Rio de Janeiro such as pho, spring rolls, fish stock.
    Some unique and famous dishes you must try are: Acai, Coxinhas, Brigadeiro, Pastel Frito de Frango, Feijoada, Beijinho de Coco, Creme de Papaya, Empadão, Churros, Empanada ....


    A few things to keep in mind when traveling Rio de Janeiro

    • You should prepare a couple of tones because most people in Rio de Janeiro go cardboard when out on the road.
    • In addition to the bustling and famous places, slums are also a destination that you should explore once. However, to ensure safety, you should hire a native speaker.
    • Please always keep personal belongings carefully because in Rio de Janeiro, pickpockets often occur.
    Are the above Rio de Janeiro travel experiences enough for you to have fun and explore Samba? There are many interesting things in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil are welcoming you on that upcoming trip.

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