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    Referring to the Polish city of Torun, people often remember right here there are many attractive destinations for visitors to explore. By Torun is one of the most beautiful and ancient cities of the beautiful Polish country.
    Therefore, if you have the opportunity to visit this place, you should take the time for a trip to this special city to explore! Surely this will be a great tourist destination that you should not miss when traveling to Poland.

    1. About the city of Torun Poland

    In 1997, Torun was an ancient city which was recognized by Unesco as a World Cultural Heritage. This city is located in the Northern region of Poland. Located on the banks of the romantic Vistula River, the natural beauty of the ancient city of Torun is becoming more and more attractive and accentuated. 
    In addition, this land is also home to Nicholas Copernicus - a famous astronomer in the world. Therefore, if you love this astronomer, do not forget to visit his native city ​​of Torun, Poland to experience if given the opportunity. Definitely with unique architectural beauty, Torun will be a place to help you discover a lot of interesting things.

    2. Time to travel in the city of Torun 

    You can travel Torun city all year round because any season of this year will have its own attractive features? However, the best time for you to visit this city is from May to October. This is the time when Poland has warm weather so it will be very suitable for discovery tours.  
    Around July and August is a holiday for Polish schools and workers and staff are also on annual vacation so if traveling to the city of Torun Poland is often very crowded. Not only Torun but other Polish tourist destinations are also very crowded. Because this time is the peak season of tourists, the number of people flocking to tourist destinations is very crowded. Therefore, depending on your schedule, please choose the time to visit the ancient city of Torun accordingly.
    However, if you go during the peak season of travel, you should have prepared and arranged in advance. Booking, hotel reservation in advance is a good thing to do. Because at this time it is difficult to find a room and the room price is often higher than other times. So you should consider and have a thorough understanding when taking your trip to Poland . If you love snow, the time of December to the end of March will be an appropriate opportunity for you to organize a tour in the city of Torun.

    Experience the city of Torun PolandPhoto: @ insta.torun

    3. The beauty of the city of Torun

    The most impressive thing about this ancient city is that the values ​​of art architecture are preserved and preserved. From the ancient Middle Ages, this place has been built with a lot of bold cultural marks. Therefore, if you are interested in exploring the ancient architectural beauty, the Polish city of Torun will be a great destination for you to explore and explore.
    In addition, the peaceful and quiet life here is also what makes visitors feel excited when visiting this ancient ancient city. So when you come here, you will have a peaceful, quiet space to rest and watch. 
    Not only that, the people of the ancient Torun are also very friendly and hospitable. It is these idyllic things that make the city of Torun in Poland to score more for international visitors. The poetic and impressive impression of people here will make you feel the decision to explore here is right. Because it's hard to find a place that feels peaceful and quiet like this place?
    Torun is also the only city in Poland that preserves its architecture as it was from the beginning. Despite a lot of damage caused by World War II, the city of Torun is still there. The buildings here are bold with ancient Gothic architecture, with well-preserved town halls, houses and churches.
    In particular, the deeper you go into the city, the more you will feel the architectural beauty that this place still preserves. For a long time, the Polish city of Torun has been the most prominent place to display ancient medieval culture with the world's famous art centers. 

    4. Some famous tourist destinations in the city of Torun 

    The ancient city of Torun has many other attractive places that you should not miss when visiting. These are Medieval Defensive City Walls, St Jacob's Church, Town Square - Old Town or Monument of Nicolaus Copernicus Museum and Toruń House of Legends, ...
    In addition, there are a number of other destinations that are popular with many international tourists such as the Memorial of House of Nicolas Copernicus Museum, Monument to Filus or Planetarium - Torun. These are all great places to visit if you want to learn about the ancient architectural beauty of this Polish city of Torun .

    5. Where to rest when traveling to Torun?

    In the ancient city of Torun, there are many resting places to choose from. However, if you go during the peak tourist season, you should book in advance to be able to get the best accommodation here.
    Some of the best hotels, motels and apartments in the city of Torun Poland for your reference and booking such as Apartamenty Monka, Apartamenty Jęczmienna 29 or Apartament Predzamcze and Pure Apartment ... These are all floating vacation spots.  These accommodations will help you get the most relaxing space when taking your Torun Poland trip.
    Hopefully the above information has partly helped you better understand the most beautiful ancient city in Poland. Wish you have fun exploring when visiting the ancient city of Torun.

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