The most complete Warsaw city travel experience

Coming to the beautiful country of Poland, visitors will have many choices of destinations for their trip. 
This is one of the famous big cities of this country. Therefore, coming here to explore will help you find a lot of interesting and special things. 

1. Introduction to the city of Warsaw Poland

Warsaw is the capital of beautiful Poland. This place is one of the famous tourist destinations of Europe. Therefore, the number of tourists looking to this beautiful and prosperous city to visit is increasing. Because when traveling here, you will feel the kindness and friendliness of the people here. In particular, the scenery of Warsaw will make you feel infatuated and captivated.
Warsaw city Poland will certainly not make you feel disappointed when you arrive. This place is located at the central key point of Europe so the economy is highly developed and prosperous. 
Thanks to its central location, Warsaw has always been a bridge for economic and cultural exchanges between countries in Europe. It has fresh air and romantic natural scenery. Especially, this city has 7 world cultural heritages recognized by Unesco. Therefore, when traveling here, you will have many choices for your trip. 
Warsaw has a rich history of over 700 years and located in the right side of the river Wisla romantic, so when you arrive you will understand why this place became a place of travel Poland is much lover like it so much

2. When should you go to Warsaw?

The climate in Warsaw is very mild and pleasant. So whenever you have the time, is it a good time for you to travel to this city to explore? By any season of the year here also brings in its own beauty? No matter how many times you come here, every time you visit will be a new and different feeling.
That explains why visitors to Warsaw Poland every winter season? However, the most crowded to mention the period of late spring early summer, ie around May until June. This is the time when the weather here is very beautiful and convenient for traveling to explore. In addition, the end of summer and early autumn is also a great suggestion for your trip to Poland. Therefore, you can consider and be more active when traveling here, exploring.

3. Instructions on how to move to Poland

The only way to get you to beautiful Poland is by plane. At Tan Son Nhat and Noi Bai airports, you will find that many airlines offer flights to Poland. Ticket prices range from VND 14,600,000 to VND 16,700,000. Visitors can hunt for tickets a few months ago to buy cheap tickets.
When traveling to Warsaw, Poland , you will have a lot of transportation options such as bus, taxi, subway or bicycle ... These are all very popular vehicles in Poland. . Depending on your economy and preferences, you will choose the appropriate means of transportation. Usually tourists choose the bus to travel when traveling in Warsaw. Because this medium is cheap and convenient for travel. Many people often choose to go by bicycle because it is also a quite interesting means for you to freely explore this beautiful city.

4. Where to stay when traveling to Warsaw?

Warsaw city Poland is a famous European tourist destination. Therefore, it will not be difficult for you to choose for yourself a satisfactory resting stop. Because there are so many motels, hotels suitable for tourists' needs.
Therefore, depending on your financial capacity, you can choose the appropriate accommodation. There are also many affordable motels for you to choose from while still ensuring good service quality.

5. What to eat when you travel to Warsaw?

The culinary world of Warsaw Poland is considered to be extremely rich and diverse. Therefore, when coming here, in addition to discovering the beautiful natural scenery, you also enjoy a lot of delicious food that is only available in Warsaw. Therefore, do not miss the opportunity to explore the culinary world of this land. Please record the delicious food immediately below to refer to when traveling here.
First of all, Bigos. This is a dish that just looks and drooled because its presentation is very unique. When eaten, it is delicious because it is made from sliced ​​meat, sausages with pickled cabbage and honey. Therefore, the taste of this dish will convince even the most discerning diners.
In addition, the Polish city of Warsaw also has a delicious chlodnik. This soup is made from beetroot so the color is also very beautiful. Next is zrayzy and pierogi ... These are traditional dishes with bold flavors of the Polish country, so you should definitely eat once to know if you have the opportunity to come here.

6. Some famous tourist destinations of Warsaw Poland

Referring to the beautiful city ​​of Warsaw , you will have a list of places to visit. Therefore, your trip schedule will not lack destinations. By just having time, you can explore many beautiful places of Warsaw.

Wawel Castle

The first place to visit when you visit Warsaw is the Warsaw Castle. This is a castle that was built long ago. The design of this building is extremely unique and unique.
Especially, the architecture of one of the famous destinations of Warsaw Poland is a harmonious combination between Gothic and Renaissance architecture. This has created the attraction for this ancient castle.

Discover ancient Warsaw shopping center

Not only considered a famous tourist destination, the city of Warsaw Poland is also known by the ancient trade center of Warsaw. This is an extremely cheap shopping site that guarantees quality. Therefore, to Warsaw to visit can not miss this fascinating place.

Visit the Wieliczka salt mine

Wieliczka welcomes visitors with unique artworks made from rock salt. Therefore, this place is very attractive to tourists. In addition, when you go to Warsaw Poland and visit the Wieliczka salt mine, you will admire the church with extremely good resonance.
This shows that the architecture of this place is admirable. Surely, you will be amazed at the exquisite sculptures made by artisans here.

Bialowieza Forest

If you love nature, Bialowieza Forest will be a famous tourist destination that you should visit. This place will bring you a fresh and cool atmosphere. In particular, you will be watching and exploring an entire ecological world with lots of beautiful and attractive scenes.
In addition to the above locations, the city of Warsaw also welcomes visitors by many other destinations such as the old town of Gdansk or the main market square ... These are all famous destinations of Poland.
Hopefully the sharing of the Warsaw Polish travel experience above will make it easier for you to travel and visit. Wish you have a smooth and convenient trip to Poland.

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