• Experience exploring the city of Taghit, a beautiful oasis on the edge of the Sahara desert

    The Taghit Oasis in the Sahara desert is one of the most impressive destinations when traveling to Algeria, where you can ride a camel, take a walk among the palm forests and see the unique paintings carved on the mountainside. 
    Taghit city in Bechar province, Algeria is very famous for both local and international tourists who want to come here to admire the unspoiled historical sites and natural environment. This is a fairly small place, so you can easily explore within a day or choose it as a stop before coming to nearby cities. 
    To get to the Taghit oasis , you will have to take a car on the bumpy rocky road, the wheel bobbing along the curve of the gentle hillside. Amidst the thick green trees stretching down the valley, the lovely pink land of the houses will appear. The towering sand dunes behind the small city seem to framed a beautiful sight of an oasis on the edge of the Sahara desert. 

    Experience Discovering Taghit Oasis In Sahara DesertSurreal scenery of the Taghit oasis. Photo: Pinterest

    Overview of Algeria and the Taghit oasis

    Algeria is the largest country in Africa , located between Morocco and Libya, "occupied" by the Sahara Desert - an area covering more than 80% of the country's territory. 
    In fact, Algeria's 40 million people are largely concentrated along the northern coastal area. Large urban centers such as Algiers (5 million), Oran (2 million) and Constantine (1 million) are all located on the Mediterranean coast.
    Algeria has an extremely rich history. For example, the Taghit oasis of the Sahara desert  currently has only about 6,000 inhabitants, but people have been here for thousands of years since the Neolithic period. The oasis is located in western Algeria, about 60 miles to the south of the province of Bechar - where visitors exploring the Sahara easily move to modern Morocco.  

    What to discover in Taghit oasis?

    Taghit is considered one of the  most attractive oases in Algeria . In May 2007, Algeria began rebuilding a nature park in the heart of the desert - Taghit National Park with an extensive outdoor museum, where you can learn about the region's history and Watch the animals live in peace with humans. The large palm grove and golden sand of the Sahara also have therapeutic properties to treat a number of diseases. 
    The 11th century ruins of the old city are now partially restored by the government, on the edge of the city. A high archway will lead people into the maze of narrow and steep alleys along the hill. There, meticulously carved wooden doors are scattered across the mud brick walkway, where a number of shops and guesthouses are opened by local entrepreneurs. You can stop by a mid-street store, admire the picturesque paintings, various types of drums, guitars and even Arab frankincense perfume - all handmade products. 
    The dense alleys in  Taghit City have created a primitive air conditioning system, which helps make the space cooler in the summer months and keep warm in the winter. 
    When traveling to Taghit , you will be able to choose between a number of activities such as camel riding, walking among palm forests and plantations, attending local festivals and sand skating.
    Just a short drive away from the city center, you can see extremely unique carvings and antelope paintings on a hillside. Visitors often climb the ancient drawings to find a beautiful location and sweeping views of the natural scenery. 
    From a certain height, you can see the diverse terrain of the oasis more clearly. Low shrubs are scattered everywhere, the closer to the housing area, the more palm trees spreading the dark green foliage. Winter rains often flood some low-lying areas, then leave large, cracked mud layers when the rainy season settles and water gradually evaporates. 

    Place of residence in the oasis Taghit

    Algerian tourists visiting Taghit often have two main accommodation options: Bordj Taghit and Hotel Taghit Saoura. Both facilities have impressive views to see the sand dunes and around the city. 
    Bordj Taghit is a rustic (natural, natural) lodge built on the ruins of a French colonial outpost. It offers single and double rooms, all with air conditioning and a private bathroom.  
    Hotel Taghit Saoura is spacious and has a more modern beauty. The hotel's outdoor pool is open during the warm months of the year. You can relax in a small bar serving alcohol right in the hotel. 
    There are not many restaurants in Taghit City other than the restaurants of the two hotels mentioned above. In the downtown area, you can find a small shop that sells pizza take away and another restaurant that sells grilled chicken. A small outdoor market sells fresh fruits and vegetables daily, while fresh bread is brought every afternoon from a neighboring town. A nearby grocery store sells drinks, yogurt, cheese and snacks; Gazelle Café along the main road serves tea, coffee and local specialties in a fairly clean space. However, most tourists to  the Taghit oasis  will have a main meal right at the hotel, where the chef can serve all Algerian specialties . 

    Move to Taghit

    The best way to get to Taghit is to fly from Algiers to Bechar, then drive to the oasis. Air Algerie offers regular flights from Algiers, taking about two hours. Staff at the two main hotels in Taghit will pick you up at Bechar airport and take you to the oasis on the one and a half hour journey.

    The ideal time to visit the Taghit oasis

    Summer in Taghit can be very hot with temperatures up to over 40 degrees Celsius. Therefore, the best time to visit this oasis is in late autumn and early spring, when temperatures range from 10-27 degrees. C, or in winter when the temperature is between 3-20 degrees Celsius.
    In any case, be sure to pack up multi-layered outfits to cope with the ever-changing weather. The weather may be sunny during the day, even in winter, but when the sun goes down, the temperature will quickly drop. 

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