What is special about the festival in Poznan Poland?

Poznan is one of the famous cities of Poland. There are many great festivals for visitors to explore. Therefore, today's article will help us learn about festivals in Poznan Poland to see what these festivals are so special and attractive?
Referring to festivals in Poland , people will always remember the city of Poznan. Because this destination gives you a lot of interesting things. Therefore, when traveling to Poland, remember to visit Poznan to learn more about the beauty of religious culture of the people here.

1. Viking - one of the most unique festivals in Poznan

This is the most unique traditional Polish festival. Therefore, when it comes to Viking festivals, people often remember the cultural, religious and religious affiliation. This is considered a cultural event with the most typical characteristics of Poland. Therefore, when mentioning the festival in Poznan Poland , people will always remember the Viking as an inseparable cultural characteristic.
This traditional fire festival will help you discover and learn a lot of new things here. If the word Viking means warriors, then at the Viking festival, participants will wear warrior costumes and, in parallel, conduct parade activities around the town area. 
Most especially, the warriors participating in this Polish festival will march with the ax beside them with bright torches. Next is the image of the long boat pulled by the group. Therefore, what makes visitors feel most excited when attending the festival in Poznan Poland is that when the festival takes place, everywhere is filled with dim light, sparkling. The source of these light sources is the flickering flames initiated by the participants.
According to Polish history, the Vikings are a tribe of brave and elite warriors. Whether on the battlefield or at sea, on the mountain, these warriors are also very brave. In the past, the Vikings were mentioned because they were good men, explorers, pirates or famous warriors. However, so far this community has perished without finding a cause for this problem. 
The first time the Polish Poznan Viking festival took place was in 1970. At the beginning, this festival attracted a large number of people to attend. Because everyone is eager to go through this festival to better understand the mighty Viking warriors. In addition, you will find out how these warriors' swords were made. These nostalgic old but has a long tradition of making places tourism Poland became more special than ever. 
The beginning of this Polish Poznan festival  is the image of a man wearing a traditional Viking outfit. Then in hand will hold flowers and prison. This is a festival of religious and belief nature that has the greatest impact on the people here. Because the festival in Poznan is closely related to the beliefs of the people. In particular, its community is very high. Therefore, every year when this festival takes place, thousands of people participate. Because of its colorful vibe, the Polish Viking festival is considered a large scale music and performance in this country. Therefore, if you are interested in this festival, do not miss the opportunity to visit the city of Poznan - one of the famous Polish tourist destinations . 

2. Lajkonik festival

This Polish Poznan festival is held annually on the first Thursday after the Comedy Day. This festival is held annually to commemorate those who died in the war against the invaders Genghis Khan. In addition, the Lajkonik festival takes place to celebrate this feat. The Polish people tried and tried to overcome the invaders. Therefore, when the Lajkonik festival took place, a lot of people participated. Because this festival is very jubilant and vibrant, everyone involved is very excited and waiting. Perhaps that is why Lajkonik is considered the biggest Polish festival of the year.
People will gather in the courtyard of the famous Premonstraténia monastery in Zwierzymiec district to organize this festival. When participating, people will wear traditional Polish costumes. In addition, oriental clothing styles with small horse-shaped badges are also a common style when you join the festival in Poznan Poland  .
When the Lajkonik festival takes place, people will organize in parallel with the Lajkonik procession. In particular, the festival will become more crowded and bustling thanks to cheerful and cheerful people. Because the main purpose of this festival is to celebrate, the atmosphere will certainly be equally exciting and attractive.
In addition, when the festival in Poznan Poland takes place, you will see musical troupes performing with many special performances and extremely exciting and bustling musical instruments such as drums, clarinet and flute ...

3. Wianki Festival

Referring to the festivals in Poznan Poland  certainly can not fail to mention the Wianki festival. This is also considered a big festival with traditional Polish style. Every year the number of tourists visiting and discovering one of the special features of this Polish destination is very crowded.
This is a garland festival, people will proceed to release the wreath into the river. When participating in this festival, young men and women performing rituals need to wear traditional costumes. They will dance together happily beside the campfire.
Before releasing the wreath into the river, the women would mark their wreath with trees. Then, looking at the way the wreath floats on the river, one will predict his life and future. Many tourists coming to the Polish Poznan festival will be supported by the people here to celebrate the garland and release the river in accordance with the customs of the people here. 
In addition to the big festivals above, Poland also has many other festivals that you can attend. Those are festivals full of colors. Therefore, mentioning the beautiful city of Poznan, one cannot help but mention the festivals in Poznan Poland . Because it also contributes greatly to boosting the country's tourism. 

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