Marvel at the majestic beauty of Iguazu waterfall in Brazil

Coming to Iguazu waterfall in Brazil, you will really feel the fierce breath of nature, of the water and immerse yourself in the majestic, magnificent space to heart.
Traveling to Brazil is not only attractive by its unique Latin American culture, bustling cities but also by amazingly beautiful natural landscapes. One of the most famous destinations you should not miss when coming to the country of samba is the Iguazu waterfall . It has always been considered one of the greatest wonders of the world, attracting huge numbers of tourists each year.

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About Iguazu waterfall

Iguazu is a majestic waterfall located on the legendary Iguazu River, which is the natural boundary line between the Brazilian state of Parana and the Argentine province of Misiones. Looking from above, we will see the Iguaza waterfall is shaped like a reverse J. The right part is in Brazilian territory, accounting for 20% of the waterfall area and the left part is in Argentina territory, accounting for 80% of the area.
Iguazu is located inside Iguazu National Park, which was recognized by UNESCO as a natural heritage of the world in 1986. It is also considered one of the largest nature reserves in South America.

The origin of Iguazu waterfall

Iguazu Falls was first discovered by a Spanish explorer in 1541. The Iguazu name in Brazilian language means "big current". It was formed hundreds of millions of years ago after an intense volcanic eruption occurred and left a giant crack deep inside the earth.
However, the Indians who used to live here weave a mysterious legend about the origin of the Iguazu waterfall . Legend has it that when there was a bad god, he fell in love with a woman on earth named Naipi. However, she did not return the love of the god and decided to run away with her lover in a small boat. Outraged, the god screamed and created a huge waterfall to engulf the couple who were planning to flee. And that is the current Iguazu waterfall .

The beauty of Iguazu waterfall makes visitors surprised

Iguazu falls are divided into 275 different small streams. They have a height between 64 and 82 meters, stretching over 2 km. According to calculations by experts, the flow rate here is up to 450 thousand cubic meters per second. The most majestic and beautiful part of the Iguzu waterfall is the horseshoe-shaped section, called the "Throat of the Devil", which falls from a height of 82 meters with a width of about 150 meters and a length of 700 meters.
Considered one of the great natural wonders of the world, Iguzu waterfall is like a jewel lying in the middle of lush tropical forests all year round. Every season of the year, the water here has a change in flow but it creates a majestic and magnificent landscape. From a distance, Iguazu is like a soft and soft white ribbon that the creator accidentally squeezed onto the cliff here.
D u Iguazu waterfalls calendar , you will experience a lot of exciting activities and attractions. You can walk on the bridge in the middle of the waterfall, take a helicopter or sail to discover the majestic beauty of Iguazu.
Not only that, coming to Iguazu falls Brazil , you also have the opportunity to explore the extremely rich and diverse flora and fauna ecosystem. This national park has beautiful trails through the forest that visitors can experience and conquer.

What time of year should Iguazu falls?

Iguazu Falls is located in the area affected by the humid subtropical climate, characterized by hot weather all year round and relatively heavy rainfall. January and February are the peak tourist seasons here because people of both Brazil and Argentina are on vacation. Therefore, hotel fares around Iguazu will also increase. If you want to have an economical Iguazu waterfall tour , you should go around September, October every year. Besides, June to August, the rainy season is also a great time to admire the majestic scenery of this waterfall.

How to get to Iguazu falls

This is the border between Brazil and Argentina so you can move to Iguazu falls from both countries.
From Brazil's Foz Do Iguacu International Airport, you can take the bus number 120 to Iguazu Falls. Ticket price will be about 1 USD / 1 way with a travel time of about 40 minutes.

Fares and opening hours

Opening hours: From 8am to 5pm in the winter and from 8am to 6pm in the summer
Ticket price to visit Iguazu waterfall : 12 USD / 1 ticket.
Coming to Iguazu waterfall, you will really feel the fierce breath of nature, of the water stream and immerse yourself in the majestic, majestic space. If one day have the opportunity to travel to Brazil , do not miss the opportunity to explore this great waterfall.

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