Alexander Nevsky Church - the symbol of Sofia Bulgaria capital

Visit the Alexander Nevsky Church in Sofia, the capital of Bulgaria, where you will be overwhelmed by the immense beauty of mosaic pictures, religious symbols and impressive architecture.
Alexander Nevsky Cathedral is one of the prominent stops in the capital of Sofia and is also one of the 50 largest Christian churches in the world . This is considered a symbol of the city and a sacred place of worship with unique historical, cultural and architectural values.
Visiting the famous Alexander Nevsky church is one of the experiences that certain visitors cannot miss on a trip in Sofia, Bulgaria. 

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Enjoy a unique architectural space at the Alexander Nevsky Church of Bulgaria 

Alexander Nevsky Cathedral is located in the heart of Sofia, Bulgaria. The church is located in Alexander Nevsky Square, close to the city's bus and subway stops, so it's easy to find when you want to visit this place.
In particular, this Catholic church is also located near many other famous attractions of Sofia such as the Cyril National Library, the National Gallery of Art ... The best time to visit this church is in the late afternoon, when the late sunshine shines, the space in this place becomes extremely fanciful and breathtakingly beautiful. 


The meaning of the name of the church Alexander Nevsky 

The Alexander Nevsky Church of Bulgaria , named after the famous Tsar Alexander II, was the head of a revolt that liberated the people of Bulgaria after 5 centuries of Ottman rule. The real name of this famous Tsar is Alesander Yaroslavich, he was born in 1221 and died in 1263. The tsar was once the duke of Suzdal, the forerunner of the great Duchy of Moscow. 
In 1240, Tsar Alexander II defeated the Swedish invaders and was named "Nevsky", meaning the title of the hero on the Neva River. Therefore, when building the church, they have combined the name and title of Tsar Alexander Nevsky to make the name of the church. 

The impressive architectural beauty is the pride of Bulgarian people 

Alexander Nevsky Cathedral was started construction in 1882, but it was not until 30 years later, in 1912, that the project was officially completed. Russian architect Alexander Pomerantsev designed the church, advocating the design of the new Roman church in neo-Byzantine style, a architectural style that was prevalent in Russia in the century19th. 
Alexander Nevsky Church of Bulgaria is one of the largest orthodox churches in the world, the length of this church is 73.50 m, 53.02 m high and 52.20m wide. The total area of ​​the church is 3,170m, at the same time can accommodate about 5000 people. 
One of the impressive things of Alexander Nevsky church is the very special dome, gilded roof with extremely prominent colors. It is known that it took 8.35kg of real gold to laminate and inlaid on the outside of the church, this dome is 45m high and the bell tower is 50.52m high. 
When visiting Alexander Nevsky, you will be very impressed with the church bells and bells. There are up to 12 bells with a weight of 10kg to 12 tons, the total weight of the bells here is 23 tons. All the bells at the church are made in Moscow, the echo of the bell can reach 30km. 
Entering the cathedral of the church, visitors will be extremely interested in the unique and unique space. Each part here is manufactured in a different country. Specifically, the lighting system together with the marble decoration at the cathedral is made in Munich, the gate of the cathedral is made in Vienna, the intricate and elegant mosaics are brought from Venice, marble. black jelly at the entrance of the cathedral is from Italy, the throne with sparkling onyx of Brazil, the glass of the window is dotted with snowflakes ...
It is known that craftsmen and artists of many countries have taken more than 30 years to build the cathedral and the works at  Alexander Nevsky church . 
Inside the church of Alexander Nevsky is the five nave with the ceiling connected by sparkling chandeliers and beautiful high arches. The main dome of the church has a height of 45 meters, around the circles on the dome with prayers "Dear Father" glazed with thin gold.  
One thing that impresses visitors when visiting Sofia's Alexander Nevsky church is the walls adorned with a collection of monumental paintings. The contents of the paintings are the living scenes of the saints, there are more than 300 murals here and all are exquisitely drawn by famous painters of Bulgaria, Russia, France, Germany and Italy. .
In addition, the details decorated with marble, plaster, marble or gold collected from all over Bulgaria are also present and impress. 
In the harem of Alexander Nevsky church is the altar of Tsar Alexander Nevsky in the middle, the altar of King Boris I in the south and the altar of the brothers Kiril and Metody in the north. The church also has a large basement, which displays the largest religious symbols in Europe with a 15th-century seal. 
With its unique architecture and outstanding cultural and historical values, Alexander Nevsky Church was recognized as a cultural relic in 1924 and since then this work has always been a unique cultural symbol. originality of Sofia in particular and Bulgaria in general. Traveling to Bulgaria , the Alexander Nevsky Church is one of the destinations that you must definitely add to your discovery journey.

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