Interesting secrets about Bulgarian roses - beautiful flowers of love

Traveling to Bulgaria, you will never forget the pictures of brilliant roses spreading throughout the valleys, in addition to the interesting stories associated with this flower that is also a surprise for visitors. 
Referring to Bulgaria, one of the first images that visitors think of is roses, this beautiful country is famous for the beautiful rose valleys and the unique culture associated with this flower. . Bulgarian roses are not only a flower to beautify the natural beauty of this country, but also associated with the beautiful flowers are stories, secrets not everyone knows. 

Discover interesting stories about Bulgarian roses 

Around the typical flower of Bulgaria there are many interesting stories that not everyone knows, learn about Bulgarian roses, as if you are on a journey back in time with many interesting secrets. 


Bulgarian roses are native to India 

Many people think that the rose grows in Bulgaria , its origin must also be in this country itself. However, Bulgarian roses actually originate from a different place. Specifically, the rose of the Rosa Damascena region, one of the most famous roses of Bulgaria, originated from India.
In the 19th century, this flower became one of the typical flowers of the Kazanlak region, home to the largest rose valley in the country and also the symbolic flower of Bulgaria. From the rose of the Rosa Damascena region people have also created the world's most rare and aromatic essential oils.

Our Lady of Mary and the rose 

Mary is often referred to as the Virgin Mary and the beautiful roses are her symbol. The red rose is thought to be due to the white rose being ashamed to be kissed by the Blessed Mother in heaven.
Bulgarian roses and rose species are generally associated with the image of Our Lady. White roses signify the ultimate purity and are associated with Mary's joys, red roses signify suffering, and yellow roses signify the glory of Our Lady. 

Interesting legend about Bulgarian roses 

There are many legends about Bulgarian roses , it is said that Diana was a goddess of hunting and had a loyal servant named Rosalia, one day this servant decided to marry the young man. Semedo angered the goddess for her devotion, after which the goddess stabbed Rosalia with an arrow, Rosalia's blood spilled through the aromatic white flower bushes, and the flower was then named Rosalia rose. . 
Another legend about Bulgarian roses is also very interesting: Nur Djihan is a man who loved to bathe in warm rose water, one day she accidentally saw oil spots floating in the bath water and had collect them. The princess realized that it was rose oil, after which rose oil was mined and named after her husband Djihan Giri.

Bulgarian roses are harvested by hand 

Bulgaria is famous for its vast rose valleys, so many visitors mistakenly believe that their harvest will have to be done using modern machinery. However, the truth is that Bulgarian roses are harvested completely manually. In particular, the flowers chosen as essential oils must be carefully picked so as not to be crushed, the collection takes place only in the early morning. 


Not all roses make essential oils 

Traveling in Bulgaria you will have the opportunity to admire many species of roses blooming brilliantly, but not all roses are chosen to distill essential oils. The rose that occupies the throne and is often used to produce essential oils is the Damacena persimmon, which gives the superior quality of the essential oil and only lives in the rose valley of Kazanluk, because the climate here is hot. 

There is even a rose museum in Bulgaria

Visitors to the Kazanluk valley can visit the rose museum at the Rose Garden park in Kazanlak. This is a large museum displaying many types of flowers, items related to this flower from the past to the present. Visiting the tourist museum will have more interesting discoveries as well as a better understanding of the history and role of roses in the life of Bulgarian people. 

Bulgarian rose essential oil has the highest quality in the world. 

All major perfume brands around the world use Bulgarian rose essential oil as an indispensable part because of the scent of the fragrance and long retention. Bulgarian rose essential oil has played an important role in the perfume industry since 1720 until now.
Bulgarian rose oil is so expensive that it can be compared to liquid gold because the price of 1 pound of essential oil is up to 6000 USD and it takes 3,200 pounds of petals to produce 1 pound of essential oil. 
Bulgaria tourists not only have the opportunity to immerse themselves in the wonderful space of roses but also have the opportunity to see the process of processing and distilling essential oils, as well as learning about the unique cultural features. Related to this flower in the country was dubbed the country of roses. In addition to Bulgaria on the first weekend of June every year visitors will participate in Bulgarian Rose Festival with many unique activities. 

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