Taboos you should know when visiting the land of Samba: Brazil

There are quite a few taboos in Brazil that you need to avoid when you arrive in this country if you do not want to encounter bad situations.  
Traveling to Brazil is a great opportunity for you to admire the beautiful natural landscapes, enjoy the diverse cuisine and explore the unique features of Latin American culture. However, there are quite a few taboos in Brazil that you need to avoid when you arrive in this country if you do not want to encounter unfinished situations.  

Prohibition in conduct

Brazilians often have a habit of communicating at very close distances. Even when a Brazilian woman meets a man she knows, while shaking her hand she will bring her cheek to the man to kiss him. However, just a marriage. Therefore, when traveling to Brazil, you should not be surprised about this customs.
One of the taboos in Brazil is that you should not try to keep your distance when communicating with indigenous people. Because this is considered a historical action in this country.

Do not use your hands to signal OK

In the culture of many Western countries, especially in the US, using the thumb and index finger to form a circle, the other three fingers pointing upward is a common practice. It helps inform others that you are OK, no problem. However, this is considered one of the taboos in Brazil you should avoid .
People in some countries in the Mediterranean region, Latin America, including Brazil see this action as a vulgar gesture, because it symbolizes penis. Therefore, you absolutely need to avoid such signals to avoid misunderstandings.


Do not be impatient when coming to Brazil

In big cities like Rio De Janeiro and Sao Paulo, the number of tourists visiting each year is a huge number. Therefore, it is normal to have to wait in line when taking the train, bus or shop in the store. One of the things to avoid in Brazil is to be too impatient and hurry. It is a fact that Brazilians do not value time. Therefore you must also get used to their lifestyle. Remember, patience is the key to move in Brazil.

Always pay attention to your belongings

When traveling in Brazil , you must always pay attention to monitor all your belongings, avoid putting bags and suitcases on the floor. Because your bag can be taken by bad guys in a matter of seconds. And once it is taken away, finding it is almost impossible in this country. Not only that, Brazilians also see that putting bags on the floor will bring bad luck.

Don't show off your personal possessions while traveling in Brazil

You may not know that Brazil has one of the highest crime rates in the world. So bragging about your personal possessions, showing off your wealth is considered one of the taboos in Brazil that you absolutely need to avoid. When you go out, store all valuable jewelry such as rings, necklaces at home. With your phone or camera, you should cast in your pocket and take care to watch out for bad guys.

Not critical of Brazil

Despite the extremely high crime rates, Brazilians are always proud of their country with world-famous natural landscapes, beautiful poetic beaches. Therefore, any words or actions that criticize their country are considered not to be done.

Taboo in eating and drinking

One of the taboos in Brazil you also need to remember is that you should not disparage food. Because in the culture of the Samba people, they attach great importance to food. Disparaging or annoying with any dish is considered an insult to the indigenous people. Besides, you should not pick your hands with your hands, or just walk while eating or chewing gum.
When being invited to eat by a Brazilian that you do not accept nor should you refuse immediately because it would be very impolite. When eating, you must hold the knife on the right, the plate on the left, do not cut food with the fork, but use a knife.


Do not arbitrarily wander into the slums

Not really one of the taboos in Brazil , this is considered as an advice for visitors when arriving in this country. Because the slums here are controlled by illegal gangs. The fact that a stranger wandered into their territory seemed to be a great threat. And most likely you will be in danger.
If you want to explore the slums, you should hire a local, knowledgeable about these areas and visit only places with good security.
You may find taboos sometimes annoying. However, it is the necessary work because it not only helps you be more sociable with the natives, show civilization and politeness but also ensure your safety in some cases.

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