Tarator Bulgaria cold soup - a dish that helps cool down the summer of thousands of people love in the land of roses

Referring to the cuisine of the land of Bulgarian roses, Tarator cold soup is one of the most outstanding dishes. This cool soup not only has a fascinating taste, but also has other cooling effects on hot summer days. 
Traveling to Bulgaria , a beautiful country located in the Balkan region, visitors not only have the opportunity to admire the beautiful natural scenery with the charming rosy valley, but also have the opportunity to enjoy extreme food. This is a dish made from yogurt, a famous food of Bulgaria and loved all over the world. Coming to Bulgaria in the summer without tasting Tarator, your travel will be very lacking. 

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Sobbing cold soup Tarator Bulgaria, indispensable dish of the summer 

Bulgarian tarator cold soup is made from the main ingredient of yogurt, one of the famous culinary elite of the land of rose. Yogurt was accidentally discovered about 4,000 years ago, when nomadic people in Bulgaria transporting milk accidentally created an environment for bacteria in the milk to grow, causing it to ferment and form a yogurt dish. Since then, yogurt has become an indispensable part of Bulgarian culinary cultureand is the main ingredient of many dishes, most notably the Tarator cold soup.
Tarator soup is a traditional dish commonly used throughout Bulgaria, this dish has the main purpose of cooling, helping people can feel comfortable on the hot summer days because of their coolness. 
To make Tarator Bulgarian cold soup, people only need to prepare ingredients such as cold yogurt, pecan seeds, cumin, cucumber, garlic. After preparing the ingredients, people will bring crushed garlic, chopped cucumber marinated with a little salt.
Next, add yogurt, if you want to eat liquid, add a little water and continue to add pecan nuts, walnuts, cumin, add olive or sunflower oil and stir well to make soup.
Bulgaria tarator cold soup has a mild, refreshing, salty taste and coolness that makes people enjoy refreshing and comfortable. All ingredients are highly heat-resistant, so this dish is most often made in the summer. 
When traveling in Bulgaria at any time you can order cold tarator soup to enjoy and most restaurants have this famous soup. People often serve tarator soup with bread and sometimes even ice water for diners to add to the soup if they want the food to be even cooler. 
In some areas of Bulgaria, people also modified this cold soup with vinegar and carrots to enhance the flavor or produce a thick handmade yogurt as a dipping sauce. However, the classic formula with main ingredients of yogurt and cucumber is always the most popular version. 
Because of its attractive taste, good for health, Tarator Bulgaria cold soup has similar versions in many countries around the world such as Albania, Serbia, until Iran, Greece, Lebanon, Greece and Cyprus ... with different variants.
In Greece or Cyprus, for example, people will add some spices like oregano and order the food Tzatziki or in Syria and Lebanon they replace yogurt with butter sauce typical to accompany seafood, in Serbia Tarator is another great sauce for salads. 
Traveling in Bulgaria, you will surely be surprised by the "tarator craze" of the people here, one can eat this soup at any time of the day, anywhere, not just in dishes. Even Bulgarian kids especially love this unique soup even though they may be picky with other foods. Dish soup cold tarator Bulgariais very common in the summer and is an indispensable dish in the diet of families.
Discovering attractive Bulgarian dishes is one of the wonderful experiences that visitors should definitely not miss when you have the opportunity to come to this beautiful country. In particular, save the Bulgarian cold tarator soup right away in your travel notebook to easily find and enjoy. 

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