Visit the 'dancing building' Krzywy Domek Poland

The Krzywy Domek dancing building Poland is one of the great destinations loved by many people. This place is very special and impressive design with super-distorted, distorted shape with 1-0-2.

1. Introduction of the dancing Krzywy Domek building in Poland

Krzywy Domek is one of the typical small houses of Poland. It is part of the Rezydent shopping center, Sopot. This building is designed by impressive curves, so when you look at it, you will feel extremely special. 
Especially those who are first seen will not be surprised, surprised by the first time to see such a distorted and super crooked house.
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In 2004, Polish architecture firm Szotynski & Zaleski undertook the construction of a beautiful illusion building located on Monte Cassimo street of Sopot city. 
At first, if you haven't seen it, you might think this building might only appear in a dream. However, it was completely real and at the end of 2004, 
the Polish Krzywy Domek building was completed. This is one of the most unique and unique houses of this country. 

It has become an extremely attractive destination that anyone would love to visit. Think about what it would be like to stand next to a super-crooked house and have your photos taken in check? Certainly, the feeling will be extremely interesting and unexpected. This is also the place posed and photographed the most in Polska country.
This unique house is made possible by the talented designers of talented architects. They took the idea of ​​building this dancing building from paintings by two famous painters Jan Marcin Szancer of Poland and Per Dahlberg is a Swedish artist. These are two painters specializing in drawing books for children and thanks to their work, the Krzywy Domek house was born. 
The design of this dancing house is based on the sketches that artist Jan Marcin Szancer expressed in his fairy tale. Since then the name Krzywy Domek was born and it means a small distorted house. 

2. Discover the unique beauty of the Krzywy Domek building

Outside the Krzywy Domek building was built with twisted and distorted curves. It makes feeling dizzy when looking at. It is just the front of the building and the back is still designed to guide the shopping area inside of the dancing Krzywy Domek building.
In fact, this distorted building only looks weird and unique and inside it is restaurants and bars. The building area of ​​this building is 4000m2 with 3 different floors. It is hard to imagine this super slim house made from only cement and reinforced materials. Indeed that is very unbelievable. But the fact that it is only made from the above materials and through the talented hands of architects and builders, this house has a completely different appearance compared to conventional houses.
Thanks to this unique and strange design, the dancing Krzywy Domek building Poland has become a favorite destination for many domestic and foreign tourists.
Standing in front of this strange building, you will think of the photos that have been distorted and super distorted on social networks. From the window to the wall, the gate is deformed. Those who have just seen photos of the dancing Krzywy Domek building in Poland will think this is just a photoshop joke of someone who is free, so it is only when they are witnessed that they are shocked and immature.
Especially, in the middle of Sopot's square buildings, Krzywy Domek looks so mysterious and mysterious. This building is warned that people with vestibular diseases should not visit and look at. Because most likely it will make you dizzy and dizzy. In addition, at Krzywy Domek there is a wall signed by many signatures of famous people. It is named The Wall of Fame and is also one of the ideal check-in points of travelers. 
Besides, besides the Krzywy Domek building, visitors will also have many other destinations when visiting the Polish city of Sopot . Therefore, if you have the time, plan your trip so you can go more places when you visit the dancing building Krzywy Domek Poland . 
Sopot is one of the cities famous for its beauty and charm. It not only impresses visitors by the super-scrawny building Krzywy Domek, but it is also home to many great destinations for you. According to recent statistics, Sopot is ranked 6th among the most visited Polish cities. 
Some beautiful destinations of Sopot such as Sopot beach, Oliwa cathedral. In addition, you can visit Gosir Stadium, Sierakowskich house, Sopot Pier, Abbot Palace, Orlowo Pier. These are all ideal sightseeing places that you can visit when traveling to Sopot. These destinations will help you have a more fun and meaningful trip as you will learn a lot of interesting things around this Sopot city.
Because these are all places that store a lot of cultural and historical values ​​of the people here. It is also the pride of the locals, so more and more people choose Sopot as a destination for their Polish travel .

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