City Chefchaouen Morocco - Green gem in the land of wonder

The city of Chefchaouen Morocco nestled on Mount Rif in Morocco is known as the "pearl city" with the green color as bright as the sky.

About the city of Chefchaouen Morocco

Surrounded by mountains and situated on the hills, Chefchaouen Morocco gives visitors an incredible calm and tranquility.
Bringing ancient beauty, mystery, like stepping out of a fairy tale in the Thousand and One Nights, Morocco has many destinations for visitors from locations with majestic nature to Medina. ancient (Ancient citadel, also known as a small city within a city). Among them, Chefchaouen is still the most visited and chosen place here because of its unique culture and unique scenery.

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Blue makes the soul in the city of Chefchaouen Morocco

First discovered by Moulay Ali Ben Moussa Ben Rached El Alami in the 15th century, Chefchaouen then became the fortress of refuge for the Jews expelled from Spain. The Jews painted their entire sanctuary into a vivid cobalt blue. 
The color "spread" over the walls of the church, the alley and the houses, put on the city of Chefchaouen, a cool green shirt, standing out from the burning heat of Africa, always burning hot. In Jewish religious belief, blue reflects the sky, symbolizes the power of God and is derived from the dyed tekhelel (an ancient dye) woven into prayer scarves. Therefore, these walls will always remind people of the almighty virtue. 
The inhabitants of the city of Chefchaouen Morocco are now mostly Muslims and Berbers, but the tradition of green paint continues as a trait of the city's charm.
"Blue pearl" Chefchaouen is characterized by the dark green painted walls on the lower, fading as it gets higher. The doorways, decorative edges are accented more boldly, creating a whole with main - secondary, light - dark, floating - sink like a painting. The green color engulfed the city in tranquility and tranquility. Every two years, the streets will be completely repainted, to keep the color fresh and radiant. This work is done by the children in the village and they all seem to accept this "responsibility" with an excited and excited attitude, just like when they are involved in the mischief of children.

Chefchaouen Morocco - Attractive "it place" tourist attraction

The wave of Western tourists coming to Morocco starting in the 1960s has helped the economy of this place flourish and grow strongly. In recent years, Chefchaouen has always been in the top of check-in, search locations on Instagram and Pinterest. Young travel agencies call Chefchaouen "it place" (a special attraction) and during peak seasons you will be hard to find a place to stay if you do not book in advance.
This holy area is especially photogenic and produces frames that cannot be more impressive or radiant. Anyone who has ever come here surely will not be enraptured, immersed in the water "divine" has just brilliantly gorgeous again. All shades appear on the steps, doorways, patterns and even furniture, turning this place into a jewel of beauty with no dead angle.
Chefchaouen is also known as Blue City because the houses here are painted in a blue color and remain the same as when they were newly established. Forerunner of this city is an ancient fortress from the late years of the sixteenth century during the period of this country against the Portuguese invasion. The city is the only place in Morocco occupied by Spain, so the architecture here still has Spanish Moorish style and culture.
Blue city is surrounded by mountains and is located on the hills, this city gives visitors a sense of quiet and incredible calm. The small, winding trails make it easy for visitors to get lost. The footsteps of travelers just want to linger at every corner of the street, just want to continue to capture their eyes all the images of each street corner and the daily life of the indigenous people.
When the legs are tired, tourists to Morocco can choose the roadside cafes on the street corners to sip a hot cup of coffee and feel like time stops here. Most of the cafes here are very light with open space, designed in a traditional style. You can order snacks at these cafes. The city's specialty dish is the Naan bread dish with Tanzine stew.
Cats are a "specialty" in this city. Due to long-standing architecture, houses in the city of Chefchaouen Morocco are small and close. Sometimes making Moroccan tourists feel like this house is lying on top of that house. With such an architecture, to avoid rats raging, "natural enemies" of rats are raised a lot here. Cats are so many and friendly that you see them everywhere. They are located on doorsteps, on steps on gentle slopes. Occasionally, you will find the whole family of cats lying in the sun along the road.
The highlight of the whole city is the hill north of the city. This is also the most beautiful sunset spot here. Follow a gentle dirt road with a mountain side on one side and an abyss on the other. If you go in the spring, you will see the two sides of the road with peach blossom blooming. After a gentle trekking, you will reach the top of the hill, visit the mosque Jemaa Bouzafar in Spanish style, zoom your eyes to get to the entire city ​​of Chefchaouen below. A beautiful sight that no visitor wants to miss when coming here.
Different from other crowded cities in Morocco, Chefchaouen brings a slow, relaxed rhythm to the fresh, fresh air of the mountains. However, this place is still imbued with the beauty of Morocco culture.

What to eat when you arrive in the city of Chefchaouen Morocco?

Coming  to Morocco's Chefchaouen city,  you cannot miss Moroccan cuisine  such as traditional pastries, tangine (a dish of fish and vegetables served with soft porous couscous rice), and especially ras spice powder -el-hanout mixture of 30 spices such as anise, nutmeg, turmeric, paprika, dill, etc ... bring a warm, warm and full of love.
Try signing up for one-day trekking tours to explore the mountainous and hilly terrain of this area; or simply immerse yourself in the smooth, slow beats of a winding winding alley, with tall walls, shielding you from the scorching sun with gentle shade and cool blue, bright in. 
You'll find fruit stalls emerging from the scene like speckled blobs, traditional wool and furs of the Mediterranean region, woven with intricate patterns, or powders.  And especially the engraved silver and traditional teapot will become the perfect souvenir, imprinted with memories of the green pearl you will never forget.

A small note when visiting the city of Chefchaouen Morocco

One thing that makes the  inexperienced Chefchaouen Moroccan City tourists feel vexed with is the reaction of the indigenous people in particular and the Moroccan in general that they will cover their faces, or turn their faces Go if you see photographed. 
Some people will react more aggressively if they are caught sneaking. The reason is that in their conception, if their images are recorded and used for the wrong purposes, they will be corrupted, unlucky, or cursed. 
However, if you know how, you can have very nice pictures. Moroccan people are very gentle and friendly. Please greet and get acquainted with them. If they are sellers, buy some small things. After they are more open, ask their permission to take a photo and state their purpose of shooting. 
Sometimes they are enthusiastic about modeling for you, or luckily, you can be a guest to come to their house for traditional meals. It is all due to your travel skills.

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