Zakopane Poland - the ideal destination for European travel

Your trip to Poland will become more memorable when you choose the town of Zakopane Poland as a destination in your travel itinerary. Because this is a famous tourist destination that you should not miss when you have the opportunity to visit.
This place is one of the most famous resort towns of Poland. Every year, the number of tourists come here very crowded. Therefore, if you are wondering where to go when traveling to Poland, then consider this place right away. Certainly, this place will not make you feel disappointed.

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1. About the town of Zakopane Poland 

This resort town is said to be the leading resting place in this beautiful country. This destination has great attraction today. Located in the border of Slovakia in the southern central region, the town of Zakopane Poland is always an ideal playground for those who want to travel to explore this country.
Currently, this place is appreciated by the beautiful natural scenery. The image of the undulating high slopes along with the unique wooden houses will make you feel impressed when you visit here.
Zakopane Poland has forest houses, so visiting and exploring will make visitors feel extremely excited. To get tothis Polish destination , you can choose aircraft. Transfer from Balice airport to Kracow, then transfer by bus.  
On every weekend, the number of visitors to this beautiful town a lot. However, you can be assured that the buses here will help you to come to these great places to discover Poland in the town of Zakopane.
This place is the highest town in this country. The highest peak of this destination is in the Mt. Swinica at an altitude of up to 2301m above sea level.

2. Some ideal places to visit when coming to the town of Zakopane 

Here are some activities that you should not miss when visiting Zakopane Poland . These are all ideal destinations for your reference and selection. You can depend on the trip time to arrange your own schedule.

Discover Tatras

Polish town Zakopane is famous as a suitable place for climbing activities. Therefore, if climbing is a passion for you, do not miss the opportunity to explore this town. Because surely when you come here, you can spend a whole day for your passion. When conquering this mountain, you can enjoy a meal with your loved ones on the hill or after taking a discovery trip can return to town to reward yourself with a glass of wine.
In the winter, you can go to the ski area at Tatras mountain to experience. Although this mountain is not so famous as the mountains specializing in skiing. But in the town of Zakopane Poland there are many slopes suitable for you and your family to practice skiing. Therefore, even if you do not have experience in mountain activities, you can feel secure because you can try practicing here.

Visit Morskie Oko Lake 

Reviewed as one of the most beautiful lakes in the world. Therefore, when traveling in the Polish town of Zakopane , do not miss a beautiful destination like Morskie Oko. This tourist destination Zakopane also has another name is the eye of the sea. This is a place where if you do not come you will feel extremely regretful. 
This lake is 862m long and to get here to explore, you have to take the bus with the time on the car about 2 hours. During the move, you can take advantage of this time to visit and admire the scenery. Certainly this trip will bring you a lot of interesting and interesting things. You will be able to see the Polish town of Zakopane, which is favored by nature? The whole scenery here will make you overwhelmed by its beauty and charm.

Admire the architectural beauty at Zakopane

There are many museums in this town. In particular, the Tatra Museum is the museum that impresses the most with visitors. This place was built in 1922. In addition, there is a history museum about nature as well as a biography museum of famous artists of Poland.

Zakopane town center

When visiting the town of Zakopane Poland , you will discover many beautiful roads here. Typically the Krupowski road. This is the most poetic road in this country. Coming here to visit, you will only see images of pedestrians and the horses will circulate. Therefore, the space here is very peaceful and romantic.
Along the road leading to the central area of the town of Zakopane , you will see many old houses hundreds of years old. The architecture of these houses is very special. You will be admired when visiting here.

Experience the cable car ride atop Mount Kasprowy Wierch

This mountain is located in the western part of the town of Zakopane. It is located at an altitude of 1987m above sea level. This place imprints with visitors by extremely rare plant ecosystem. In addition, the natural scenery here is very attractive. 
When taking the cable car, you will see the whole scenery of this place. Especially, you will feel the cool breeze and watch the melting ice right on the mountain area. 

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