Learn about the 2 most famous Peace churches in Poland today

One of the well-known Peace churches in Poland is Jawor and Swidnica. These are two famous churches that have become a traditional cultural symbol of the people here. 
Both of these two Hoa Binh churches are the clearest evidence of political development in Europe. It represents the tolerance and harmony of Protestants. This church is a testament to the solidarity of the Protestant community. Thanks to the efforts, unanimity that these two churches have been completed and preserved until today.

1. Learn about the Peace churches in Poland

For generations, Poland has been famous for being a land rich in traditional culture. In particular, the Peace Church in Poland has always been a destination to help visitors learn the most clearly the core cultural values ​​of the Polish people. Therefore, one of the Polish tourist attractions always attractive to visitors is the large cathedral. In particular, Jawor and Swidnica are considered the 2 largest cathedrals in Europe. 
Both cathedrals are made of wood and have been recognized as a world cultural heritage by the Unesco organization. The historical values ​​that this place brings are huge. 
From the design to the interior of these two Hoa Binh churches in Poland make visitors feel fascinated. Previously to be able to build these 2 church buildings, the Polish people had to face many difficulties and obstacles. With determination and thanks to good architects, these two cathedrals have been built of spacious and spacious wood. 
Although the interior of the two cathedrals is very simple, the interior decorations are Baroque-style items. Since then, the lives of the aristocracy here have been clearly portrayed most clearly. Two Polish churches are therefore more and more special. The beauty of these cathedrals will make you fascinated. Therefore, the number of tourists coming to these two Polish destinations is increasing.  

2. The Peace Church in Jawor

This is one of the two Hoa Binh churches in Poland that are highly appreciated in terms of architecture. With dimensions up to 43.5m in length and 14m in width. Height of 15.7m, this place can accommodate up to 5,500 people. This Hoa church was built by a talented Breslau architect (Wroclaw). 
By 1655, this work was completed. Inside the church there are up to 20 unique paintings made of colored lacquer on wooden floors. These paintings were drawn by Georg Flegel. The pulpit in this Polish church was built by Matthew Legnica. Altar created by Martin Schneider. Therefore, the beauty of this cathedral is thanks to the efforts of so many people.
By 1707, the clock tower was additionally completed to create a very unique attraction for this place. Particularly the bell tower, until 1708 was also built more. It can be said that this Peace Church in Poland has undergone a long time of design and construction to complete all aspects.

3. Swidnica Peace Church

Completed in 1657 with a large space that can accommodate up to 7500 people, this Polish church is always the pride of the people here. With a total area of ​​up to 1090m2, this place is considered one of the largest churches of this country. This great work was designed by architect Albrecht Saebisch.
The entire interior of this church is designed in the style of Baroque. Therefore, all the unique cultural beauty of Poland is fully expressed at this Peace Church in Poland .
The interior of the church is designed in the style of Baroque. Ceiling paintings designed by Christoph Kalicki and Christian Süßenbach. By 1696 it was completed. The bell tower has been added since 1708. Especially, at this Hoa Binh church, there is also an organ system with very good sound to serve music. Because of such thorough investment, this church was chosen to host the annual music festival Jan Jan Bach.  
Although the construction encountered many difficulties, but thanks to perseverance, perseverance and the creation of continuous efforts, the two Peace churches in Poland were completed. The whole building is made of wood with sophisticated and beautiful design. When you come here to admire, you will feel the extravagant splendor of the designs of this church. From the paintings, the statues to the podium are all perfect.
The core values ​​that these two peace churches bring are not small. It is not only typical for Polish culture but also for the unique architectural beauty of Europe. In addition, there is one more special thing that when coming here to discover tourists did not know, both churches are still privately owned by the Protestant community. 
In particular, the artwork of these two Hoa Binh churches in Poland originated from the exhibits in Silesian. Therefore, coming here will help you learn a lot of new and interesting things about Polish culture in particular and Europeans in general. 
Hopefully the above share will help you better understand the beauty of historical culture through the two most famous Peace churches in Poland today, Swidnica and Jawor.

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