Amed Bali's hidden gem and must-see travel experiences

Located on Bali's east coast, Amed is a breath of fresh air that distinguishes the high-end tourist areas of Bali. Here are the Amed Bali travel experiences for those who want to discover this hidden gem!
What you will find when  traveling to Amed Bali are delicious cheap food, vibrant underwater life, hospitality of the locals ... With Bali's iconic mountain Agung appearing From a distance and a lot of coastline, Amed is definitely very beautiful. This fishing village is known for some of the best snorkelling in Bali, plus you get a chance to see Balinese life without tons of tourists around.

Amed is an area of ​​dynamic fishing villages and is surrounded by large mountains and stunning natural landscape. Most of the houses in Amed are located on a hilltop overlooking the sea. Last but not least, Amed is very close to one of Bali's most famous temples - Pura Lempuyang Luhur.

Travel experiences Amed Bali

Although it is difficult to walk in Amed (due to the lack of sidewalks), it is a great place to rent a scooter as there is very little traffic. And let's start to explore the Amed Bali travel experiences !

Watch the sunrise on Mount Agung

Seeing the bright colors of Mount Agung is an immersive Amed Bali travel experience , even if you are just glimpsed from the hotel window!
Watching the sunrise in the mountains is gorgeous but if you can't teach early it is advisable to drive to Jemeluk's Lookout. Although this is often referred to as the sunset viewpoint.

Go to the beach

Amed has 3 main beaches, each of which is quite different: 
Amed Beach : The black sand beach is right at the top of town
Jemeluk Beach : A rocky beach in the middle of three beaches
Lipah Beach: It's often called the white sand beach, but it's more like regular sandy sand than the white sand you might think of.
Grab the sarong and sunscreen and head to the beach of your choice. This is an amazing Amed Bali travel experience for beach lovers! Each beach has warungs (local restaurant) where you can eat something or rent a beach chair (should cost around IDR 50,000 during peak season). When you get bored you can immediately go to the next beach.

Relax by the pool

If you are a swimmer, be sure to choose a hotel with an on-site swimming pool. There are many great hotels in Amed that have swimming pools, so you should have no trouble finding them.
It's great to be able to relax on a beach chair after a long morning of exploration without having to worry about sand everywhere.

Experience Yoga

Perched on a cliff overlooking the sea, Blue Earth Village is a popular restaurant in the town with absolutely astonishing views.
But in addition to serving pizzas and Balinese dishes , they also have a beautiful bamboo outdoor yoga floor with views of Mount Agung. Wake up and catch the morning light on this iconic volcano while practicing yoga is a great Amed Bali travel experience .
The classes cost 100,000 IDR per person ($ 7 USD) and they have mats you can borrow, so there's no need to bring your own. Usually they have yoga classes at 7 a.m. and 5:30 p.m., but take a look at their yoga schedule.

Go snorkelling

Scuba diving is an exciting travel experience in Amed Bali . With its calm and warm waters, the beaches around Amed are great for snorkelling. And the great thing is you can just snorkel from the shore! No need to book a day tour.
While it's possible to snorkel at any beach in town, the following places are recommended:
Snorkel in Jillacuk Bay:   there are lots of coral reefs and fish to see and even an underwater sculpture.
Snorkeling at Lipah Beach:  This is another great diving spot as there are plenty of coral and fish to see. You might get lucky and come across a sea turtle!
Snorkeling in the Japanese shipwreck area:  Another popular snorkeling spot is on the Japanese Shipwreck, a little further away from Lipah Beach. You can see the Japan Shipwreck Point on Google Maps or head straight out of Astungkara Warung. The shipwreck was covered in coral and quite close to the water's surface. You can also see people scuba diving at this point.
The USAT Liberty is a US cargo ship that was used in World War I. It was hit by a Japanese torpedo in 1942 (during World War II) when the ship was just off the coast of Lombok.
The Liberty was eventually brought ashore outside the town of Tulamben, where it was dismantled for parts, but Mother Nature has another plan for the ship. In 1963, Mount Agung erupted and tremors caused the Liberty to slide off the beach and into the water just off the coast.

Watch the sunset from a Jemeluk perspective

Jasheruk Viewpoint (also known as the sunset view) is located on a hill overlooking the beach below and Mount Agung in the distance. Then park your car at Blue Earth Village, right next to the viewpoint. Grab a drink or some food and enjoy the view as this is the place with the best view in town

Visit Tirta Gangga

Another great Amed Bali travel experience is visiting a historic temple. Located just 25 minutes from Amed, Tirta Gangga (also known as the Water Temple) is a really interesting place to see.
Tirta translates into the holy waters of Islam and Gangga refers to the Ganges in India. This temple is an important site for Hindus and it is also a popular spot that has been photographed a lot. Tirta Gangga Temple is filled with sleek dresses and patient photographers are waiting for their turn.

Eat seafood

If you're a seafood fan, the Amed region is the perfect place to order some fresh fish.
One local dish to try is pepes ikan, which is fresh fish marinated with chili, ginger, garlic, chives and lemongrass before being wrapped in a banana leaf and steamed. It is served with rice and sambal, an Indonesian chili sauce.
You can also find many restaurants that serve fresh fish for the day grilled over charcoal and serve with other local dishes.

Take the machine to the secret terraces

Perhaps this Amed Bali travel experience is for those who have a lot of time here! 
Everyone knows about the popular terraces outside of Ubud, and the paddy fields east of Bali are rarely visited. The best way to explore is to rent a motorbike and drive here
But if you're limited in time, there's a really nice and quiet paddy field not far from Amed that you can head straight to. Take the main road, Kutut Natih, about 10 minutes outside of town and put this coordinate in your Google Maps. You will turn into a smaller street and will find beautiful rice fields with a few foreigners.
And in the end if you are planning a trip to Bali? As Amed is your destination, don't miss out on these cheap yet full of attractions!

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