Synthesis of Indonesian Sulawesi island travel experiences

The Indonesian island of Sulawesi is a fascinating mystery for enthusiasts to explore!
Sulawesi Island Indonesia is one of the main islands of this country and enjoys a strong domestic tourism market, making it one of the top tourist destinations in the country. The following travel experiences will make your trip enjoyable!

Some things to know before you travel

Sulawesi's population is 14 million, about 7% of Indonesia's population and its largest city is Makassar. The majority of religions are Islam and a small part is Christianity. Sulawesi is also rich with a wide variety of flora and fauna from a mix of both Asia and Australia. This rich ecosystem-protecting national park has also been proposed to a UNESCO World Heritage site.
Sulawesi Island Indonesia is divided into North, South and Central Sulawesi, which means it may take longer to travel, but it also means there's so much to explore here and each region has a flavor taste for it. In the north you will find Indonesia's best diving locations like Bunaken, crystal clear seas and remote islands. In the south, Tana Toraja is famous for their unique culture and rituals. This island is also known for its strong and unique culture, as it is home to the Torajans, and you can visit a variety of attractions with a chance to see a completely different culture. with much of Indonesia. 
Bring money IDR (Indonesian Rupiah). Most restaurants and shops have cash only, except for larger hotels. Unlike Bali, ATMs aren't everywhere in Sulawesi and Maluku, so plan ahead and bring some cash with you. Hotels and banks are probably the safest places to exchange money if you need it. Indonesian banks announce their rates online daily

Culture in Sulawesi

The Indonesian island of Sulawesi is predominantly Muslim. As such, dress more carefully if possible. The atmosphere is very different from Bali where bikinis are often worn on the street. In Sulawesi, wear your casual clothes for the hotel's swimming pool. 
While you can buy beer at some stores and sometimes something stronger at large hotels, don't expect to be offered alcohol at restaurants. 
Haggling in the markets can be expected and encouraged.
Learn some important phrases to mingle with locals like: Thank you = Terima kasih, Good morning / evening = Selamat pagi / malam

Accommodation, internet in Sulawesi

This island does not have the infrastructure expected of a luxury destination and instead gives priority to exploring the beauty of the islands. So you can choose Hotel Mercure Manado Tateli in Manado, Santika Hotel in Palu, Makassar Hotel in Makassar city. This accommodation is best suited for backpackers or budget travelers.
Don't expect to connect all the time and you won't find many cafes with free wifi (except for Starbucks at the airport). Prepaid SIM cards are very cheap and easily available. Choosing one of the transit places in the capital Jakarta is probably the most convenient option for buying sim cards although you can get them in Sulawesi. If possible, please order online.

Health and safety in Sulawesi Indonesia

Do not use tap water here, always drink bottled water, even to brush your teeth. The hotel will usually provide you with bottled water every day. Drink only bottled water, choose to cook with raw dishes, be careful that meats may not be fresh.
Bring a broad spectrum antibiotic as well as products to treat potential food poisoning, mosquito repellent, hat and sunscreen, aloe vera gel, closed-toe shoes (sports shoes)
In some cases where you need specific vaccinations (hepatitis A, B and typhoid, tetanus and possibly rabies vaccine (if you go near monkeys) are examples of some vaccines that are available. recommended for Indonesia).

How to go to Sulawesi island

Tourism e virtual Indonesia Sulawesi complex a bit more than the usual direct flight to Bali. You need to go to Jakarta before you reach the Indonesian island of Sulawesi.
For a very local experience when you visit Sulawesi, try the blue mikrolet mini bus. Each bus has 9 seats and they do not have air conditioning. Most leave the central bus station, the Karombasan Terminal in the city center.
Public buses are also an inexpensive option for those on a budget.

The main places to visit

North Sulawesi

Manado - gateway to the North Sulawesi archipelago, is the capital city of North Sulawesi and also the second largest city in Sulawesi. It is one of the most vibrant spots on the island and is famous for its blend of religious buildings like Chinese temples and Catholic churches.
Tana Toraja is probably the attraction on the Indonesian island of Sulawesi, and it is here that you can learn all about the Torajan indigenous group that calls the island home and you will also find ornate houses, Traditional architecture and local community.
Located in northern Sulawesi is the Bogani Nani Wartabone National Park easily accessible from the neighboring city of Gorontalo. The main attraction here are the pristine tropical forests.
The Togean Islands are one of those hidden secrets in Indonesia, especially if you love diving and you want to see some of the amazing aquatic creatures in this part of the world. Its beach is worth it for its pristine sands and sparkling turquoise waters.
Tangkoko National Park spans an impressive 9,000 hectares of land and is home to some of the most amazing native animals in North Sulawesi.

South Sulawesi

Makassar - capital of South Sulawesi and an important port to explore this area. Tana Toraja is a place to discover the ancient people and unique Torajans that have not changed over the past 100 years.
Makassar is also sometimes called Ujung Pandang and is the capital city of the south of the island. Most people come to Makassar as a way in and out of Sulawesi Island Indonesia , but if you're in town make the most of it by visiting some of its main attractions. One of them is Fort Rotterdam, built in Dutch colonial times, as well as Losari Beach which is a beautiful and unexpected tropical hobby. From Makassar you also have easy access to nearby attractions like Tana Toraja and Pulau Khayangan.
Wakatobi Islands - another diving site in Sulawesi with more than 25 coral reefs and 900 species of marine life. You can fly over the Wakatobi archipelago from Bali, though you get a completely different beach experience as it's one of the most remote parts of Indonesia.
Alternatively you can visit Tomohon which is a small upland town about an hour's drive from Manado, which is a natural cooling getaway for tourists and locals. It is also the first place where the journey to discover the remains of the North Sulawesi highlands.

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