Temple Tirta Empul - holy water temple with beautiful architecture in Bali

Tirta Empul Bali Temple is a large temple complex and spring waters on the holy mountain in Manukaya village in central Bali. It is the legendary setting of a traditional story of good and evil and is a national cultural heritage.

Tirta Empul Bali Temple - a beautiful holy water temple

The complex, built around AD 960, was a silent witness to the ancient kingdom of Bali, especially during the era of the Warmadewa dynasty. Tirta Empul Bali Temple is located in the village of Manukaya, near the town of Tampaksires, not far from Ubud and at Gianyar Regency which is the cultural center of Bali. 
The temple is located just below the Presidential Palace of the city of Tampaksires. Built in 1957 by Indonesia's first president, Soekarno, it is this beautifully constructed palace that is an important highlight of the island and country. Along with the Presidential Palace, the Tirta Empul Water Temple offers some of the most fascinating sights you'll ever see. 

Tirta Empul means 'holy spring' which is the name of a water source within the temple. This spring provides various purification baths, swimming pools and fish ponds around the outside perimeter, all of which flow into the Tukad Pakerisan River. Various locations in the area and many other archaeological relics relate to local myths and legends.
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temple Tirta Empul Bali consists of 3 main parts are the front yard, side yard and patio. Visitors to Tirta Empul for the first time visit lush gardens and trails decorated with statues and tropical plants leading to the entrance. After stepping through Candi bentar temple, a vast walled yard welcomes visitors to the swimming pool.
Inside the central courtyard called the mandala madya, you will reach a rectangular purification bathroom where a total of 13 ornate nozzles are carved along the west to east direction. After praying at a temple you will enter the crystal cold mountain water. Residents and visitors often pray by holding hands together and then bow under the stream of water gushing out from the tap. 
Entering the courtyard, you will reach the 'Jaba Tengah' area, the main area of ​​the temple. The divine springs here bubbled into a large, crystal-clear temple lake and poured out over 30 taps into two sacred purification pools. Hindus and Hindus stand in long lines in the swimming pools waiting to bow under the tap in a purification ritual known as 'melukat'. 
After purification, the pools form the final part of the Tirta Empul Water Shrine , known as Jeroan. Mostly overlooked by tourists, the jeroan or courtyard is a pleasant place to visit and relax after the hustle and bustle of the purification pools. This is where people come to pray. The front part of the courtyard has large springs that support filter lakes. The geysers were filled with green algae and small fish swam among reeds. Behind the streams are great Hindu temples. 
When you exit Tirta Empul Bali , you pass a large swimming pool filled with koi fish. This part of the temple is surrounded on all four sides from the rest of the complex, giving it a tranquil and relaxing atmosphere.
For more than a thousand years, Balinese Hindus arrived at the Pura Tirta Empul (Holy Water Temple), where the sacred spring is believed to have been created by the God Indra and possessed healing properties. This tradition continues almost unchanged, and today, in addition to local worshipers, tourists from all over the world come to admire its beauty and bathe in the water resh.
During a recent vacation in Bali in June 2017, former US President Barack Obama, Michelle Obama and two daughters Malia and Natasha, made Tirta Empul one of their chosen places to visit. 

Note when visiting the temple

As with any temple visit in Bali, formal dress is always important. The temple visitor's dress code is simple to wrap a traditional kamen or sarong around the lower body plus a shawl around the waist. Women are in a cycle of being banned from entering any temple or sacred site and can only enjoy the sights and attractions on the periphery.
It's tempting to try the cleansing rituals for yourself but the ritual is only for pilgrims and devotees. You may want to consult this ritual first ask your instructor
The front of the temple complex is a large parking area with art markets and rows of souvenir shops lining its east. You will also find a number of food stalls selling local food, snacks and refreshments.
Tirta Empul Bali Temple dedicated to Vishnu, the Water God of Hinduism. It is considered one of the five or six holiest temples in all of Bali islands and is considered one of the holiest water sources in Bali.

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