Tourism Bandung - place known as Paris of Java Indonesia Island

Bandung tourism visited the 3rd largest urban area of ​​Indonesia, there are many interesting attractions waiting for you if you love exploring.
If you're looking for somewhere in Indonesia that's culturally rich, full of delicious food and a great place to shop, Bandung might be the perfect place to explore. Nestled between three volcanoes and tea plantations, this city is also known as the Paris of Java because of its cool weather, unique French colonial architecture to its blend of local festivals and bustling night market! Here are some Bandung travel tips and advice for you!

Bandung city has many attractive attractions regardless of urban or mountainous areas and is influenced by altitude, so the climate in Bandung is quite cold and humid compared to other cities in Indonesia.

Interesting things about Bandung tourism

Tangkuban Perahu is an active volcano - a highlight of Bandung tourism and you can gaze at the huge crater, walk down there, wander in the surrounding woods or simply enjoy the view. To find some balance, get away from the city and try these craters. Immerse yourself in the cool mountain air, walk through the forest and enjoy the beauty that nature has bestowed. 
Alternatively you can also visit the area's natural hot springs, with curable hot water heated by volcanoes.
Maribaya Waterfall is an authentic 25 meter hot spring with a steep cliff as the background. The temperature of the sulfur-filled water ranges from 38 to 47 degrees Celsius. Besides taking a dip in the Maribaya waterfall, you can also explore the 2 nearby caves. 
Kawah Putih , also known as the white crater, was created after the eruption of Mount Patuha. The fine white sand and clear water here will make you feel like you've stepped into a fairyland. The color of the water here will vary depending on the weather conditions in the region with the pungent smell of sulfur-rich water. Although Kawah Putih cannot swim underwater, this is still a Bandung tourist destination worth the time to visit.
You can also opt to visit Patenggang , a beautiful lake where you can relax and rent a rowing boat. This is a beautiful lake above sea level, so it is always cool and surrounded by lush green forests and lush tea hills. There is a famous boat-shaped restaurant located at the tip of the lake in Patenggang. You can both enjoy the meal while enjoying the priceless beauty here.
Visiting the area's tea plantations will be a wonderful experience. Rancabali , one of the most beautiful tea plantations in Bandung is where you can also look over the daily procedures of tea tree harvesting.
Dusun Bambu  is an amusement park located in a purely natural environment. This ecotourism spot has a park, shops, restaurants and apartments around it and is a great choice to escape the hustle and bustle of city life.
Located in Majalengka is the Argapura terraces , a local tourist attractions Bandung attractions . With beautiful fields stretching in many different directions, you must get pictures here so stand at the top of Cibuluh Hill to get a panoramic view of your surroundings while admiring this place. .
One of the most popular things to do in the shopping city is Paris Van Java, the Pasir Kaliki district with a variety of culinary restaurants serving from local to foreign dishes along the road, or neighborhood Dago where you can find a wide variety of well-known brands.

What to eat in Bandung?

You will never have to worry about hunger in Bandung, which is a great paradise for Indonesian culinary enthusiasts who love to try new things. There is an endless variety, from street food to fine dining, and many restaurants in town are always creating new innovations in dining. Head to the north of the city if you want to try one of the new restaurants like Hummingbird, Lawangwangi Creative Space or Tahu Lembang. 
Or if you want a taste of local specialties, head to Sate Kardjan. It's a simple yet great place, open 24 hours a day and with the best lamb in the city. Try Mangokok Manis on Jeans Street if you're in the mood for something sweet after dinner! Some food suggestions below are the best in Bandung:
Mie Kocok uses a piece of golden noodle with beef broth, garnished with fried onion and some lemon juice, a dish commonly found in street vendors and restaurants across Bandung.
Lotek & Karedok This is a popular Indonesian salad made with a variety of boiled vegetables and peanut sauce, Lotek is often served with crackers and lontong.
Serabi, or Surabi is Indonesian version of pancake with rice cake flour, chef poured into special clay mold and cooked over charcoal. 

Where to stay in Bandung?

You'll want to spend a few nights here, with lots of great places to stay, from affordable Airbnb rentals to luxury hotels. Look for somewhere in the center of town, near the train station! A great option if you want to experience high quality service is Hyatt Regency Bandung, a 5-star hotel with many great restaurants on site and conveniently located right next to a mall. It is advisable to book online at the hotel to ensure you get the type of room you want, as some rooms have a kitchenette and a private terrace.
The amazing natural scenery and cultural diversity, that's enough to make Bandung Indonesia the golden address in your travel guide. Getting from Jakarta to Bandung only takes 150km so it's easy to get around, perfect for a 1-3 day trip!

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