Visit the colorful Jodipan rainbow village in Indonesia

Jodipan rainbow village located in Malang city is a new destination for cultural and tourist exploration in Indonesia. Besides, it is also a great check-in spot for young people.
Imagine you can wander through narrow streets where each house is a different color - bright pink, neon yellow, electric blue. You look up to see rainbow umbrellas strung over your head and murals on either side of the aisle ... Walking around Jodipan neighborhood in Malang is an enjoyable art experience when traveling to Indonesia.

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The rainbow village Jodipan is a combination of 3 small villages

Jodipan is the name of an area in the center of Malang city that consists of 3 villages:
Kampung Warna Warni (also known as Colorful Village): this is the most famous of the three villages and the most colorful.
- Kampung Tridi (also known as 3-D Art Village): Across the bridge from Kampung Warna Warni, this is the 3-D Art Village and is known for its installation as street umbrellas and bottles recycled plastic into art.
- Kampung Biru Arema (also known as Green Village): On the other side of the train track from Kampung Warna Warni is Biru Arema, also known as Green Village
With brightly painted houses, unique murals and installations, wandering through these communities on the banks of the Brantas River is one of the highlights of a tour while in Malang. And one of the most exciting parts of visiting these villages is that your visit will energize a community that has stood on the brink of despair.
The rainbow village Jodipan is just a few minutes walk from Malang city center. It was famous that residents would be expelled from their homes, the local government planned to relocate and demolish the village until local university students found a very creative alternative. change the orbit of this neighborhood. Making Jodipan one of Indonesia's worst slums fortified by combating poverty and unsanitary living conditions ... In 2016, a group of Public Relations students from Great School Muhammadiyah nearby had a creative idea to change the trajectory for all the inhabitants of this place.
A $ 22,000 project initiated by a local headmaster helped revive the rainbow village of Jodipan . The project called for artists and art students to come and create gigantic works of art, turning the village of Kampung Jodipan from its silky roofs to color.
Partnering with a local paint company, the group of students brought color to the slums. Each residence is painted brightly, creating a rainbow of colors from above. And they did not stop there ... Painting murals were also added, as was the quirky installation, like umbrellas strung up the aisle. 
In 2018, the Blue Blue Village (Kampung Biru Arema) was added to the Jodipan rainbow village complex  after the residents saw that their neighbors had greatly improved their living conditions.
In addition to giving the town a layer of exterior color, the students worked to educate residents about sanitation measures, such as how to better treat waste than throw it into the river like the previous method. Trash bins have been installed, as are public toilets for residents to use.
And with the colorful arrival of the rainbow village Jodipan , what was once a slum overlooked by outsiders is now a tourist destination and proof that art can really change life.  Not only do tourists pay a meager entrance fee, they also offer the opportunity for locals to sell snacks, drinks and other merchandise. It was such a success that Jodipan has been used as a model for other villages across Indonesia struggling with poverty.

Top attractions in Jodipan

In fact, the best thing about exploring this area is just getting lost in narrow alleys and stumbling over unique works of art. But there are a few destinations worth noting during your visit:
- Bantas River: After you wander around Kampung Warna Warni, head down to the riverside where you'll see locals flying kites and having fun. 
Golden Bridge: This is one of the iconic sights in the villages. Stretching across the Brantas River, this yellow bridge connects Kampung Warna Warni and Kampung Tridi.
- Lion mural: If you enter Kampung Tridi from the Golden Bridge, you will not miss this piece of art.
- Umbrella paths: Try to find the underpass paths in Kampung Tridi as it is a beautiful photo spot in  the rainbow village of Jodipan.
- Local store: Find a convenience store or warung (local restaurant) and support the community by buying something. This is a place where your money goes directly to the people who live here.
- Green Village: Kampung Biru Arema has the least number of other tourists. The people here are also very kind and enjoy talking to visitors!
As you walk through the narrow streets in the rainbow village of Jodipan,  past everyone's house instead of closing the door they smile and wave! If you are in Malang city center just a short 10 minute walk from the city center to the Brantas Bridge. From here you will see villages from above.

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