Find lost time at Al Zubarah ruins in Qatar

 As a remnant of the Gulf port town in the 18th century, the Al Zubarah remains the only World Heritage-listed Qatar site, which is also an attractive tourist destination.

Traveling in Qatar , visitors will have many choices of destinations, this country has no shortage of luxurious check-in points for visitors to freely live virtual. However, the Al Zubarah ruins have always been a tourist attraction, even though it is located very far from the center of Doha and not as splendid and magnificent as other unique architecture of Qatar. What makes visitors come to Al Zubarah is because of its unique appearance and traces of time shown through ancient artifacts, coming here to hear the past, to admire the artifacts at the price The history of evidence will never fade away. 


Al Zubarah ruins in QatarAl Zubarah Ruins is an extremely famous sightseeing spot in Qatar. Photo: @thatgirlwithbiigdreams


Discover the beauty of the Al Zubarah ruins, a famous world heritage site of Qatar

Located 105km from the center of Doha , the archaeological site of Al Zubarah is one of the most remote destinations of Qatar. On the way to Al Zubarah, visitors will need to cross the vast, sunny and windy white sands of the arid and burning desert. After a long journey, what has been waiting for this famous ruins is enough to make real souls move.

The famous Gulf port town of the 18th century

In the seventeenth century, the Al Zubarah ruins used to be one of the most prosperous and rich pearl trading ports located on the northwest coast of the Qatar peninsula. During this period, in Qatar, people changed their lives by diving to find and trade in pearls, when oil and natural gas reserves were not found. The town at that time had a population of about 9 and became an extremely important hub of maritime trade linking the Arab, Western Asia and Indian Ocean regions.  

By 1881, the town was heavily destroyed by the Egyptians and fell into disrepair for the next several decades. The fierce sandstorms and fires that raged over time made the entire area of ​​Al Zubarah's old town completely buried. It is millions of tons of sand that has turned into armor, helping the remains of the old town, including temples, harbors, and Al Zubarah, be preserved instead of being completely destroyed. 

Until the twentieth century, Al Zubarah ruins discovered a small part, thanks to the efforts of archeologists. It was discovered that it was an old town that was very detailed planning with streets, residential areas, ... Even this place also had a large wall, surrounded to protect the people in the town.  A short distance from the ruins is the Qal'at Murair fortress, which once stored and supplied the town with fresh water. 


World Heritage Site with unique Qatar architecture 

With what has been discovered, the ruins in Al Zubarah have become a World Heritage Site and a famous destination for those who are passionate about history and ancient architecture.

Today, coming to the Al Zubarah ruins  you will learn about the calendar of a town buried by sand through ancient artifacts, displayed in the museum right next to the Al Zubarah fortress . Here, it was recorded the first voyages of Kuwaiti merchants. In the QNHER archaeological project, more than 200 fragments of Ubaid porcelain household items have been discovered, 1500 stonework from Turkey.

Some precious artifacts from the museum are still intact such as coins, ivory jewelry, Chinese pottery, pearls ... From these artifacts, you can imagine the prosperity The prosperity of a bustling trading port on the dock under the boat in the past. 

The most prominent in the Al Zubarah ruins is the Al Zubarah fortress built in 1938. This is a beautiful square structure with inclined walls, three circular watchtowers and a shaped tower. Japan. The fort at Al Zubarah is a very famous military structure in the Middle East. Although the old town was forgotten, Al Zubarah fortress was still used by the Qatari army as an outpost until the 1980s. In 1987, this place was restored to its original architecture and became a Local museum and also a popular check-in point in Dubai with cross travelers. 

Travel Al Zubarah and wander the fortress, visitors will be able to immerse themselves in the impressive nostalgic space in the desert, echoes from the past that always exist in this place. If you are an enthusiast of history and science, Al Zubarah ancient ruins is an extremely valuable destination for visitors. 

Besides a luxurious, flashy and bustling Doha, the Al Zubarah ruins are a great meeting place to bring you back to the past, immersed in impermanent silence in the vast desert. Before leaving, do not forget to capture the image of Al Zubarah through ancient cannons, golden brown watch towersSurely, the journey to find Al Zubarah will leave a great mark on your Qatar trip.