Travel experience Doha - the safest tourist city in the world

 Doha is the capital of the kingdom of Qatar and also the attractive tourist cradle of this beautiful country. Coming to Doha, you will be surprised by the impressive interference of traditional Islamic culture and modern culture of one of the richest countries in the world.

Overview of the city of Doha, Qatar

Doha city is the capital of Qatar with a population of nearly 2.4 million people, this beautiful city is located on the banks of the Persian Gulf and is likened to the heart of Qatar. With 75% of Qatar's population living in Doha and the outskirts of the city, it is also considered a super-immigrant city with an 8: 1 ratio of immigrants to indigenous people.


Travel experience Doha - Doha city Doha is both the capital and tourist capital of Qatar. Photo: pinterest


Doha is also the tourist capital with many places to visit, shop for the most luxurious hotels, and festivals are held all year round. Here million-dollar supercars or luxury yachts are not uncommon, traveling in this city you will have the opportunity to experience wonderful "utopia" that is hard to see in this place. 

Travel experience Doha - Qatar must be the information that many believers are interested in when planning to travel in this beautiful city. Although it is judged to be a safe and friendly city, you still need to keep up-to-date with essential travel information to enjoy your travel in Doha to the fullest. The beautiful city of Doha will welcome you with impressive experiences, unique festivals and rich Middle Eastern cuisine. 

Update the latest Doha Qatar travel experience

Apply for a Doha tourist visa 

Want to travel to Doha in particular or Qatar in general, you need a visa to be able to enter. Experience you need to know to get a visa quickly is to prove the information including the booking certificate at the hotel. Verify round-trip and special flight tickets with at least 1370 USD cash or money in valid international card. Proving these three things, you will easily have a visa to enter Qatar as well as tourists in Doha. 

When should I travel to Doha? 

If you do not have experience in Doha , do not worry too much about the time to travel. The reason is that the weather here is quite convenient for traveling and exploring because the temperature almost never drops below 20 degrees even in winter. Therefore, whether you travel in Doha in any season, you can comfortably participate in outdoor tourism activities without being affected.

However, if you do not like the hot sun, you should come to Doha between September and March next year, Doho weather is not hot, the temperature is moderate to help you feel more comfortable. 


How to get to Doha? Transportation in Doha 

To travel to Doha from Vietnam, the fastest and most time-saving means of traveling is by plane. You can book a ticket of Qatar Airways flying from Ho Chi Minh City to Doha's Hamad International Airport, travel time about 7 hours. Ticket price will depend on the time of ticket booking and seat class. In addition, you can also use the services of other airlines such as Vietnam Airlines, Etihad, Oman Air, Turkey Airlines. However, the Doha travel experience you need to know is that flying other airlines will take longer, up to 10 hours. 

In the city of Doha, people travel mainly by private car, so public transport is very limited. Especially taxis are very rare compared to other tourist cities. You can choose to travel by bus around the city center of Doha or rent a self-drive car for more comfort. Self-drive car rental prices from 10 USD to 30 USD per day. 


Hotel in Doha 

The Doha travel experience that you do not forget is to book your hotel room in advance to take the initiative in accommodation upon arrival. The hotels in Doha, whether budget or upscale, are also excellent. You will have a lot to choose from, especially in the Souq Waqif area of ​​Doha, you will find it easy to find the traditional Arab hotels but also very classy and luxurious.

Some hotels in Doha you can refer to such as Al Jasra in Al Jasra Road, Al Najada Hotel in Ali Bin Abdullah Road, Al Mirqab Hotel is located near Gold Market, The Airport Hotel - Transit Only is located near the airport , Saraya Corniche Hotel in Old Doha City ... 


The great check-in spots in Doha do not miss 

Visit the desert in Doha

This is one of the best experiences that any visitor to Doha wants to experience. You will admire camels walking on the sand, experience thrilling rides through high sand dunes or adventure in the desert for hours. 

Souq Waqif

This market sells everything and is the biggest market in Doha. Here, you will visit the typical Arab market with full of space stalls, narrow aisles, sales women wearing traditional costumes. Waqif market is  busiest in the afternoon and evening, and people flock to the market with exciting buying and selling activities. 

City Center

 Doha tour that you do not miss is to not forget to visit City Center. If Waqif market represents traditional beauty, then City Center represents modernity and glamor. This is a super large commercial center and a symbol of the wealth of Doha. You can shop for luxury goods and have the opportunity to open your eyes with the endless shopping of people in this country. 


 This is the arts and cultural center of Doha built on the inspiration of ancient Roman art. Here you can admire the art galleries. The sea view in Katara is also very beautiful and impressive, remember to sample a typical piece of Doha chocolate or dine at a restaurant while traveling in Doha and visit Katara, this experience will make you unforgettable. 

Doha Museum of Islamic Art 

This is an extremely famous sightseeing spot of the city that according to the Doha travel experience of tourists, if you have not come here, your trip is not complete. The museum is located in the MIA park, reflecting the romantic Doha line. The appearance of this structure is very impressive and is one of the most beautiful buildings in the world. Impressive historical art is displayed inside the museum. The museum is open free, so feel free to visit. 

Explore Doha cuisine in impressive Middle Eastern colors 


Doha travel experience when discovering that cuisine that you should remember, that is not to forget to taste Machbous in Doha. This is a famous dish made from basmati rice, raisins, pine nuts cooked with meats such as lamb, chicken or grouper. You can sample this dish at the Islamic markets like Souq Waqif or Mawasem Hilton Doha ...


This dish is popularly sold in the Muslim markets in Doha, and is a dish used by locals to end Ramanda holidays. Mathroob dish is made from wheat, chicken, butter cream soup ... Although the appearance of the dish is not too attractive, the taste is excellent. 


This cake dish is made from ingredients such as spinach flour, cheese ... This is an attractive cake that is very popular with visitors. You can find this dish in local markets or city houses.

In addition to the mosna eaten above, the cuisine in Doha is very diverse in color and style. In addition to the indigenous dishes, the people here also receive and import the dishes of the countries in the region, variations to suit the taste. For the perfect culinary experience, the Doha tourism experience for you is to come to the Waqif market. This place has all kinds of attractive dishes for you to enjoy. 

The above Doha tour experience will be a useful information guide, helping you to easily schedule an exploration and experience when visiting this rich country. Come to Doha and Qatar to explore the world of the rich and the unique Middle Eastern culture.