Cascate del Mulino hot springs - surreal destination in Saturnia Italy

Cascate Del Mulino - Italian turquoise hot spring created from flowing underground, through fields. With a special design like terraced fields with each floor is each lake.

Cascate del Mulino hot spring, which literally means Mill Falls in Saturnia Italy is like a perfect surrealistic spot: roaring waterfalls, white lakes, pink skies and nature in only two shades of blue and brown.

The large basin above the waterfall offers a dreamlike atmosphere that is especially enjoyable at night. Visiting the swimming pools is free throughout the year. Don't be afraid to dive even in the cold winter: you won't feel cold and you will definitely enjoy a picturesque natural landscape. For those who like comfort, there are also a number of thermal resorts.

Located just outside the town of Saturnia, Italy known for its spa services and hot springs, the Cascate Del Mulino hot spring is made up of a waterfall with hot water flowing underground and through fields. . In the middle of the vast field, there suddenly appeared a very unique hot water lake, away from the noise and chaos of the city, becoming a very quiet relaxing place, with no sound other than the sound of water. rushing and rustling of leaves.

Water temperature is around 37 degrees all year round, which may be the ideal temperature in autumn or winter, but it will be quite hot in summer. So the biggest tourist attraction of Cascate Del Mulino's turquoise Italian hot spring is in winter.

The best time to enjoy the hot lake is when the sun rises and when the sun goes down. When the sun was just up, the sunlight passed through the woods and fell to the water, the air was warmer and the white lake changed to a very fanciful turquoise color. And when sunset falls, the sky turns orange, the water color turns green. This discoloration makes the hot water lake a hundred times more beautiful.

The hot water of the Cascate del Mulino springs comes from an underground source rich in minerals and sulfur. These minerals were known to have medicinal effects and were used by the Romans for this purpose.

Many locals, especially women, like to coat the face and body with white lime as a natural skin treatment. Furthermore, the water temperature is especially good for circulation, while the vapor is beneficial for the respiratory system.

Saturnia is famous for its luxury spa complex, Terme Terme di Saturnia restaurant. This is usually the first place to appear on your search engines. Cascate del Mulino, on the other hand, includes natural pecans that contain the same water as caves but are free of charge. They are not deep enough or large enough to swim in, but you should have no problem lying in them and feel completely relaxed. Furthermore, this place is very scenic!

The only way to get to turquoise Italian hot springs is by car. If you are in Rome or Florence, you should rent a car.

The Cascate del Mulino is open 24/7 year round. All seasons are good to go to Cascate. However, here are a few suggestions based on the season you visit:

Spring and fall: It's great to go all the time during these seasons. The days are not too warm and the hot water is pleasant to relax.

Summer: During this warmer season, it is not recommended to go during the day as the temperature can reach an average of 35 ° C. So go to Cascate del Mulino at night when the outside temperature is cooler and the skies are clear blue .

Winter: Spending your day or night in an always pleasant hot tub with a contrast to the outside temperatures, arguably the best season to visit Cascate.

Like in most Italian tourist destinations, Italian turquoise hot springs - Cascate del Mulino can be extremely busy during the day. However, there are a few recommended ways to avoid crowds:

- Let's go at sunrise! You may only find a few locals stopping for daily treatments.

- Go in the night. You can meet many tourists especially in the summer, but certainly less during the day. Furthermore, the temperature is more pleasant and you can watch the starry sky.

- Avoid going on weekends! Saturday and Sunday are probably the busiest days of the week.

There are many attractions adjacent to turquoise Italian hot springs in Italy, which will make your stay in the area even more enjoyable. You should go inland to Civilita di Bagnoregio, Orvieto and Lago di Bolsena; and Orbetello and Porto Santo Stefano on the coast.

Interestingly enough, the Cascate del Mulino hot spring is located on the south side of the island of Tuscany, which means that you can easily cross the border to Umbria and Lazio with completely different landscapes and architecture, Between seaside, hilly and lake locations, you'll find many cultural attractions around.

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