Enjoy Chinese Sichuan hot pot - a spicy dish of indulgence

Chinese Sichuan Hotpot is a traditional dish of the most populous country in the world, and is loved by many tourists, especially in the cold winter because of its spicy and unforgettable flavor.

China has an extremely rich and diverse cuisine with many famous schools such as Shandong, Guangdong, Fujian, Anhui, Hunan, Jiangsu, Zhejiang and especially Sichuan. Referring to Sichuan cuisine , anyone will immediately think of the spicy, numb, and salty flavors that make the unforgettable flavor of the specialties here. The most mentioned are Chinese Sichuan hot pot , Ma Ba tofu and Kungbao chicken or equally famous dimsum such as dumplings and dumplings. All of these make the unique features of Sichuan cuisine, different from other regions in China, making many diners fall in love.

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About Sichuan cuisine and Chinese Sichuan hotpot

It can be said that among the culinary schools of China, Sichuan dishes have a long history, the best known and most widely popular. Accordingly, from the period when this country began to unify in the third century BC through to the Three Kingdoms period, that is to the third century AD, the Sichuan culinary school was soon born exist and develop continuously.

Sichuan is one of the three cities with the hottest climate in China, but also a famous economic and cultural center. Referring to Sichuan, many people immediately think of the area that is rich in ingredients and owns the most delicious food in the country.

Sichuan cuisine consists of two main schools, Chengdu and Chongqing, with a popular taste of salty and spicy. Even historical researchers have even found many archaeological artifacts related to cuisine such as ceramic and bronze dishes and many cooking utensils with spicy ingredients demonstrating the long history of delicious dishes. 

Thanks to the accumulation of many processing methods from a long time ago, Sichuan dishes in Chinese cuisine focus on color, taste and appearance, extremely harmonious such as numbness next to spicy, sweet taste with Salty, sour and bitter substances make specialties with delicious flavors mixed with the ingenuity, flexible transformation of the chef's hands.

If you have the opportunity to travel to China and stop in Sichuan, visitors will easily encounter street food with lots of satay or shops selling dried chili, hot pot with whole chili. Currently, Sichuan dish has been famous in China with delicious dishes made from fish, tea, honey and fruit, the most known name is Sichuan hotpot .

It is no exaggeration to say that going to Chengdu or Chongqing without trying the spicy Chinese Sichuan hot pot , soaked in the famous chili and navigator, you have not had a complete culinary experience. Just try it at least once, and you will quickly fall in love with the salty, spicy flavor of this famous Sichuan region right away.

The origin of Chinese Sichuan hot pot

Sichuan Hot Pot is also known as Ma La Huo Guo. This is a popular Chinese dinner dish. When eating, people will sit around a hot pot hot pot, radiating comfort and enjoy by dipping ingredients into the pot of broth.

Sichuan hot pot appeared for the first time in the Dao Quang years of Qing Dynasty (from 1821 - 1851). According to many studies and tests by gastronomists, the place marking the birth of Sichuan hot pot is on the banks of the Yangtze River. Specifically, Bai Tieu Me Beach of Tu Thanh Lo Chau. 

Legend has it that at that time, boats often stopped to park their boats at Tieu Me beach, on the banks of the Changjiang River, in today's Sichuan province. After mooring the boats and boats, fishermen immediately light a fire and cook dinner immediately to avoid a cold. The most familiar dish at that time was usually a small pot made of ceramic pots, inside with a little broth to make broth, adding lots of chili, pepper and spices with vegetables and fish. Although simple, the food in the other pot helps people feel full and warm. After they finished eating, they talked together, laughed loudly, and forgot how tired they were.

From that simple dish on the banks of the Changjiang River, Sichuan Chinese hot pot was born and is increasingly loved by many classes, becoming so popular that later, not only workers, but also officials and businessmen or the reporters all use the hot pot as an elegant and luxurious pleasure.

The most important ingredient of Sichuan hot pot

If the Kunming people have vermicelli over Yunnan Bridge , Beijing people are proud of the expensive roast duck, the Sichuan land contributes to the diversity of Chinese cuisine with Sichuan hot pot .

This unforgettable hot pot flavor with the most important ingredient is the broth. Because the ingredients that make up the hotpot broth are very sophisticated and rich, creating the unique characteristics of the dish.

standard Chinese Sichuan hot pot must be stewed from pork bones, stewed chicken bones to sweeten water, especially beef bones that are grilled with embers are indispensable to make up a characteristic aroma. The broth must be stewed continuously for several hours. In addition, the ingredients must be put on a pan and stir fry evenly, until a spicy smell is released.

Besides, hot pot soup is indispensable for all kinds of chili, pepper and vinegar, but the unique point is that the spicy spices in this dish must come from Sichuan as well. In addition, a delicious spicy hot pot with the participation of other natural flavors such as cinnamon bark, cumin seeds, cardamom, cloves and lemongrass. All gathered and mixed together, creating the unique aroma of the broth.

After having the right pot of delicious hot pot soup, it is impossible to forget the ingredients used to dip the hot pot. Sichuan people love to use beef steaks and other local by-products for and hot pot. As for visitors, they can choose according to their dining preferences, adding different types of meat, vegetables and tofu to the hot pot.


Why Chinese Sichuan Hot Pot is an attractive dish?

It is not too difficult to explain why the famous Chinese spicy dish is so easy to captivate diners. The first reason comes from the unforgettable rich broth - the harmony of the spicy - hot - sweet - fatty and fragrant flavor is both intricate but also very interesting. The second reason why Sichuan people's hot pot is popular is the variety of ingredients, spices and sophistication in the process of processing and placing on the table.

First, let's talk about hot pot broth. The spicy taste of Sichuan cuisine in general and hot pot in particular is the quintessence that makes up the brand of each dish of this land. What makes a big difference is that this spicy flavor is not only made up of dozens of different types of chili, but also pepper, cinnamon, anise, anise, cardamom, ...

It is calculated that more than 30 different ingredients and spices are added to create a quality hot pot. These spices are carefully and meticulously processed to bring the soul into the fragrant hotpot broth with the pungent pungent taste lingering on the tip of the tongue, making the dish increasingly famous around the world - Tu Tu hotpot. Trans China .

In particular, nowadays when traveling to Sichuan , visitors will find many restaurants serving this famous hot pot with 9 or 2 separate compartments, the most popular being 2 parts hot pot soup with one side spicy hot, not hot on one side. This presentation helps diners freely choose according to their preferences.

Next is the ingredients for dipping hot pot with beef, chicken, duck tongue, various kinds of balls, green vegetables, ... to dip with hot pot soup, to combine the flavor of the dish, making Sichuan specialties make people feel dumb fainting, unforgettable. All show that, it is very meticulous to have a delicious Sichuan hot pot right.

Among the famous Chinese tourist destinations , in addition to Phoenix Ancient Town, Dali Yunnan Citadel, Hangzhou West Lake, Guangzhou shopping paradise, Sichuan is also an attractive destination with Leshan statue. Great Buddha, Sichuan Bamboo Forest or Nga Mi Mountain. Especially, this place also has many spicy dishes with typical flavors of hot climates, the most prominent representative is Chinese Sichuan hotpot . Take the chance to come here for interesting travel and food experiences.

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