It was like getting lost in the palace at Chung Thu The bookstore - China

 With a unique space like the setting of a sci-fi movie, Chung Thu Cac bookstore is not only a favorite destination for book enthusiasts but also makes visitors traveling to China fall in love with about ".

General Mail The ( Zhongshuge ) is a bookstore famous China, built by architecture firm X + Living is headquartered in Shanghai, with the aim to create a unique experience for enthusiasts reading . Currently, this chain of bookstores has been present in many big cities such as Beijing, Shanghai, Chongqing, Hangzhou, Chengdu ... and attracts many people visiting every day.

Reading room for adults

The highlight that brings the "brand" to  Chung Thu Cac bookstore chain is the use of mirror floors or ceilings, making the viewer feel like space becomes infinity, without limits, thought to be lost in the world some "surrealistic" world in the vast universe.

This is also a rare common point in all stores, because in each place, people design in a unique style so that when you step into different bookstores, you will experience different feelings. .

Chung Shu Cac Bookstore in Chongqing impresses with the halo-like circular and arched structures that repeat at the traditional Moon Gates of classical gardens, while also softening the monotony of long bookshelves and create a sense of curiosity for visitors to visit.

There is also an architecturally designed area of ​​the famous terraced wells in Rajasthan, India, or there are bookshelves in the shape of giant night lamps, giving a visual effect very unique for viewers.

Meanwhile, the bookshelf wall in Beijing Chung Shu is inspired by the magnificent Dujiangyan dams pointing upward, like a super wall built with historical culture. With the effect of a black brick background, bookshelves resemble boats quietly anchored on the surface of a lake and floating between bookshelves.

When you come to Chung Thu Cac bookstore in Chengdu , you feel like you are lost in a lovely mountain with "bamboo trees", rolling mountains and terraced fields together, very new and eye-catching.

The most difference is that Chung Shu Cac bookstore in Hangzhou , instead of using each brown wooden shelf, people use white shelves so that when fluorescent light shines on, they will sparkle white like a pill. Giant crystal, extremely eye-catching.

According to the designer, the concept of this space is a forest, in which: each cylindrical bookshelf will be a tall tree that rises straight up to the sky and radiates the light of knowledge, tables placed on top the earth blends into the woods, as graceful as canals, and the chandeliers hanging from the ceiling like fireflies illuminate the forest.  

However, no matter the style of design, Chung Thu Cac bookstore has broken the traditional architecture: the simplicity and rigidity of ordinary bookstores, making reading from boring becomes more interesting and making those who are not passionate about reading will also be inspired to more easily absorb knowledge.

Children's reading room

Like the adult reading room, although it only occupies a small space in the store, the children's reading room at Chung Thu Cac bookstore is also designed in many different architectural styles.

At a bookstore in Chongqing: some rooms are furnished with colorful bookshelves that depict the city's landscape, buildings and traffic maps. There is a room like a paradise in the forest, with walls: house, windmill and adorable pandas hiding behind the bamboo forest, scattered on the path, are designed “ Big mushrooms ”cover the children reading books below.

The Zhongshuge bookstore in Chengdu is 'transformed' into a lush bamboo forest, flickering a few adorable pandas from Sichuan playing playfully on high branches, creating a beautiful artistic concept and natural vitality. Looking down below, the cushions of all colors stacked like hills, making the reading atmosphere incredibly romantic and lovely.

Entering the Hangzhou Chung Shu bookstore , the children will enter an interesting amusement park, with art bookshelves designed into a ferris wheel, roller coaster, hot air balloon and pirate ship. From there, giving children a fun reading experience like playing in a playground, meanwhile, the galactic map floor not only provokes children's imagination but also educates them on knowledge of how galaxies are. 

Great experience at Chung Thu The bookstore

Reading books

Almost all Chung Thu Cac bookstores have an area of ​​over 1,000 square meters and occupy many floors, so the number of books can be said to be "endless", but the genres are extremely diverse and rich. So even if you read it all your life, it won't end.

Moreover, the famous British novelist Somerset Maugham once said: to have the habit of reading is to build yourself a refuge from most of life's misfortunes. But reading books in a wonderful space like Chung Thu Cac bookstore is even more meaningful, so traveling to China without coming here to supplement knowledge will be extremely flawed.

Virtual life

Not just a library of books, but Chung Thu Cac is also a unique art space that you will not be able to see anywhere else in the world. So, once entering this place, there is no one who can stop holding the camera up to make some commemorative photos right here.

Revealing, you do not need to pose much, nor choose the angle to take, because it is a dead angle work, so no matter where you stand, you will get “like a pet” photos. "Let me see.

Enjoy the cuisine

Understanding the problem: reading books in a creative space will stimulate the absorption of the brain, so Chung Thu Cac bookstore not only has new architecture but also opens an airy culinary space to Readers enjoy a favorite book while relaxing with a cup of coffee or a cup of tea in a warm afternoon. Sure, just thinking about it makes you feel excited, right?


The addresses of some Chung Thu Cac bookstores in China that you can refer to

- Level 3-4 at Zuodi Shopping Center, on Yangjiaping Road, Chongqing City .

- The Yintai Center in Tianfu Avenue, Chengdu City, Sichuan Province.

- Galeries Lafayette department store in Xi'dan Plaza, corner of Northwest Avenue and Lingjing Hutong in Beijing.

- Commercial center of Star Avenue, adjacent to Qiantang River, in Binjiang District, Hangzhou City, Zhejiang Province.

If reading books in four walls and next to hard wooden shelves puts you even more pressure, go to Chung Thu Cac bookstore in China to experience a completely new and rewarding way of acquiring knowledge. .

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