See a sea of ​​yellow leaves in the cheap season in Yunnan, China

 At the point of autumn, China glows in the yellow of the cheap season in Yunnan, dreaming like a fairyland.

The cheap season in Yunnan changes leaves, tinged with a gentle yellow color against the blue sky. Under the autumn sun, the scenery becomes charming, visitors come from all over to admire.

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Beautiful "cool heart" season in Yunnan, China

The rows of trees that turn yellow in a corner of the sky are a familiar image in autumn in China . This plant often changes leaves from the end of September to the end of November, creating a romantic scene, attracting visitors to visit and take pictures. In addition to the rows of trees planted on many sides of the road, tourists visiting Yunnan , China are also overwhelmed by the ancient village with 30,000 large and small fan trees.

This fan village is located about 40 km north of Dang Xung city and takes more than 1 hour drive. In this place planted a lot of cheap fan, there are trees that are old. This plant is also called bank happy they ginkgo, also called other names are or bank ginkgo fruit. The leaves spread out like a fan or many people liken it to an elephant's ear, the name cheap fan is also derived from here. 

The yellow color of this tree in the autumn creates a beautiful natural scenery like an ancient painting, coming here in the autumn will feel like you are sinking in the golden sea. The honeysuckle tree changes its leaves evenly, and the foliage turns yellow when autumn turns into a characteristic bright yellow color.

And when the autumn comes, visitors from all over the world flock here to check-in with the beautiful golden fan canopy. This plant is like a fossil tree because they can last and stand through many times, without being affected by the weather or changing the surrounding environment. Therefore, the cultivar, known as the ginkgo tree, is the symbol of willpower and the door of strength.

During  the low-fan season in Yunnan , people flock to the village with the 1,300-year-old old fan tree , which is also the oldest tree here. This trunk has a wide canopy, covering a whole corner of the sky.

Most of the people living in the village have main income from the almond tree and do tourism every degree. Many households rent accommodation to tourists, sell goods, souvenirs, almonds ... 

The fanciful tree viewing spots are served by locals throughout the village, with a round table and small wooden chairs, you can enjoy local specialties under the romantic golden canopy while watching the cheap leaves are gently falling on the shelf or sinking in the golden sea covered on the moss-covered roof. Anyone who comes to the village on this occasion also vibrates a fluttering rhythm, along with the ancient look of the bee-brick walls, in harmony with the color of such a charming yellow fan.

In the gentle autumn sun, passing through the canopy of fans makes the scene become more magical. Seeing this scene, people think of the land in comics that can make anyone lose heart.

With an area of ​​more than 400 hectares, this village is considered to be the largest cultivating cultivar in Yunnan province of China. In the summer, the village is shaded with green trees, in autumn the fan wears a bright yellow shirt when the trees are out.

China also has many places that make tourists 'collapse' when the cheap season comes. These include the Dia Dan Park in the north of Beijing city, built in 1530 during the Ming Dynasty, or the Diaoyu Avenue in Beijing (China), famous for its perennial honeysuckle trees to form eight beautiful golden carpets.

In addition, the 1,400-year-old fan tree at Quan Am Pagoda, in La Han Dong Village, Xi'an, Shaanxi is also a famous Chinese tourist destination , especially during autumn. Legend has it that this old tree was planted by Thai Tong Ly The Dan and included in the list of ancient trees that need to be preserved. This temple was built in the Tang Dynasty. The people believe that the cheap fan tree is the spirit of the temple, a sacred object that brings luck and peace.

Every time the Yunnan fan season - which is also the tourist season of the ancient village of honeysuckle, visitors can experience many dishes made from this plant such as roasted chicken with almond, almond caviar or roasted almonds salt.

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