Sichuan tofu - spicy and spicy special Chinese delicacy

 Sichuan tofu has a pungent pungent flavor that is unforgettable to enroll in Chinese delicacies that have captivated many diners.

Sichuan dishes have long been known for their hot spicy flavors emanating from typical spices such as peppercorns combined with red chili, making it hard for anyone to try even once. . Many people even feel addicted to the impressive taste with a burning sensation, numbness on the tip of the tongue and spread all over the body every time they enjoy famous Chinese specialties such as Sichuan hot pot , Dan Dan Noodles, fried beef tenderloin with dried chili, fried squid, ... and especially the legendary Sichuan Mapo tofu (also known as Ma Ba tofu).

Anyone who has ever traveled to Chengdu or once got lost in the fairy tale of A Dinh - Dao Thanh street in Sichuan knows that this is the place that gave birth to the leading hot culinary school of China. Sichuan people even love the spicy taste so much that they spread the words of life: "Don't know how to eat spicy, not Sichuan people!". 


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Origin of the name 'Sichuan Ma Ba tofu'

Right from the name Sichuan tofu has been attached to the name of the province where it is produced. However, this is just a shortened name that people often call. In fact, the full name of the dish made from young tofu with minced meat sauce is actually Mapo tofu or Ma Ba Sichuan tofu. In Chinese, "Mapo" is a compound word for an elderly woman with a face many pock marks.

According to the story in the book "Phantasmodic voice of the former Luc", this dish appeared in the Qing Dynasty, in particular in 1874. It is said that at that time, a woman named Tran Luu Thi still known intimately as Tran Ma Bà (the woman surnamed Chen (Chen) with a face with many pimples). The reason for having this name Ma Bà is because when she was a child, she had a catastrophic illness that left pitted scars on her face. After this people call forever familiar. She has a restaurant with a signboard "Tran Hung Thinh Phan Pho" in Chengdu. And the Sichuan tofu dish was created by her. Initially, this delicious dish was called by a strange name associated with the special name of Ms. Tran (Chen): "Tran Ma Ba tofu whore".

Old books tell that at first, Ms. Chen opened a small restaurant in Chengdu to trade for a living. However, there are days when the amount of tofu is left over because the taste of this dish is simple and light, so few people order. But Sichuan is a region rich in ingredients and has the most delicious hot spicy food in the country. Therefore, in order to handle the excess amount of beans in the food warehouse, she quickly came up with a way to combine it with available ingredients and spices to innovate the dish. Since then a completely different bean recipe with the simple cooking styles available. Specifically, Ms. Tran mixed the beans with minced pork and many typical Sichuan spicy spices such as pepper, dried chili, fresh chili, ... creating a rich, pungent flavor stimulating the taste buds for the dish.

Then add all of the ingredients and stir fry them in a large saucepan. Ma Ba tofu, after being put into a plate, can be served with rice or you can eat it too. This unique recipe and recipe quickly brought fame to Mrs. Tran's small restaurant (Chen Mapo). Her Sichuan tofu dish was not only famous throughout the region at that time but also conquered diners everywhere from other regions of China. Everywhere, when referring to Sichuan, Chengdu, people call the name Mapo bean dish, which also means: "A woman's bean dish".

Even when she died, people also took the phrase "Mapo" as the official name for the dish as well as the credit of the person who created the Sichuan delicacy with the main ingredient is young, tender tofu, meat minced and spicy spices.

More and later, the dish was so famous that people could not remember the original name of the restaurant, but used to call it Tran Hung Thinh Phan Pho, together with "Chinh Hung Vien" and "Chung Thang Vien" into three floating restaurants the current most famous city in Chengdu.


The ingredients that make up the attractive flavor of Ma Ba Sichuan tofu dish

Why did Sichuan tofu - a dish with quite simple ingredients and cooking methods, became so attractive. Perhaps the biggest secret lies in the harmonious combination of the fresh ingredients and the rich flavor of Sichuan China. The ingredients that make up this pungent specialty dish are very familiar with a little white tofu, eating it otherwise is quite bland but creating an unforgettable impression on the tongue if combined with minced pork and mandarin. The most important thing is to add more spicy spices such as navigator, dried chili, fresh chili, soy sauce ...

It is no coincidence that Sichuan tofu is ranked in the list of 10 most famous winter dishes in China . Because the plates of hot beans stink and stinging numbness at the tip of the tongue have the ability to blow anyone in the cold weather. Think of the freshly made beans that retain the softness and a bit of fat, combined with fresh pork, all mixed with the spicy taste of chili, the pungent pepper is added a little sour and The pungent soybean makes Mapo tofu very easy to enter the heart. This delicacy of Chinese delicacy can satisfy all diners even the most demanding and only tasted it for the first time.

In addition to minced pork, Sichuan people also use beef to cook with young tofu and add spices, especially the famous Chinese spicy bean sauce and Sichuan peppercorn. Prepare yourself before enjoying it because all these ingredients will make your lips "numb" each level when enjoying.

If the duck in the boiling oil bath of Chengdu can be eaten with bread or not, the vermicelli crossing the Yunnan bridge must put each ingredient in the bowl to fully enjoy the deliciousness, Mapo tofu is rich, spicy and hot Sour and savory is often served with white rice. Just scoop into a spoon or spoon a little bit of Ma Ba Sichuan tofu, then stir-fry it, and then put it on a bowl of white rice, you will feel the full deliciousness of the dish. It can be said that white rice is the perfect combination with this spicy tofu dish, especially if you enjoy it on cold days, listening to the wind hissing outside the door will make it even more warm.


Sichuan tofu - Chinese delicacies not to be missed

Save tofu Mapo super spicy tasty long been known across all locations. This delicious dish has also gradually become familiar to diners of five continents when it comes to the representatives of Chinese cuisine in general and the Sichuan region in particular.

Although initially just a popular dish, Sichuan tofu hides the quintessence of China because it fully demonstrates the 7 characteristic characteristics of this famous cuisine including the taste - spicy - hot - fresh - soft - fragrant and crispy. Indeed, Mapo beans have a refreshing, refreshing heart of young tofu, faintly the fatty taste of minced meat mixed with fried oil and condensed in the pungent aroma of dried chili, fresh chili, green pepper, pepper black and many other attractive Sichuan spices. All create an irresistible and unforgettable aroma that makes this spicy dish worthy of becoming the national dish of China, next to Beijing roast duck, Hunan spicy beef or noodles. To be long-lived.

At first glance, the plate of spicy stir-fried tofu seems simple and popular, but when you eat it, you know that behind the dish with the harmonious red and white color is a warm and unforgettable taste, especially enjoyed on days frozen in regions with cold year-round climates.

According to history, the dish made from tofu and associated with the name of the pockmarked Tran woman - Mapo has affirmed its position in Chinese cuisine and "blew away" many people's thoughts about Tofu ingredients are simple and somewhat dull, boring.

Nowadays, anyone who travels to Chengdu in particular and Sichuan in general also wants to enjoy this very attractive and stimulating dish to each touch of these chopsticks. Certainly the pungent taste, imbued with the chili and navigator of the famous Sichuan tofu will help you get a complete culinary experience with all kinds from spicy, pungent to salty but rich. A little sweet and sour is extremely harmonious.

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