Suggest an exciting 3-day Florence tour

Would only 3 days in a beautiful place like Florence be enough? Although you cannot explore it all, the trip to Florence in 3 days below will be a great suggestion to help you have an interesting trip.

You will not be able to see everything in Florence, Italy in just 3 days. The city is walkable, but you'll want to group the attractions together by area to make the most of your visit. In this case, here is a recommended 3-day Florence itinerary around Uffizi, Oltrarno and the area around Accademia. hottest city and most crowded city. 

Some prominent destinations in the Florence tourist itinerary

Vecchio Palace is located in the square and can be visited on a tour. This is an idea of ​​Florence's historical and political timelines. You learn more about papal rule, Palazzos' secret hideout, and see the great halls where political conferences are held. As you climb the stairs of the Palace, you will learn more about the connection between Florence, Siena and Pisa.

Another destination in the Florence tour for another 3 days is Piazzale Michelangelo. You can grab a bottle of wine, some snacks and enjoy the experience with your best friend. The sunrise can be particularly beautiful and less crowded, but it does require you to move here quite early. Michel Michelang Square allows you to experience the vibrant colors of a sunset that have inspired many artists from the Renaissance and beyond.

The Bardini gardens are less busy in Florence but the view is lovely. In spring, wisteria blooms and has a completely unique smell. You will probably enjoy spending the mornings walking the grounds.

The Bardini Garden

St. Basil's Basilica Croce is where you have to go inside to see all its magic, especially with its unique and magnificent arches.

Florence's culinary suggestions

Florence is well worth a visit and savoring its fascinating Italian cuisine. What will you eat during your trip to Florence in 3 days? The following tips will help you plan what to eat:

Florence street food is also an attractive option in the 3-day Florence itinerary. Located on a few small streets behind the Piazza delle Signoria is Girone de Ghiotti. You will notice all the locals standing outside while searching for this place.

The best way to experience Florence in 3 days is on foot. The city is a complex maze of one-way streets. You will miss out on so much of Florence's charm if you don't explore it thoroughly, wander, explore and get lost.

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