Tourism Truong Gia Gioi - where the most beautiful wonders in the world converge

 Heaven Gate, Cau Kinh, Avatar Mountain ... are beautiful places that fascinate visitors when coming to Zhangjiajie, where the most beautiful wonders converge in China.

Possessing many beautiful landscapes, Zhangjiajie is one of the hottest destinations for tourists when traveling to China . Coming to Truong Gia Gioi, you will be surprised by the magnificent, large and beautiful place like a fairyland mixed with the ancient, peaceful features of ancient architectural works. Truong Gia Gioi tourism is definitely the best journey that any moving believer is hard to miss. 

Overview of Zhangjiajie 

Zhangjiajie City was established in 1988, located in the hinterland of the Wuler Mountains, 29 km from the capital of Trường Sa of Hunan province. The population of Zhangjiajie is 1.7 million with 20 ethnic minorities, of which Tujia people make up more than 60% of the total population, the rest are Bai, Miao and Hui. This place owns a lot of beautiful landscapes with more than 1000 rocky peaks, 800 winding streams ... so it has long been oriented to develop as a tourist city.

Traveling to Zhangjiajie, you will be hard-pressed to miss the famous destinations here, such as Vu Lang Nguyen scenic area, Zhangjiajie National Forest Park, Yangjiajie Nature Reserve, area Tianzi Mountain Scenic Area and Suoxiyu Scenic Area are both World Heritage-listed. The beauty of Truong Gia Gioi is so wonderful that people often say that you lose half of your life if you have never seen the beauty of this place. 


Ideal time to travel to Truong Gia Gioi 

Truong Gia Gioi is located in the northwestern part of Hunan province, so it has a fairly distinct seasonal climate, long winters and short summers. February is the coldest time of the year here with average temperatures between 1.6 ° C and 2 ° C. July is the hottest month with temperatures between 29 ° C and 32 ° C. Most to come to  Truong Gia Gioi is from April to October every year, now the weather is ideal and especially is the time when Truong Gia Gioi has the most beautiful natural scenery of the year. 

The requisites when traveling to Truong Gia Gioi 

Before your trip to Truong Gia Gioi, you need to prepare sufficient luggage and papers to avoid unexpected incidents. Accordingly, in terms of documents you need to have ID card, passport, visa. Depending on when you depart, be sure to wear appropriate clothing, it is best to choose something that is comfortable, cool in summer and warm in winter. Choose non-skid shoes because you need to move a lot while traveling here. 

Other items also need to prepare such as umbrellas, sun hat, lamps, medicines. If traveling on a tour, you do not need to prepare too much cash, but if you go on your own, prepare both card and cash because many places in Zhangjiajie do not have banks or ATMs for you to withdraw money. 


How to come and move in Zhangjiajie

To travel in Zhangjiajie hours i , from Vietnam you have two choices as a plane or train. With the aircraft you can choose the services of airlines such as Vietnam Airlines, Jetstar Pacific Airlines, China Southern Airlines, Lao Airlines. Lotus Zhangjiajie Airport is 6km from the city center with flights to many other Chinese cities.

Huanghua Trường Sa Airport is located about 4 hours by car from Zhangjiajie, so you can also choose to fly here and then take a bus to Zhangjiajie. About transportation when traveling in Truong Gia Gioi, you will have many options such as bus or taxi option. 


Choose a hotel in Zhangjiajie 

As a developed tourist city, Truong Gia Gioi has many good hotels to serve the needs of tourists. Some hotels you can refer to such as Zhangjiajie Pullman Hotel, 5-star standard, luxurious service, Dacheng Shanshui International Hotel with 2358 rooms is one of the best hotels in Zhangjiajie. Another hotel that many people choose when traveling to Zhangjiajie that you can refer to is Truong Gia Gioi Yichen International Hotel, this hotel is located in a very convenient location, nice view and price is not too great expensive. 

Beautiful destinations at Truong Gia Gioi you do not miss 

As one of the places converging the most wonders in China, Zhangjiajie has countless interesting destinations to stop by. Here are the most famous destinations that you should not miss. 



Here you will admire the beautiful scenery, especially this place has Avatar Hallelujah Mountain which is an extremely famous place that appeared in the movie Avatar with vertical stone pillars up to 1080 meters high. The paradise bridge in Yuanjiajie is also an extremely famous check-in spot with a length of 25 meters, spanning two mountains up to 400 meters high, this is the largest natural bridge in the world.

Another destination is the enchanting terrace, from here you can admire the flat peaks of many shapes and sizes. This place will turn into paradise with beautiful mist if you come here after a rain.

Another attractive place in Yuanjiajie you should not miss is the Bailong elevator. This is an elevator that connects Shili gallery with Yuanjiajie scenic area with a height of 358m, travel time from the foot to the top of the mountain is only 1.58 minutes. 

Hotel religion 

Traveling to Truong Gia Gioi , most visitors will want to check-in at this glass bridge. This is the way to Tianmenshan which is made from transparent tempered glass. From this bridge you can admire the beautiful natural scenery with misty mist and experience a very special feeling of adventure. 


Tianzi Mountain

This mountain is a famous sightseeing spot in Zhangjiajie with an altitude of 1262.5 meters and an area of ​​100 km2. The beauty of this place is very impressive, each season will have its own look. The most prominent are the rocks with strange shapes, clouds floating around the mountain. The sunset and sunrise scenery here must be said to be excellent. To go up the mountain you can take a sightseeing train or walk. 



Yangjiajie Scenic Area is located between two famous landmarks, Tianzi Mountain and Yuanjiajie. It has beautiful scenery with stone pillars, vines, waterfalls in Wulong cultural village. The scenery here remains untouched because it is not affected much by people and partly because the way to move here is also relatively difficult. 


Vu Lang Nguyen scenic area

The scenery in Vu Lang Nguyen is completely natural and is one of the attractive destinations for devotees when traveling to Truong Gia Gioi . The terrain at this place is ranked among the precious sandstone mountains in the world. Stone pillars, peaks, rocks, cliffs of all shapes open up a magical space that looks like a real reality, making visitors both surprised and unbelievable to admire. 


Tianmen Mountain 

Referring to this mountain, most visitors will immediately think of Thien Mon Son heaven gate, the check-in place at Truong Gia Gioi . Tianmen Mountain is one of the most beautiful and special mountains in Zhangjiajie.

To reach the top of the mountain, you need to pass a long distance of up to 11km winding around the mountain with many steep slopes and 90 winding curves. You can also ride the cable car to save time and effort. Reaching the foot of the mountain is only half of the journey because you still have to pass 999 stone steps, but the scenery like a realm on the top of the mountain will be a worthy reward for you when successfully conquering this place. 


Truong Gia Gioi town

Traveling to Truong Gia Gioi, besides exploring great natural destinations and landscapes, do not forget to explore the town here. After a long day of exploring the vast mountains, then walking around and admiring the streets will also help you relax. Zhangjiajie town has many interesting destinations for you to visit such as Guanmiao Lane, Beizheng Street, Nanzheng Street or Dayoung Villa ... All these places are full of traditional culture, as well as reflect the pace of life. This place is the most obvious, so don't miss the chance to check-in.

In addition to the above typical places, when traveling in Zhangjiajie, you can visit many other attractive destinations such as Shili gallery, Huang Huang cave, Baofeng lake, Kim Tien Khe, Maoyan river ... 


Food experience at Truong Gia Gioi

Food in Zhangjiajie you will not be disappointed because this place is the capital of many delicious dishes. Here, you can taste the rock ear, a specialty considered a treasure here because of its delicious taste and extremely dangerous exploitation because it grows on steep cliffs.

In addition, you can also taste countless other delicacies such as Tujia meat, traditional Tujia dishes, bacon with nutritious fern roots, sour carp, mackerel tofu, salamanders, stewed meat. Agaric mushrooms… Local restaurants and food courts are the ideal place for you to taste the delicious dishes in Truong Gia Gioi.

Zhangjiajie is a famous place with countless interesting things that can fascinate visitors. This scenic spot has always been an ideal meeting spot for those who love to conquer and watch the breathtaking natural scenery. If you have a chance, do not miss the opportunity to travel to Truong Gia Gioi and admire the wonderful scenery here. 

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