Check-in impressive Hadrian Temple in the ancient city of Ephesus Turkey

 Once printed on the back of Turkish banknotes, Hadrian Temple is a popular destination attracting tourists in the famous ancient city of Ephesus.

Traveling to Turkey and visiting famous temples is a great experience for those who are passionate about architecture and archeology. Turkey owns many destinations and architectural relics dating back to ancient times and today is always an attractive destination for tourists because of its immeasurable value. Rising Temple of Hadrian is one of the important tourist destination home, that visitors should not miss the chance to visit the ancient city of Ephesus.


Hadrian Temple in TurkeyHadrian Temple in Turkey is a popular tourist destination for tourists. Photo: @ pili.ldecr.


Visit Hadrian Temple to discover impressive ancient architecture 

Hadrian Temple in Turkey is located in the relic Ephesus, district Selcuk, this famous temple was built in the second century with the purpose of worshiping King Hadrianus, the ruler of the Roman Empire. He ruled the empire from 117 to 138 when not dead. According to what remains, this famous temple has a very typical Roman architecture with large pillars decorated with floating reliefs. The temple is built entirely of stone, creating a majestic look. 

Because it was built for the purpose of worshiping the king, this temple was visited by many Roman residents of that time. This temple has collapsed several times and was repaired in the 4th century. However, due to times of upheaval, the temple was forgotten and became abandoned until the relics of Ephesus city were Discovered in 1863, a new temple was officially excavated. 

To renovate and rebuild the Hadrian Temple after excavation from the ruins, the Turkish government spent 40 million Lira between 2001 and 2009. 

Today, the ancient Hadrian temple remains only pillars with prominent reliefs, decorated above in which the embossed relief is the emperor Theodosius and his son and wife. However, this is only a reconstruction and the real reliefs were displayed at the Turkish Archaeological Museum. 

Although currently no longer complete, but the Hadrian Temple is still one of the ancient and typical architectural works of Turkey. This temple was printed on the back of 20 million Lira bank notes in the period 20001 - 2005 and printed on a 20 Lira note in the period 2005 - 2009. 

When visiting Hadrian Temple , visitors can combine visiting many other places in the same site because they are located very close to each other 500 meters from Hadrian Temple is the Celsus Library , one of the three largest libraries in ancient times.

St. John's Basilica is also a prominent destination, this is said to be the tomb of Emperor Justinian I. Other prominent places that you can combine to visit is the temple of the god rtemis one. Seven wonders of the ancient world, Artemis temple, 25,000-seat theater, Sebastoi temple ...

In the city of Ephesus, there is also a very special place, which is the house where the Virgin Mary lived in the last 3 years of her life. This house is made entirely of stone material, is a familiar pilgrimage spot for Catholics, especially 3 popes have visited this place. 

Hadrian Temple is still an attractive tourist destination and attracts tourists when coming to Turkey, coming to this place to see the wonders with vestiges of a golden age is an unforgettable experience with many traveler.

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