London 2-storey bus - 'specialty' should be experienced when visiting the land of fog

 Two-story bus in London, England is considered a symbol or specialty of the land of fog. If you have the opportunity to visit the beautiful capital London, you should once experience a 2-storey bus ride to see the scenery, as well as better understand this type of vehicle. 

London double-decker bus - the symbol of 'land of fog'

At a poll of British symbols, people have feelings for a type of transportation that is a two-story bus, also known as the Routemaster. This bus was founded by engineer Frank Searle and became a fever for Londoners with its unique structure. Unlike other buses, London's 2-storey bus consists of 2 cars that transport twice the number of passengers and this vehicle is designed exclusively for the capital of England. 

London double-decker bus - British specialty
London double-decker bus - a symbol of the land of fog. Photo: Klook


In 2005, the London double-decker bus stopped working, but it was still re-enacted through travel books, photos and movies ... that makes the British people forever remember this type of vehicle. December 9, 2005, thousands of Londoners came to Streatham station to say goodbye to Routemaster 2217 Line 159 and since then they have seen this double-decker bus become a specialty like Buckingham Palace or Big Ben clock tower. . 

London double-decker bus - means of transport in the UK
From the 2-storey bus, visitors can enjoy a panoramic view of the city


The person who decided to stop the double-decker bus operation in London was Mr. Ken Livingstone, the mayor of London at that time. The reason for stopping is because the double-decker bus costs a lot of money to operate and there are many unnecessary casualties. 

London double-decker bus - the symbol of the land of fog
London double-decker buses used to stop working


However, in 2008, Mr. Boris Johnson won the election and announced that he would re-operate the double-decker bus to serve the traveling needs of people. It was he who created the New Routemaster bus model which is powered by a hybrid engine that saves up to 40% fuel. Londoners are really satisfied with the new double-decker buses. It is 11.2 meters long but has less seats with only 62 seats. 

Two-story bus in London - experience when traveling to England
Two-story bus models delight Londoners


The most special thing about this type of transportation in the UK is that the up and down stairs of the bus are open outdoors so passengers sitting on both floors can easily move. 

London double-decker bus - transportation in the UK
A familiar vehicle in London


The most outstanding feature of the 2-storey bus in the UK is the unique design, along with technological improvements to help transport smoother than previous models. Along with that, the bright red color of the two-story bus has impressed Londoners and is honored around the world. 

London double-decker bus - commuting on arrival in London
London 2-story bus interesting experience in London


Famous tourist destinations in London

Take a 2-story bus in London , visitors will visit beautiful tourist destinations such as: 

1. Tower of London

  • Admission fee: £ 26.8 / adult 
  • Opening hours: 9am - 10am and 5pm - 6pm (depending on time), closed on Sunday and Monday

The Tower of London also known as the Queen's fortress is located in the city center, very close to the north of the River Thames. This used to be a place where famous people in history were kept. Currently the Tower of London is preserved and recognized by UNESCO as a world heritage site in 1988. In addition, this place is also a place to keep money minting workshops, palaces, weapons zones, archives, gardens animal. 

London double-decker bus - Tower of London
Tower of London


2. Royal Greenwich Observatory

  • Tickets to visit 15 pounds / person
  • Opening time: 10am - 5pm

Greenwich Royal Observatory is the place to display items with hundreds of years of history and also the workplace of scientists. From the observatory, visitors will admire the panoramic view of the vast Greenwich Park, the Royal Naval Academy, the National Maritime Museum, the City of London and the romantic Thames. If you are a lover of astronomy and history enthusiasts should not miss this famous place. 

London double-decker bus - Royal Observatory
Greenwich Royal Observatory


3. Buckingham Palace

  • Admission fee: 24 pounds / person 

Next stop when taking a 2-story bus in London that you should not miss is Buckingham Palace . This is the workplace of the Queen of England and only welcomes visitors to visit in the summer. In the palace, there are 775 rooms which are extremely lavishly decorated and splendid. In addition, the palace also exhibits excellent art works about museums, furniture, sculptures ...

Two-story bus in London - Buckingham Palace
Buckingham Palace


4. The giant swing of Coca-Cola London Eye

  • Ticket price: 21 pounds / person

One of the interesting experiences that many visitors love when coming to London is the experience of sitting on the giant ferris wheel to admire the panoramic city when lit up. Coca-Cola London Eye giant Ferris wheel is located in the city center, next to the River Thames and ancient high-rise buildings. If you buy an economy ticket class, visitors will be able to see the sights within 30 minutes and get a complete rotation. From this rotation during the day, visitors will see famous architectures such as Big Ben clock tower, Royal Palace, Parliament building. 

London double-decker bus - giant ferris wheel
Coca-Cola London Eye giant ferris wheel

If you have the opportunity to travel to the UK you should take a 2-story bus in London to experience and discover many interesting things. 

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