Maras Dondurma - a unique and famous Turkish ice cream dish

 Traveling to Turkey, you will easily see the unique performances with Maras Dondurma ice cream sellers on the streets, this cream is a famous specialty here.


Maras Dondurma delicious Turkish ice cream Ice cream is a very famous Turkish specialty. Photo: @gezyepaylas

The history and know-how that makes Maras Dondurma ice cream are both hard and supple 

Maras Dondurma is Turkey's most unique ice cream, dating back 150 years ago in the city of Kahramam Maras. The city of Kahramam Maras is also known for being the capital of this enticing dish and home to Turkey's oldest ice cream factory, the famous Yasar Pastanest ice cream shop is also located in this city. 

The secret to creating Maras Dondurma ice cream is still a secret, but the family that owns the recipe for this famous ice cream tells how to cook the milk, the temperature and how to cool it the secret to creating a successful ice cream dish.

In the Turkish language, Dondurma means freezing, Maras Dondurma ice cream is made from goat milk, sugar mixed with salep powder. All ingredients will be mixed and beaten by hand until the standard plasticity is achieved. In addition, during the time of selling ice cream, people still have to beat continuously to keep the flexibility.

The key ingredient that gives Maras Dondurma creamy and long-lasting properties is salep powder, a powder made from the roots of purple orchids and frankincense.

 Maras Dondurma ice cream impresses visitors around the world thanks to its toughness, sweet taste and attractive natural aroma. 


The strange way of serving forms the unique culture of Turkey

Traveling to Turkey, it is not difficult to see Maras Dondurma sellers all over the streets. People often wear traditional robes and Fes hats for sales. Ice cream vendors often attract diners by ringing a bell.

If you do not hear the bell, you will still be drawn in by the crowd that regularly gathered around ice cream vendors to admire the unique performance with the ice cream scoop. 

Instead of scooping ice cream and giving it to diners in the usual way, the Maras Dondurma ice cream vendors will tease diners with small circus performances. They will give diners an ice cream cone, then use a long-rolled ice cream scoop to scoop a portion of the cream face up on the cup for diners. Then, they will suddenly rotate the spoon and take away the ice cream from the client's hand and turn it around to surprise the guests, then return the ice cream on the cone or use the large scoop to scoop the ice cream and scoop the large blocks of ice cream, placed heavily on a conch shell in the hands of diners.

They will trick diners with this show a few times, creating laughter. This unique way of serving ice cream has even become a cultural feature of Turkey and very famous in the world. Many diners said that they even took a lot of precautions, but were still "cheated" by the humorous and skillful ice cream sellers. 


Maras Dondurma the world famous ice cream dish
Enjoying Maras Dondurma makes diners happy. Photo: @nrg_kaya


In addition to being served with conch shells in Turkish restaurants or cafes, Maras Dondurma ice cream is also served as a side dish with traditional dishes such as Baklava, Irmik Helvasi or even served with Tavuk Gogsu shredded chicken.

Maras Dondurma ice cream is ranked "specialty" and becomes a unique culture of Turkey, so when traveling here you can see these ice cream stalls on the streets, markets cuisine or cafeteria. 

Enjoying Maras Dondurma ice cream in its own homeland is a great experience for you. In particular, this ice cream will bring a completely different feeling compared to the usual ice cream that you have ever enjoyed.

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