Turkish Delight marshmallows: the sweetness comes from Turkey

 Vibrant color, sweet taste can make anyone excited and happy to enjoy is the famous Turkish Delight candy of the country Turkey.

Located at the intersection of two Eurasian continents and considered the crossroads of civilizations, Turkey has an extremely rich culture, history and cuisine. Besides the famous specialty dishes such as Kebab bread, corba soup, pide cake ... Turkey is also famous for many unique candies, of which the most impressive is Turkish Delight marshmallows . This sweet and colorful marshmallow is a familiar image typical of Turkish cuisine and is also a specialty that any visitor wants to buy after each trip. 


Turkish Delight marshmallows specialties from Turkey Turkish Delight marshmallows sweet Turkish gift. Photo: @ alucra.de


Turkish Delight - the brilliant marshmallow is "the national spirit" of Turkey 

From food for the nobility to a delicacy for everyone 

Turkish Delight marshmallows appeared in Turkey from the seventeenth century, under the 27th Ottoman emperor. Accordingly, the legend of the birth of this candy also has quite a lot of relics, the most famous is the story. About King Abdul Hamid I. Because he wanted to please his concubines, the emperor ordered the chefs to create a delicious dessert and this delicious marshmallow was created.

There is also another story about the origin of Turkish Delight marshmallows that the creator of this dish is not the chef of the king, but a confectioner named Hadji Bekir living in the capital. 

Although there are many variations regarding the origin of the dish, in the past it was true that Tuskish Delight was popular with the aristocracy in the past. The reason is that in the recipe for making Turkish Delight marshmallows is the resin of the frankincense tree combined with honey, flour and grapes. At that time, the sap of the frankincense tree was so precious that this candy was considered a delicacy of the nobility. The marshmallows wrapped in lace handkerchiefs are an extremely valuable gift from the elite and the royal family.  

It was not until the end of the seventeenth century, when sucrose and fine starch were born that this candy was widely produced and began to be introduced into the popular classes. Turkish Delight marshmallows are actually an English name, while in Turkish they call this dish Lokum, meaning to soothe the throat. 


Turkish Delight marshmallowsThanks to the advent of sucrose sugar and fine starch, this dish became popular with the general population. Photo: @cheesweet.


Specialties are attracted by the "extreme" flavor and vibrant colors 

These units marshmallows Turkish Delight with exquisite scent with original color is pink because made from roses and mint, lemon. Seductive aroma plus sweet, mild sour taste bring a pleasant pungent feeling to enjoy. Because the candy is quite sticky, people will wear a layer of flour outside. 

From the original color and flavor, so far Turkish Delight has been transformed into a myriad of different flavors including oranges, grapes, strawberries, and many more seeds such as raisins, hazelnuts ... to create so the colors are vibrant.

The main taste of the Turkish Delight candy is sweet, so the Turks will eat the candy with a cup of tea and sip it slowly. The acrid taste from the tea balances the sweetness and creates an interesting blend, which is the correct way to use candy in Turkey. 

Turkish Delight marshmallows are not only loved in Turkey, but have quickly followed the imported merchants to many parts of the world, the sweet and delicate taste of this dish has quickly conquered the people all over the world. People describe the taste of Turkish Delight candy as a miracle, creating joy and joy. 

Traveling to Turkey, you can find Turkish Delight marshmallows at any candy counter. However, if you want to find original sweets with traditional flavors, go to the small shops hidden inside the mysterious markets in Istanbul. The candies here are handmade and have been handed down for hundreds of years in Turkey. 

These units marshmallows Turkish Delight is not simply a snack, or candies common that it is culture culinary attractions of Turkey and tasted candy with joy, fun to make is definitely what makes you feel great.

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