Experience to go to Dau Go Wood Cave to admire the masterpiece from nature

 Ha Long Go Go Cave is considered one of the most beautiful caves not only in Ha Long but also in Vietnam. When you come to Ha Long, if you do not come to this sightseeing place, it is really regrettable.

Where did the unique and strange name "Dau Go Cave" come from?

Dau Go Ha Long Cave is located right on Dau Go Island, before that the island had another name as Canh Doc Island. This cave is located about 6km from Bai Chay tourist ship port and about 300m from Thien Cung Cave. 

Why is it called "Dau Go Cave"? This is a common question of many tourists when coming to this sightseeing place. The explanation of the name Hang Dau Go originates from the old legend that: during the great resistance war against the Nguyen Mong invaders, Tran Hung Dao ordered our army and people to prepare a lot of ironwood poles to plunge into the river Bach Dang. These ironwood stakes are the surviving relic, so this cave originated with the name Dau Go cave.

In the midst of the charming natural scenery, the sky and the trees, a beautiful cave with a strange texture bearing a rustic rustic name and associated with the victory of our people, Dau Go Cave really is ideal sights for domestic and foreign tourists.

Explore Dau Go Cave - the most beautiful cave in Ha Long Bay

Guide to buy tickets to Go Go Cave

Firstly, there are two ways for visitors to visit Ha Long Go Go Cave . First, visitors can buy tickets to visit the bay during the day.

Second, book a cruise tour to visit the bay combined with many other activities. Besides visiting Dau Go Cave, there will be attractions for many famous caves in Ha Long Bay such as Hon Trong Mai, Thien Cung cave or Ba Hang fishing village. Depending on the purpose, the time allowed visitors will consider how to buy tickets to save money.

Impressive right from the door of the cave

When you arrive at this attractive  tourist destination in Ha Long , you will be impressed at the entrance of the cave. Dau Go Cave mouth is quite wide, shaped like a big starfish and is about 20m from the sea level, about 17m wide. Thanks to the wide entrance of the cave, when you visit inside the cave, you will see a very bright path. In particular, this is also a favorite place to be the ideal shelter of the rare and precious red swallow. If you have the opportunity to visit Dau Go Cave, it is not too rare to see this swallow.

Experience to go to Dau Go Ha Long cave - visit beautiful scenery
Impressed right from Dau Go cave entrance when visiting


Mysterious wild beauty in the cave

When you go inside the cave to explore, you will be really surprised by the untouched beauty here. This cave has diverse and rich flora with many extremely beautiful landscapes. In which the cave is divided into 3 main compartments.

1st compartment

When entering the first compartment of the cave, tourists seem to understand partly why this is considered the most beautiful cave in Ha Long. With stalactites system with countless vivid images such as turtles, lions, fighting chickens, pythons. The ceiling is like a colorful oil painting depicting a pristine natural scene with many interesting shapes: looks like lions sleeping or deer looking bewildered to eat or breed like elephants that are quietly foraging. These interesting shapes depend on each person's imagination. But they all create an oil painting with many interesting shapes and dots.

Experience to go to Dau Go Ha Long cave - admire the unique architecture
Admire each beautiful stalactite stone


2nd compartment

The second compartment is an image of rocky islands with different shapes peeking on the waves. Under the shimmering electric lights shining on these rock islands create an extremely unique and beautiful picture. The flowers are now hidden, making the cave more mysterious. When coming here, visitors both feel "satisfied" and evoke something curious but also a little afraid.

Experience going to Dau Go Wood cave in Ha Long - beautiful view
Natural scene outside Dau Go cave


3rd compartment

After visiting Dau Go Ha Long cave, all compartments 1 and 2 will come to compartment 3 at this time the cave suddenly opens. At the end of the Cave will be a fairy well with clear, overflowing water. The scenery here is extremely beautiful, making you think of this as a fairy tale. With this space, people think of the ancient citadels with fringed swords and swords. Each group of horse riders engaged in battle, the limes in the war all stormed, but unconsciously, there was a force that made "petrified", "stood still".

Experience going to Dau Go Wood cave in Ha Long - a masterpiece from nature
Go deep inside Dau Go cave to admire the scenery


In 1917, King Khai Dinh visited Dau Go cave and this king was amazed by the beauty of this cave. He engraved an epitaph with the content praising the great beauty and captivating people of Dau Go Cave. Until now this stele remains and is located just to the right of the cave entrance.

Some notes when visiting Dau Go Ha Long cave

Experience of going to Dau Go Wood cave in Ha Long you need to note the following:

- Do not forget to bring mosquito repellent when visiting Dau Go cave or any cave.

- Should bring filtered water during the tour.

- And do not litter to protect the beautiful scenery of Dau Go Cave.

 -Do not forget to explore taking beautiful pictures to keep unique beautiful images during the journey.

Ha Long Go Go Cave is a masterpiece that human hands, no matter how talented, cannot create. Let's experience a tour of Ha Long to Dau Go Cave to admire the beauty of nature. Certainly, after this trip, visitors will want to go for a second time to admire the beauty of the cave which is considered one of the most beautiful caves in Vietnam.

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