Going to Cua Van Ha Long fishing village to experience as a fisherman at sea

 Knowing the experience of going to Cua Van Ha Long fishing village: How to move, detailed sightseeing itinerary below will help you have an experience trip at this famous ancient fishing village.

Where is Cua Van fishing village in Ha Long? 

Where is Cua Van fishing village located ? Cua Van fishing village is considered a natural masterpiece created by man, once in the top 16 most beautiful fishing villages in the world. This famous fishing village is located between Ha Long Bay and Lan Ha Bay in Hung Thang Commune, Ha Long City, about 20km from the pier. Around Cua Van fishing village surrounded by beautiful and ancient limestone mountains.

Cua Van Ha Long fishing village originated from two ancient fishing villages, Truc Vo and Giang Vo, is home to about 300 households by fishing with houses lying close together. Traveling to Ha Long to explore Cua Van fishing village, visitors will admire the majestic, rustic and wild natural beauty of the river and the simple people here.

Cua Van Ha Long fishing village - where is the address
Cua Van fishing village is an attractive tourist destination in Ha Long


How to move to Cua Van Ha Long fishing village 

To explore Cua Van fishing village , first of all you need to move to Quang Ninh by different means of transport depending on the departure location. Specifically, you can refer to below:

Airplane: For those in the central and southern regions, you can fly to Van Don international airport, then move to Cua Van fishing village. Air ticket price ranges from 1.5 to 2 million VND / time depending on the time.

- Passenger car: From Hanoi you can easily catch a bus at My Dinh bus station, Luong Yen, Gia Lam ... go to Bai Chay bus station (Ha Long), with a ticket price of about 100,000 VND / person. Some garage you can refer to such as: Duc Phuc, Kalong, Mong Cai, Cam Pha or take a limousine to pick up guests on-site at request for about 200,000 VND / person.

Train: You can also take the HALONG EXPRESS train from Gia Lam station to Ha Long. Ticket prices fluctuate about 100,000 VND / way / person. Traveling by train, you will be able to see the beautiful scenery on the way and you can choose soft seats, because the distance is quite long.

- Motorbike: Experience in Cua Van Ha Long fishing village , you can ride motorbike to be active in time. There are two routes you can choose from: Going to Noi Bai airport to Bac Ninh - QL18A - via Pha Lai - Sao Do - Dong Trieu - to Uong Bi and to Ha Long with a distance of about 160km. Or you can also follow Road 5 from Hanoi to Sai Dong - Bac Ninh - Road 18 through Pha Lai - Chi Linh - Dong Trieu - Uong Bi, the total distance is 155km.

Cua Van fishing village is about 20km from the pier, so to explore this fishing village you can go for the day or stay overnight. The only means to move to Cua Can fishing village is by boat to buy a day ticket or canoe to the fishing village. For those who want to explore the fishing village longer, they can book a cruise tour of the travel companies to experience the luxurious services on board. In Ha Long, there are many yachts with 3-star and 5-star standards for you to choose from depending on your needs and specific costs.

Cua Van Ha Long fishing village - yacht rental
Rent a yacht to explore Cua Van fishing village


Explore Cua Van fishing village and then don't want to go back!

What is Cua Van Ha Long fishing village ? Coming to this ancient fishing village in Quang Ninh, visitors will immerse themselves in the charming natural scenery like "a fairyland". Visitors will relax with a peaceful space and learn about the life of fishermen in the fishing village. In particular, you will experience rowing and spreading nets to catch fish and shrimp ...

Cua Van Ha Long fishing village - admire the beautiful scenery
Peaceful scenery of Cua Van fishing village


After more than 1 hour floating on the sea, visitors will reach the Cua Van fishing village and witness the vast space with floating rafts lying close together. You will experience a basket boat ride like a real fisherman to admire the scenery here. In Cua Can fishing village, there is an area displaying the artifacts of floating culture and precious pearl culture facilities caught by fishermen here with interesting experiences. Traditional and rustic wooden boats in Cua Van fishing village will be a beautiful setting for visitors to live virtual.

Continuing the journey to explore Cua Van Ha Long fishing village , visitors will come to Vung Vieng fishing village after about 20 minutes of boat ride time. Vung Vieng is famous for its clear blue water and surrounding limestone mountains. Visiting Vung Vieng fishing village , visitors will be delighted to waving with cool water, and experience fishing and cooking.

Cua Van Ha Long fishing village - attractive tourist destination
The fishing village is an attractive destination for tourists in Ha Long


One of the interesting experiences that you should not miss when visiting the Cua Van fishing village is that, with fishermen here, squid fishing and night fishing. At this time, the whole fishing village scene became bustling as if there was a meeting. Everyone gathered together to sing and sing, then enjoy the results I caught on the boat with all kinds of fresh fish and shrimp.

Cua Van Ha Long fishing village - a wild and peaceful landscape of the fishing village
The familiar objects of fishermen in the fishing village

If you are looking for a place to enjoy the peaceful and relaxing atmosphere after hard working moments or want to experience as a real fisherman, the Cua Van Ha Long fishing village is the ideal destination. thought that you should not ignore. Promising your trip will have many interesting things in the famous ancient fishing village in this beautiful city of Ha Long.

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