Going to the holy temple of Ngoc Hoang Saigon to pray for charm and prayers

 In the heart of the city called the prosperous Uncle Ho, there is a peaceful and dignified Saigon Hoang pagoda in the bustling flow of life. This is a famous temple for its tranquil beauty and many visitors come to pray for love and self.

Introduction to Ngoc Hoang pagoda

Jade Emperor Pagoda Saigon is located at 73, Đ. Mai Thi Luu, District 1, HCMC. Perhaps when you first hear the name, you will immediately think of this as a sacred place like Ngoc Hoang to come to the ceiling to save sentient beings. Because of that, this temple attracts many visitors to pilgrimage and worship.


Introduction of Ngoc Hoang Saigon Pagoda(Photo: climbing_rose91)


Jade Emperor Pagoda is also known with another name is Phuoc Hai Tu pagoda . This place is the Jade Emperor Temple by a person in China in the early twentieth century named Luu Minh with Chinese architecture. In 1984, Ngoc Hoang pagoda was renamed Phuoc Hai pagoda. However, because the main hall is a place of worship for Ngoc Hoang, people still use the name Ngoc Hoang to call it today. 


The atmosphere is bustling at Ngoc Hoang pagoda in SaigonThe pagoda is also known as Phuoc Hai Tu 
The beauty of Ngoc Hoang Saigon pagodaPeople come here to pray for fate, good luck, pray for children


The temple located in the city center is open daily for free. To get here you can take a private car, call a taxi or a bus.


About the Ngoc Hoang pagoda Saigon(Photo: yennhi205)

Ideal time for sightseeing, to pray for love, to pray for children at Ngoc Hoang Saigon pagoda 

Unlike the North, the provinces in the South in general and Saigon in particular each year only have two distinct seasons, the rainy season and the dry season. The dry season takes place from December to April. The rainy season lasts from May to November. No matter what season you travel to Saigon , you can go to Ngoc Hoang pagoda . However, the temple receives the largest number of visitors during the beginning of the year to mid January. If you go at another time, the view of the pagoda will be quieter and there will be no scene that has to be crowded.

Like many other temples in Saigon, Ngoc Hoang Pagoda is always bustling, crowded with people in and out. Come here in the morning to avoid the crowd struggles. Outside the temple, there are selling small turtles for release to pray for good luck and peace. A very special thing is that former US President Brack Obama was here when he was on a trip to Vietnam. 

Outstanding architecture at Ngoc Hoang pagoda

The Jade Emperor Pagoda Saigon is built in the Chinese style with colorful and brilliant decorative motifs. The temple was built of baked brick with yin and yang roofing. At the roof banks, the roof corners are decorated with many colored ceramic statues. Inside, there are many art works on display such as: worshiping statues, incense, paintings, bao lam, lieu mao, ... made from materials: ceramic, wood, papier Note that there are some paintings that are a bit intimidating for young children, so you should limit bringing children here. 


SIncense burner 


When entering the temple, there will be worshipers and monks. Step into the main hall to admire the statue of Ngoc Hoang. According to Taoism, this is the abbot of Heaven. Right above the statue are many rows of intricately carved lampposts. The temple has many small pavilions, visitors can go in order to worship. If you have plenty of time, go to the rooftop to see the surroundings.

The temple has an area of ​​2,300 square meters. In the front, there is a small temple where the dharmapala statue is located. The three-door gate impresses with water-wave lines of two dragons in the "picture" position. In the middle of the yard is a very large space, there is a large aquarium, on the right is a turtle tank. Every tank is kept a lot of fish and turtles. Almost all of them were released and released by tourists visiting the pagoda. If you want fortune, choose red carp or yellow carp. If you want health, dispel bad luck, choose catfish. If you want to pray for a baby, buy a turtle.

The Jade Emperor Pagoda Saigon is divided into 3 main buildings: Electric money, Trung Dien, and Chanh Dien. In the main hall will be the place to worship Ngoc Hoang right in the middle, on the two sides to worship the gods and gods. In the front, there is a table for burning incense sticks to Ngoc Hoang ceremony, the pagoda will have a standing person standing here. This person is responsible for receiving the bottles of essential oils that tourists bring to pour into the lamps to worship Ngoc Hoang and the elves. The person who prays will say the name and what he wishes to make a vow so that he can pour oil into the lamp while praying for you. When finished, the prayers will take the oil to apply on the hair or abdomen to seek healing.

What bridge to Ngoc Hoang pagoda?

Children pray

The Jade Emperor Pagoda Saigon is known as the most sacred pagoda in Vietnam . The couples having difficulty having children or children will often go to the pagoda to pray for their children at Kim Hoa Thanh Mau temple and 12 midwives. Jinhua Holy Mother is the god that governs the birth in the world according to folk beliefs.


Golden flower at Ngoc Hoang pagoda in SaigonJinhua Electrics


Just sincerely pray, those who are difficult to get pregnant will be saved by the midwives using miracles to get the will. Standing next to the Holy Flower of Holy Mother, there is an old woman who is responsible for guiding the guests to pray to prepare. If someone comes, she will take a red thread and put it on the visitor's hand and ask them to pray. After performing the rituals, the old woman will pour oil into the lamp while pouring while saying the name and age of the prayer.


The pagoda is praying for children at Ngoc Hoang pagoda in SaigonMany rare couples have come here to pray for their children 
Child bridge in Saigon Ngoc Hoang pagodaThe Jade Emperor Pagoda Saigon welcomes a lot of people to worship 


Love love

In addition to the bridge, Ngoc Hoang pagoda Saigon is also a famous destination for coastal bridges. Therefore, it attracts a large number of young people to come here to pray "escape the defilement". People think that, going to the temple sincerely burn incense, pray for their name and the name of the person in their heart, so the wife becomes husband and wife and then touches the statue of Mr. To, Mrs. Nguyet and the Holy Mother, they will be married.


The charming bridge at Saigon Ngoc Hoang pagodaCheap people invite each other to go for the coast 

Located somewhat "out of place" in the splendid city, but Ngoc Hoang Saigon pagoda today still retains its sacred and ancient look by its calm and peaceful atmosphere. When coming here, everyone must feel that their heart is strangely peaceful!

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